31 Picture-Perfect Hairstyles To Try In December

We're suffering from decision fatigue. Each day starts with the pressure of choosing an outfit (slacks or LBD). Then, we have to make tough choices like what to drink (tea vs. coffee). And don't even get us started on work-related decisions (so much email...). So when it comes to hair, we're all about taking the easy way out, which means a ponytail or an easy air-dried style.As you can imagine, that can get real boring, real quick. So, we've browsed YouTube tutorials, Pinterest inspo boards, an...
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Final Two Hours: Sale Ends 10:00 EST

Our Peter Turnley print sale is ending soon! Only two hours left as of 8:00 p.m. Our model is to take orders first during a defined window of time, and then fulfill the orders we receive. Once we close the ordering period, we don't accept any more. And we really don't, either, so "last chance" is unfortunately true. Please don't get left out! Order soon. Your prints will be delivered before Christmas. From top to bottom, Cuba, France, Italy We've been very pleased by your enthusiastic respon...
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QUICK ENDING! Staples Ship-to-Win Sweepstakes 12/17 2PPD18+

Post a selfie of your Staples shipping experience on Twitter or Instagram for your chance to win amazing prizes from Staples. It’s selfie season! Watch to see how your next selfie could make you a... Click to read more...
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18 Beauty Gifts Teens Will Love, So You Can Stop Freaking Out About What to Give Them

As you probably already know, teens are cooler than you and know every pop culture and social media trend way before you, which means you should fear them. Buying a gift for a teen can be even scarier because these kids know exactly what they like and don't like. Luckily we've rounded up some beauty gifts we're confident they'll be into, so you can take a deep breath and stop panicking about what to get your cool 16-year-old cousin who is already Instagram-famous (How does she make her space bun...
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21 Capes That Will Instantly Make Your Outfit More Chic

The beauty of a cape is that they’re actually a simple way to make it look like you put way more effort into your outfit than you really did. In fact, the classic outfit formula of your favorite black sweater, a pair of skinny jeans, and ankle boots is the perfect backdrop to let a cape act as a statement piece. Capes can take many different forms, from coats, to scarves, and even blazer -hybrids, but the one thing they all have in common is an easy, draped silhouette.Whether your cape-spiratio...
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Instagram Lets Users Share Stories With a Select Audience by @MattGSouthern

Instagram is launching a new feature that will allow users to share stories with close friends only.The post appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Sharing Your Kids Photos on Social Media

These girls, on my social media all the time. My husband and son, not so much. Last week, a mom blogger in the US went viral for all the wrong reasons. She had posted on Instagram, lamenting that one of her kids seemed to not get as many likes as her other kids on Instagram, that Instagram didn’t like him. While it certainly opened up a discussion about mom bloggers and how they measure their worth online, it also prompted discussion about sharing our kid’s pictures online. How much is too mu...
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Oh, Snap! 40+ Perfect Gifts For the Photographer on Your Holiday Shopping List

Finding the perfect gift for a photographer is almost as hard as a photographer getting the perfect shot. It has to be creative, thoughtful, and (pun intended) picture-perfect. Take a look at these gifts and get ready to snap a picture, because they are totally photo-worthy. - Additional reporting by Erin Cullum Related: This Photographer's Christmas Vacation-Themed Photo Sho...
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Instagram Now Lets You Share More Personal Stories With a "Close Friends" List

Good news, folks: sharing those embarrassing double-chin selfies and drunken midkaraoke serenades on your Instagram Stories with everyone but your boss or parents just got a whole lot easier. The app is rolling out which allows you to share certain Stories with a curated list of friends rather than with everyone who follows you. So yep, you pretty much don't need that "Finstagram" anymore. Here's the scoop on how to utilize the "Close Friends" feature once your Instagram updates. To add pals t...
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LeadershipNow 140: November 2018 Compilation

Here are a selection of tweets from November 2018 that you don't want to miss: Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds by @JamesClear What would Marvin Bower think? from @wallybock If Your Employees Aren’t Speaking Up, Blame Company Culture via @HarvardBiz Daniel Kahneman: Your Intuition Is Wrong, Unless These 3 Conditions Are Met via @ThinkAdvisor How AI Is Transforming The Workplace: Interview With UNSW Scientia Professor Of Artificial Intelligence, Toby Walsh via @ArielleExec Michigan's Jim Harb...
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Last Chance! Print Offer Ends Today

Our Peter Turnley print sale is ending soon! Your last chance to order is looming. As I stated earlier, our model is to take orders first during a defined window of time, and then fulfill the orders we receive. As a longstanding policy, once we close the ordering period, we don't accept any more. And we really don't, either. So "last chance" is unfortunately true. In virtually every sale, we have to deal with people begging us to take their money when we can't, and that's not pleasant for us eit...
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Two Stories About Collecting

I like collecting, and collectors, and collections. One of my personal favorite books is Nicholas Basbanes' A Gentle Madness, an entertaining tome about book collecting that deserves to be a classic. I wish I knew of a similar book about photo collecting, but I don't think there is one. There might not even be as good a single book about art collecting, but I don't know. Anyway there are lots and lots of good collecting stories, and I thought I'd share a couple of my own, while the sale is still...
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Helpful information to Internet Dating a Libra Girl

Helpful information to Internet Dating a Libra Girl You definitely want to know how you and your when it comes to datingpartner will workout as a few. Particular individuals choose having a consultation with a horoscope and zodiac signs. Some get so far as selecting partners based on their zodiac signs. So, if you suit one another based on your signs, you might have a date, it is better to forget about that if you don’t. While there isn’t any part of planning to such extreme...
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CTS FISHING - Crystalglass Quartz 20% Off Sale

Looking for a Christmas gift to keep someone busy this winter?  How about a premium fiberglass fly rod blank?  CTS Fishing is offering 20% off their entire Crystalglass Quartz line up using code "QUARTZ20" now through Christmas.Take a minute to learn about the History of Quartz, view available models, check out the Rod Colours page and look at the options in Custom Quartz Fly Rod Blanks in creating something all your own. Don't forget the SALE page as well for other deals which the discount cod...
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40+ Gifts That'll Help Your Photographer Friend Get ALL the "Likes"

Finding the perfect gift for a photographer is almost as hard as a photographer getting the perfect shot. It has to be creative, thoughtful, and (pun intended) picture-perfect. Take a look at these gifts and get ready to snap a picture, because they are totally photo-worthy. - Additional reporting by Erin Cullum Related: This Photographer's Christmas Vacation-Themed Photo Sho...
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The Importance of Literature Review in Study Writing

College essay writing isn’t a simple task to the bulk of students thanks to the creating skills required. On a brief narrative article feel more topics that may assist you’re quite easy occupation of your option or argument, and value the audience. Learners who want help on paper college essays must be cautious as there are companies which is there to manipulate them. This is accomplished through methodical assessment of each of the school documents before being handed into the respective clie...
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Foto Friday – Red Sunrise, Sprague Lake

Sunrise over Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park Colorado.Made with Sony A7rIII and Sony 16-35 2.8 GM Lens. Click the photo to be taken to a larger version on 500px. See more photos at my dedicated Photography website. If you like my photography, feel free to support my addiction habit by purchasing a copy for your wall and/or visiting Amazon (affiliate link) to purchase new or used photographic gear.Purchase a copy for your wall. 
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Here are some nasty tricks photographers use to make food look more appetizing

It’s an open secret that advertisers use some tricks to make food look more appetizing. But some of them can get really nasty! They make the food look delicious, but most of the time they also make it inedible. Glue instead of milk, shaving foam instead of whipped cream, dish liquid in just about anything […] The post Here are some nasty tricks photographers use to make food look more appetizing appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers Fast Break on Social in November

The Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks continued to lead National Basketball Association teams in growth on Facebook and Twitter, respectively, in November, while the Philadelphia 76ers surged on Instagram. The Minnesota Timberwolves led Facebook in engagement for the month, according to social marketing firm Unmetric, while the 76ers paced Twitter and Instagram was topped by...
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A Close Friends Sharing Option Was Added to Instagram Stories

Instagram began rolling out a Close Friends feature for Instagram Stories, enabling people to share their Stories solely with their customized lists. The feature is rolling out to iOS and Android users globally Friday, and people can compile their lists by going to their profile and tapping Close Friends on the side menu. Instagram said...
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Just missed millions: These 8 people walked away from early jobs at billion-dollar companies

Startups come and go, meaning that those in the tech world often face the dilmemma of pick at which company where they'll actually be successful in the future. Major tech executives who have turned down lucrative offers include Instagram's Kevin Systrom and Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky. Here are some other big names in Silicon Valley who may have missed out on millions from opportunities they turned down. Ali Fedotowsky walked away from Facebook when she opted to be ABC's Bachelorette. Robe...
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You Can Now Share Instagram Stories with Only Your Closest Friends

Instagram has added the ability for users to share stories with only a specific subset of people, rather than just anyone who follows them. Users simply create a “Close Friends” list and then choose to only share certain stories with that group of people. To access the feature, go to your profile in the Instagram app and select “Close Friends List” in the side menu. From there, you can add your closest friends to the list. Whenever you share a story, you’ll have the option of sharing it with ev...
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How to Make Your Instagram Posts Accessible to People With Visual Impairments 

Instagram is making it easier for people with visual impairments to experience its site.Read more...
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6 Steps To A More Enjoyable Instagram Experience

What is your initial reaction when you hear the word “Instagram”? Revulsion? Joy? Annoyance? Excitement? All of the above? For many people I know, the Instagram experience is a mixed bag. It’s great to have an easy to use social platform where photos are ostensibly the stars of the show. This used to be Flickr’s claim to fame but those days are long over. Instagram, however, never really became a stand-in for what Flickr once was. In fact, some have come to perceive Instagram as being mo...
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Petite ‘n Pretty Taps Social Media Influencers to Sell Makeup to Kids

Influencers are getting younger by the minute, and marketers and brands are riding the social media tsunami of wildly popular image-based sites like Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram all the way to the bank. Petite ‘n Pretty is a new Instagram-launched makeup brand for the Gen Z crowd, ages 4 to 18. Its website is a canvas of pastel pinks, purples and blue, with sparkly graphics—similar to many beauty e-commerce sites—but this one has models from elementary and middle schools. The brand calls it...
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They Couldn’t Find Beauty Tutorials for Dark Skin. So They Made Their Own.

The beauty industry sees women with darker skin as an afterthought, but some YouTube and Instagram stars are aiming to change that.
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This Week in Photography Books: Jack Carnell

  Everybody makes mistakes. (Even me.) At the moment, I’m recalling the time I got snookered by a politician. Genuinely hoodwinked. Tricked out of my underpants. The year was 2004, and I was living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As hard as it may be for some people to believe in 2018, liberal Americans hated George W. Bush, and his neocon cronies, about as much as the Millennials hate Trump. He’d started two wars, including one based upon faulty evidence against a country that had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9...
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Instagram now lets you share Stories only with your close friends

Instagram is introducing a new feature that will limit the audience of the Stories you share. From now on, what you share in Stories can be displayed only to your close friends if you feel like sharing more personal stuff that’s not for everyone’s eyes. Share with Your Close Friends on Instagram Stories Starting today, […] The post appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Here are some ideas for getting unique camera angles

No matter if you’re shooting photos or video, you may want to achieve some unique angles and access some places that are not easily accessible. In this video, Jay P. Morgan shows you a couple of ways to achieve unique camera angles and spice up your photo and video work. Jay uses Platypod Max for […] The post Here are some ideas for getting unique camera angles appeared first on DIY Photography.
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