Canon is King of DSLR and Mirrorless Sales in Japan for 2018

Canon reigns supreme in both DSLR and mirrorless camera sales in Japan for 2018. And the results are somewhat staggering to behold. Image via Avinash Singh from In DSLRs, Canon enjoys a 57.4% market share in Japan according to PetaPixel. The King is then followed by Nikon and Ricoh which hold 39.3% and 3.1% of the DSLR market. For those of us that are not mathematically inclined, this means that a little more than every 2 out of 4 DSLR cameras sold in Japan come from Canon. As Peta...
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George W. Bush treats Secret Service detail to pizza

DALLAS (AP) — Former President George W. Bush treated his Secret Service detail to pizza to show his appreciation for their service without paychecks during the partial government shutdown. A photo posted on Bush’s Instagram and Facebook pages shows him delivering pizzas to the detail. On his posting, Bush said he and wife Laura “are […]
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Tips for Creating Successful Social Media Apps

Social media apps dominate mobile app usage. A recent survey found that smartphone owners listed social media apps as their most frequently used type of app almost 4x more than the second-place finishers, communication/messaging apps and gaming apps. Any business seeking to build a mobile app – no matter if it’s social media or not – should understand what makes social media apps so addicting and powerful. Using recent data from 511 smartphone owners, the following article offers tips and topics...
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Walter Chandoha, Photographer Whose Specialty Was Cats, Dies at 98

A stray kitten appropriately named Loco started Mr. Chandoha on an unexpected career. By the time he died, he had taken some 90,000 cat pictures.
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Kaitlyn Bristowe Surprises Jason Tartick in Seattle: Sweet Girlfriend

Things are heating up between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick! The former spin-class instructor surprised the Buffalo native in Seattle — where he currently lives — for a special date night. Jason, 30, posted a video on his Instagram Story on Thursday, January 17, of himself hanging out with two friends at what appeared to be a bar. “There’s me …” the banker said, pointing the camera at his face, before Kaitlyn, 33, jumped in and added, “… with his sweet girlfriend!” “Who’s that girl… ...
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Ex-president surprises Secret Service during shutdown

Former President George W. Bush called for federal lawmakers to "put politics aside" and end the government shutdown in an Instagram post Friday that showed him giving pizza to his Secret Service detail.
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Ex-president surprises his Secret Service during shutdown

Former President George W. Bush called for federal lawmakers to "put politics aside" and end the government shutdown in an Instagram post Friday that showed him giving pizza to his Secret Service detail.
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Ex-president orders pizza for Secret Service during shutdown

Former President George W. Bush called for federal lawmakers to "put politics aside" and end the government shutdown in an Instagram post Friday that showed him giving pizza to his Secret Service detail.
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Facebook is working on a new platform specifically for meme-obsessed teens that's already being described as 'cringey' (FB)

Facebook is quietly building a platform for discovering memes, TechCrunch reports. The platform is called LOL, and will consist of "funny videos and GIF-like clips" that users can vote on and share. However, LOL was described as "cringey" to TechCrunch, and the platform is said to be out of touch with the wants of meme-obsessed teens. In its latest effort to stave off the steady flow of teens leaving its platform, Facebook has been building a dedicated space for users to discover memes and vi...
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Ariana Grande Tends to ‘Fall Hard’ Despite Vow to Not Date in 2019

Coming off what she called “the worst” year of her life, Ariana Grande made a big resolution for 2019. “For the rest of this year,” she tweeted on January 1, she’ll be dating “no one.” But a source close to the “7 Rings” singer exclusively tells Us Weekly that her vow is “a very tall order.” The 25-year-old, who ended her whirlwind engagement to Pete Davidson in October, “falls hard when she loves someone,” explains the insider. Ariana Grande odd Williamson/Getty Images Ariana Grand...
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Sailor Brinkley-Cook Had a Masked Man Banging on Her Door After Move to Australia

Christie Brinkley and daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook celebrate Christie Brinkley’s 64th birthday on February 2, 2018 in New York City. Myrna M. Suarez/Getty Images Every parent’s worst nightmare. Christie Brinkley got real exclusively with Us Weekly about a scary situation her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook experienced after she moved to Australia. Mother-Daughter Duos Who Look LIke Twins “Well, she had a rough start,” the supermodel, 64, admitted to Us while attending the Ameri...
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Here’s how to save someone’s Instagram Story to your phone

Curious about how to save someone's Instagram Story to your phone? Lucky for you, it can be done -- but it does take a few extra steps. Here's what you need to know to save Instagram Stories on both iOS and Android. The post Here’s how to save someone’s Instagram Story to your phone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Truth About You

IN THE January/February 2019 issue of Communication Arts, Ernie Schenck writes about two kinds of truth: authentic and inauthentic. Authentic truth is who you are. Inauthentic truth is who you are when everyone is looking. It’s accepting what the loudest voices around you are saying because you don’t want to look bad. It’s commonplace in politics, but we see it everywhere. It’s pandering. Not leadership. It’s denigrating. Not serving. Inauthentic leadership is selfish. We use it to get somethin...
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Bush gets pizza for Secret Service, calls for an end to the shutdown

Former President George W. Bush called for federal lawmakers to "put politics aside" and end the government shutdown in an Instagram post Friday that showed him giving pizza to his Secret Service detail.
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How to build your own DIY teleprompter for less than $10

I’ve been following The King of Random on YouTube for a few years now. Most of the stuff they do on there is, as the name would suggest, kinda random and often a little bit weird. Every now and again, though, they post something quite useful for photographers and filmmakers – even if it’s just […] The post How to build your own DIY teleprompter for less than $10 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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REVISED Camera Bags Brand Guide

(I'm finally caught up with the comment moderation—84 comments on the "Settings" post, 205 comments on the "Camera Bags" post, and 102 comments on the "Portrait Lens" post. Sorry to be so late getting them all up, but that was exhausting! Nevertheless, thanks to all who contributed. Some really great comments on all the posts. Please do scroll down one last time and look at least at the "Featured Comments" on all those posts. —Ed.) Having been somewhat more completely educated now, please allow ...
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Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Her Acne For 10-Year Instagram Challenge

As celebrities take to Instagram to post their #10yearchallenge, a viral opportunity for them to brag about how well they're aging, Kendall Jenner is instead seizing the moment to get real about an issue she's battled for 10 years: cystic acne.Yesterday on her Instagram Stories, the model posted photos from when she was 13 years old, with cystic acne visible across her forehead, cheeks, and chin. "I was 13 and ran home crying everyday because people would stare at my skin," she wrote. She follo...
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Cardi B's Epic Trump Shutdown Rant Is Now A Song [LISTEN]

Cardi B took to Instagram on Wednesday to express her righteous outrage over the longest government shutdown in history. "Now, I know a lot of y’all don’t care because y’all don’t work for the government or y’all probably have a job,' she said addressing Trump and Congress. "This s--- is really f---ing serious, bro, this s--- is crazy." 12.5 million views later, meme masters The Gregory Brothers remixed her minute long rant into a political jam, "Yeah Bitch/ Nah Bitch."  Enjoy! so e...
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Who Owns The Copyright To A Photo?

We’ve all taken a photo at least once before. It’s literally as easy as pushing a button. Once you have taken the photo, the next question to ask is who owns the copyright to the photo? It may be surprising to some of us, but the person who owns the copyright is the person who […] The post Who Owns The Copyright To A Photo? appeared first on Vincent LoTempio | Registered Patent Attorney, Trademark, and Copyright | 1-800-866-0039.
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Kendall Jenner Gets Real About Her "Debilitating" Acne in Her Latest Instagram Post

"My goal is to open up a dialogue around skin positivity," said Kendall Jenner. In her latest Instagram post, the 23-year-old model and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star discussed her experience with acne. She captioned a photo of her with her hair wrapped in a towel and seemingly clear skin: "While there are much bigger problems happening in the world, suffering from acne for me was debilitating. It's something that I've dealt with since I was a young teen and has caused me to feel anxious,...
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Priyanka Chopra Just Went Blonde — One Month After Her Wedding

It's been seven days since we last heard from Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas on social media — and by now we know that's out of the ordinary for the newlyweds. Sure, after their three-day wedding celebration in early December and a Caribbean honeymoon (which they live-blogged via Instagram Stories), it would make sense for the two to slow down, take a break from Instagram, and revel in wedded bliss. But today is not that day — at least, not according to Chopra's brand-new hair color.Just an hou...
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New dog mascot for Aspen hotel

If you needed a reason to visit Aspen this winter besides world-class skiing, this adorable Bernese mountain dog is it. The St. Regis Aspen has just named Kitty Jacob Astor II, a Bernese mountain dog puppy, its new official mascot. His unique name is inspired by the dog owned by St. Regis founder John Jacob Astor IV, who also had a dog named Kitty in 1904 — an example of the founder’s unique sense of humor. View this post on Instagram ...
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Organized crime is laundering money through Fortnite's in-game currency

Criminals are using stolen credit cards to buy Fortnite V-bucks, then selling the in-game currency for bitcoin at a discount on the dark web as a way to launder money. From The Independent: Discounted V-bucks are being sold in bulk on the dark web – a hidden section of the internet only accessible using specialist software – as well as in smaller quantities on the open web by advertising them on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. By posing as potential customers, Sixgill agents ...
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Oprah Winfrey surprises guests at Pasadena restaurant

They thought it was just going to be a winter harvest community dinner hosted by True Food Kitchen in Pasadena, featuring produce from investor Oprah Winfrey’s farm. Before they could sit down for the four-course meal, the 45 guests who had signed up for the event quickly learned the real treat of the night as Winfrey herself walked in from an adjoining room. “Special investor,” Winfrey said in her iconic tone, “having dinner with you.” Oprah Winfrey speaks during the Winter Harvest Communit...
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There Was No War on Christmas on Facebook and Instagram in December

People on Facebook and Instagram were caught up in the holiday spirit in December, as Christmas and New Year's Eve absolutely dominated conversation on both networks for the month, according to the newest installment of Hot Topics from Facebook IQ, the social network's research arm. In the entertainment category, Facebook users headed for the cinema,...
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How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

This week, Instagram rolled out a new feature that allows you to post an image across multiple accounts, or even post an image on more than one account at the same time. Though that sounds like a niche feature created to help power users, there are plenty of people who juggle multiple Instagram feeds: Users who keep…Read more...
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We Scoured Instagram & Found 8 Of 2019's Buzziest New Jewelry Brands

Nowadays, the rule of thumb for jewelry is pretty clear: the more the merrier. We layer so many necklaces on top of each other that waking up without a tangled mess around our necks is impossible, our hands are stacked with a ring (if not multiple) on every finger and we're on a first-name basis with the local piercing dude. Needless to say, the days of taking a minimalist stance in this department are officially a thing of the past. So naturally, we're always on the hunt for new brands to add ...
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Tamron confirms Nikon Z6 compatibility with six of their Di & Di II lenses

Tamron has updated their list of Di and DI II series lenses confirmed to work with the Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras. The firmware updates, which started to come in November 2018 had only been tested with the Nikon Z7 at the time, and Z6 compatibility was more of a “well, it should work” sort […] The post Tamron confirms Nikon Z6 compatibility with six of their Di & Di II lenses appeared first on DIY Photography.
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A quick tip to increase your discoverability on Instagram

If you’re a photographer, Instagram is one of the most popular ways to put your work out there. But it’s not that easy to get discovered and noticed among hundreds of millions of users. Certainly, there are some ways to grow your audience organically, and we’ve covered some of them before. But in this video, […] The post A quick tip to increase your discoverability on Instagram appeared first on DIY Photography.
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To Get This Artist’s Message, You Have to Look Really Closely

With “This Land,” David Opdyke melds art and activism, hoping to inspire urgent changes in vision, one postcard, and viewer, at a time.
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