Moments to Go Away Forever: Facebook Gets Rid of Photo-Sharing App

It's always sad to say “goodbye” to another photo app, but such is the cycle of life – especially when it comes to smartphone photography. Facebook is closing down shop on its Moments app because no one is really using it. Image via Pixabay from If you're wondering why Facebook would have another standalone app alongside Instagram then you're not the only one – others couldn't figure it out either hence why the app probably failed to gain traction with any audience. Launched in 201...
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Advocacy Groups Are Pushing The FTC To Break Up Facebook

An anonymous reader quotes the Verge: Advocacy groups are calling for Facebook to be broken up as a result of its Cambridge Analytica scandal, subsequent privacy violations, and repeated consumer data breaches. Groups like Open Market Institute, Color of Change, and the Electronic Privacy Information Center wrote to the Federal Trade Commission Thursday requesting a major government intervention into how Facebook operates. The letter outlined several moves the FTC could take, including a multib...
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The facts about Facebook

This is a critical reading of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s article in the WSJ on Thursday, also entitled The Facts About Facebook.  Yes Mark, you’re right; Facebook turns 15 next month. What a long time you’ve been in the social media business! We’re curious as to whether you’ve also been keeping count of how many times you’ve been forced to apologize for breaching people’s trust or, well, otherwise royally messing up over the years. It’s also true you weren’t setting out to build “a...
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A Week In Washington, D.C. On A $52,800 Income

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a contractor working at an international organization who makes $52,800 per year and spends some of her money this week on White Claw hard seltzer.Occupation: ContractorIndustry: International OrganizationAge: 27Location: Washington, D.C.Salary: $52,8...
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Make Sure to Download Your Flickr Photos This Weekend

If you have over 1,000 photos uploaded to Flickr, then you should download them now or risk losing them forever.Read more...
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8 Essential Shots Every Serious Photographer Should Know

There is a constant tug of war in photography concerning whether a photographer should attempt to master one specific genre or whether they should make it a point to do many things well. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of this debate, I think it’s a good idea to know how to create a variety of photos even if you specialize in one type. In the spirit of diversifying your skill set, here are 8 types of photos every photographer should know how to make. 1. Long Exposure I k...
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Could the Future of Skincare Shopping Eliminate the Need For In-Store Beauty Consultants?

If you're invested in skin care - and if you buy skincare products, you know it's often an investment - there's a few shopping options we've all grown accustomed to: purchasing online after reading or watching reviews, deciding to buy after seeing a post (or more likely, #ad) on Instagram, or taking a chance in a store. The latter has been somewhat of an alleged ghost town for consumers; in 2019, we have everything we need at our fingertips. I say "alleged" because many publications like to cove...
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Photography Insurance is (not?) Worth It. Here’s Why

When you have a moment, open up your camera bag and take a look. Then estimate the value of that’s bag’s contents. It’s a scary amount, isn’t it? Now think a little further, is all your equipment in that one bag? I bet it’s not. Add in the values of all the photographic equipment you have in drawers and lockers. Now imagine losing that gear to theft, fire or any other catastrophe. It’s going to take some serious money to replace.   The answer, of course, is to have insurance. Or so the insuranc...
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Facebook’s merger plan causing concern among lawmakers and security experts

A Facebook plan to potentially merge Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram has caused controversy this week. Now some experts and lawmakers are raising concerns about the privacy implications and antitrust issues stemming from the plan. The post Facebook’s merger plan causing concern among lawmakers and security experts appeared first on Digital Trends.
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2019 01 25 Greely , GNG, Freeport, NYA, CAPE, LAKE REGION 3:30

Greely , GNG, Freeport, NYA, CAPE, LAKE REGION ~ 3:30 ~ ~ Poland, Fryeburg, Yarmouth, Traip, Wells, St. Doms/Lisbon YORK, Boothbay ~ 6:30:00 PM ~ ~
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How I created five distinct fantasy scenes in this historic old hotel

Last summer I got to create a series of editorial images for Grays Court in York. The hotel is well known for its history and has won many awards. Kings and queens of England have graced that building and you can feel it when you are walking through the rooms. The brief was to keep […] The post How I created five distinct fantasy scenes in this historic old hotel appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Tweets and Photos: Man Utd players react to beating Arsenal

Manchester United’s players have been posting on social media to give their reaction to last night’s FA Cup fourth round win over... Click the headline to read the full story.
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The Rhino Motion Kit is not cheap, but it’s one heck of a motorized slider

We are a small crew, this is why it’s handy to have one moving camera that needs no attention when we shoot. It means one less crew person while getting top notch B cam footage. And our slider package of choice for that is the Rhino Ultimate Slider (Amazon | B&H). Having an automated motorized slider is a powerful […] The post The Rhino Motion Kit is not cheap, but it’s one heck of a motorized slider appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Can I Sue if I Have Proof My Idea Was Stolen

A friend of mine came up with an idea for a business. I loved the idea and made plans to make it a reality. He foolishly shared the idea on his YouTube channel. A subscriber/viewer heard and stole the whole idea (name and concept). Unfortunately this person registered the name and got the biz rolling (online) before we could. So is that video tangible proof that the idea was stolen and enough to get the thief to cease and desist? I read that there’s no legal consequences if we were to still g...
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Always the underdog, Olympus engineers show they can play with the alphas

The Olympus OM-D E-M1X encompasses several company firsts -- like a 7.5 stop stabilization system and AI autofocus for motorsports. But what, exactly, went into making the E-M1X? Learn from the Olympus developers that designed the camera. The post Always the underdog, Olympus engineers show they can play with the alphas appeared first on Digital Trends.
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