Google’s Throwing Out a Bunch of Android Photo Apps for Being Malware

There’s no shortage of photography apps on Android and iOS smartphones. But can you distinguish photography apps that you can trust from those that you can’t? Can anyone? Image via Deepanker Verma from After all, a lot of people trust in Google and Apple respectively to curate safe applications in their respective stores. Yet that’s not always the case, particularly with some Android apps. And let’s not kid around: Giving something access to your camera roll is a big deal. If you’r...
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Shining a light on a dark time in Jewish history

A new exhibition called “Finding Light In The Darkness” is on display at the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle.  The exhibition features stories and artifacts of Washington State Holocaust survivors.
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Canon EOS RP Makes Accidental Premier

If you’ve waited long enough for Canon to debut its second full-frame mirrorless camera, then today is your lucky day. Not only has Nokishita posted pictures of the Canon EOS RP, but the website has also shared some specs about Canon’s upcoming device. Canon EOS R image via Canon USA. For Canon fans, this is a big deal and, for the rest of us, it’s significant as well because it is proof positive that the mirrorless segment is growing as reports have indicated. Right off the bat, people will n...
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How to Find Websites That Won't Give Out Your Private Information

These days, our private information is up for grabs and going to the highest bidders. Collectors are targeting us with advertisements in our inboxes and social media accounts. Worse, websites like Facebook clearly affect lives on and off our computers and phones (about that 2016 election..).Read more...
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Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman Hilariously Reignite Their Playful Feud: Watch

Back for more! Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman hilariously reignited their playful feud while shooting commercials for each other’s companies. Celebrity Feuds: The Biggest Ever! “Hey, everyone. Ryan and I recently called it a truce in our social media war and we promised to make ads for each other,” the Wolverine alum, 50, explains in a video on Reynolds’ YouTube channel on Wednesday. February 6. The Deadpool star, 42, chimes in, “Yep, we sure did. I’ve been working 24/7 on an ad for ...
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Flickr to drop the ax on free users, will begin deleting old photos in March

With SmugMug's acquisition of the photo-sharing site Flickr, the company announced that free users would be losing 1TB of storage, being limited to 1,000 photos. Soon, the company will begin deleting photos of users who are over the limit. The post Flickr to drop the ax on free users, will begin deleting old photos in March appeared first on Digital Trends.
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What is forest bathing

Japanese forest bathing sounds like a spa treatment you probably can’t afford. Or something exclusive to the adorable snow monkeys from the lead-ins at the Nagano Olympics and the Great Plains Zoo. But it actually has nothing to do with soaking in water, and everything to do with soaking in nature as a way to counteract the sensory overload of modern life. Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku as the Japanese call it, surmises that by spending time “bathing” in the forest, people can reduce stress,...
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Around The World And Back

Deciding to travel around the world is one of the most liberating things you can do. Upon deciding to take the big leap into the world, I remember feeling like my wings were open and my heart was truly free. I was freshly single, in need of a career change, and just generally looking to reignite a spark inside my stagnant feeling soul. There was so much hope and wonder in stepping out. After securing a remote job, I booked a ticket to Belgrade, Serbia and what I like to call “Beyond”. Initial...
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Peel On, Peel Off: The Indecisive Person's Cheap Solution To Trendy Home Decor

Thanks to its regular appearances everywhere from Instagram to HGTV to HGTV's Instagram, it can be hard to imagine a time when wallpaper was considered anything other than the height of cool. And yet, as New York-based interior designer Sasha Bikoff explains, it has something of a shadowy history. "Wallpapers in the past were limiting. There weren't that many options and it felt very generic. Now wallpapers are super artful and are breaking the boundaries between art and design," she says. Ph...
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"Cow Nails" Are Trending — & Kendall Jenner Is On Board

When Kendall Jenner does anything — wears green liner, contemplates bangs, lends her face to a controversial campaign — it trends on Twitter faster than you can say "Proactiv." So, when the supermodel/reality star announces that there's a beauty look she wants to try — but hasn't just yet — you can pretty much bet it's about to take off.In a recent interview with Allure Magazine, Jenner was asked what her next manicure will look like, and her response was not what you'd expect. Instead of a sh...
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The first pictures and specs of the new Canon EOS RP mirrorless camera have leaked

Hot on the heels of Canon’s recent Canon RF Mount lens rumours are image and spec leaks for a new Canon EOS RP full frame mirrorless camera. Published by Nokishita, the images show a body that seems significantly smaller than the existing Canon EOS R, suggesting that it won’t be the super high-resolution pro body […] The post The first pictures and specs of the new Canon EOS RP mirrorless camera have leaked appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Orchard Co-Founder Issues Warning To Music Industry: 'You're Probably Going To Be Replaced'

In this article, Oisin Lunny shares a dire warning from Scott Cohen, the enigmatic music tech pioneer affiliated with company's like, Spotify, The Orchard, and the British Phonographic Industry. In a recent keynote presentation, Cohen warned a massive industry sea change would likely soon reshape the music business entirely. _________________________________ By Oisin Lunny. This article originally appeared on Forbes Scott Cohen is something of an enigma in the music industry. H...
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Open Mike: Hottest Day, Oldest Male, Juggling 11, and Sometimes Things Don't Go Right (OT)

[ I ended up being forced to take yesterday off. Had a battery of cardiac tests that took all afternoon, the purpose of which, according to my cardiologist, was to reassure me that exercise is possible and safe. Passed with flying colors, but now I have to buy myself a treadmill (or a stationary bicycle, or an elliptical trainer, something I can use every day in the house regardless of the weather), and I'm just not feeling up to any of it—the research, the hassle of getting it installed, the e...
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How to make money as an Amazon influencer (AMZN)

Amazon's influencer program is the e-commerce giant's initiative in which members can earn commission from items they sell. Amazon has been reaching out to some creators, and the program is also open to the general public. Commission rates range from 10% for Amazon's private-label fashion line to 1% for video games and consoles. Amazon wants to help people make money. For two years, Amazon has run an affiliate program that lets social media influencers earn a cut of sales generated from A...
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Top Flavored Water Brands on Social Media

I think you’d be lying if you said you haven’t at least tried some type of flavored water. (I’m currently obsessed.) It’s pretty much become the new “thing” as people across the world declare their favorite brands, tweet pictures and even buy bathing suits to show their support. Just like sports teams and fast food chains, sparkling and flavored water brands have been using social media channels to bring the popular drink to their thirsty customers. From La Croix and hint to Bubly, here are a fe...
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Follow Me on Instagram

I’ve created an Instagram account! If you have Instagram and would like to get snippets of my life, summaries of articles (with my hand-drawn images) and other things, you can follow me here: I’m still pretty new to publishing on this platform, so the more people follow/engage, the more I’ll be able to try to do. Just a reminder, in case you’re not aware, you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and WeChat (in Chinese) too! The post Follow Me on Inst...
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The best point-and-shoot cameras for 2019

If your smartphone camera just isn't giving you the results you're looking for, maybe it's time to step up your game. The latest and greatest point-and-shoot cameras offer large sensors, tough bodies, and long lenses -- something no phone can touch. We've rounded up the best in the business. The post The best point-and-shoot cameras for 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook now lets you delete messages for 10 minutes after they've already been sent — here's how to use the feature (FB)

Facebook Messenger now lets users delete their sent messages, up to 10 minutes after they've already been sent. Facebook said back in April it would roll the feature out to the general public after CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught quietly deleting old messages. Here's how you can "unsend" your Facebook messages, which is now available to all iOS and Android users. Facebook Messenger has given its users the ability to delete their messages, up to 10 minutes after they've already been sent out. T...
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Can the Lakers recover if they don’t trade for Anthony Davis?

BOSTON — He does the things everyone says to do. He focuses on his work, on practice and film. He answers questions about trade talks politely, but with time-worn cliches. He’s not thinking about the trade deadline, he says, he’s thinking about basketball. But Kyle Kuzma has a phone. That is enough for anyone on the Lakers these days to be swallowed up in the latest report or rumor, whatever it may be. Even when he attempts to stay off Twitter and Instagram, deliberately shielding himself from t...
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Khloe Kardashian Posts Cryptic Instagram Message: Soulmates Never Die

Khloe Kardashian attends the Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collaboration Launch Event at Boulevard3 on November 14, 2018 in Hollywood, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) A candid confession. Khloé Kardashian turned heads when she posted a poignant note about true love on social media. Everything Khloe Kardashian Has Said About Tristan Thompson Cheating on Her The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 34, shared a picture with the words “soulmates never die” via Instagram ...
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If you won't go vegan for yourself, will you do it for Beyonc?

If going vegan to help better the environment does not appeal you, why not try it out for Queen B herself? Beyoncé just announced a new vegan initiative on Instagram, and probably did more for the cause in a single post than anyone has done for in the last decade. Last week, the iconic singer announced the start of The Greenprint Project, which aims to promote veganism with a very special offer from Beyoncé and her husband, JAY-Z. If you try out a plant-based diet through Beyoncé’s program, you...
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Pluto TV will expand its free service with paid subscriptions, says new owner Viacom

Last month, Viacom picked up free streaming service Pluto TV for $340 million in cash. This week, the company spoke in more detail about its plans for Pluto TV – including its potential to for ad-supported streaming as well as the ability to market Viacom’s various subscription video properties directly to consumers, similar to how Amazon Channels works today. At the time of the acquisition, Pluto TV offered over 100 channels of free content from 130 partners, and reached 12 million monthly u...
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$10 vs. $30 seamless backdrop for portraits: should you save money on backdrops?

Photography. It’s expensive. And who really has the money to buy all the name brand photo gear? I certainly don’t. With that said, expensive equipment does NOT make the photograph. The photographer does. Which is why I am exploring various non photography specific gear and using it for my photography. Let’s take seamless background paper for example. A roll of Savage […] The post $10 vs. $30 seamless backdrop for portraits: should you save money on backdrops? appeared first on DIY Photography. ...
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Snapchat finally recovers from its redesign — so here comes an Android update

Snapchat's drop in users after launching a controversial redesign has finally stagnated. During the fourth quarter and 2018 earnings report, Snapchat shared that the company is rolling out an Android update designed to increase performance. The post Snapchat finally recovers from its redesign — so here comes an Android update appeared first on Digital Trends.
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A Week In Allentown, PA, On A $21,000 Income

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Oh, hey, did you hear we launched a podcast? Check out Money Diaries: The Podcast, and subscribe today so you don't miss any episode!Today: a server/full-time student who makes $21,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on ice cream.Occupation: ...
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Eye Prefer Paris Photo Opening

It was the big night I was anticipating for almost two months, the opening of my first solo exhibition, Eye Prefer Paris, at the Pont Royal Hotel.   There was a great turnout of friends, old and new, blog readers, and journalists.   The Pont Royal was kind enough to provide Champagne and lovely, delicate hors d’ouevres for the guests. I caught up with friends who I haven’t seen in a while, chatted with some very interesting people who I have never met before and a few surprise guests ...
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Priyanka Chopra: Why Taking Nicks Last Name Was Important

When two become one. Priyanka Chopra Jonas changed her last name on Instagram just days after she and husband Nick Jonas got married, but the decision wasn’t one she took lightly. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra: A Timeline of Their Relationship “I always wanted to add his name to mine because I feel like, you know, we’re becoming family and I’m a little traditional and old school like that,” the Quantico alum, 36, said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, February 5....
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Ignore This Photography Competition Advice At Your Own Peril

Photography competitions are a great way to motivate oneself and challenge one’s creativity. It also helps one push their limits to create the best images possible making one a better photographer and they are a great way to present your work to a large audience thereby gaining some exposure. Photography competitions could be international, local or online competitions and could be based on various themes or genres. Whatever the type, there are certain things that you need to take care of before...
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Nancy Pelosi’s “f*ck you” clap to Donald Trump has been immortalized in memes for posterity

Donald Trump blabbered on for an hour and 22 minutes during last night's State of the Union address, and Nancy Pelosi wasn't impressed.
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Fresh Mr. Ruin blurb!

Oh boy, the lessons never end! Recently I’ve been talking and thinking a lot about the interest/excitement factors in my writing. In brief – I’m great at evoking interest, through wacky world-building and lots of deep character hints – and not so great at evoking excitement, through conflict and danger and etc… Well – in this post I get punched in the face again, and come back asking for more. I’ve been rewriting Mr. Ruin to punch up the excitement and dial back the interest, and feeling like I’...
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