Shannen Doherty Sues Insurer Over Woolsey Fire Damage

Shannen Doherty sued her insurer Friday for failing to pay a $1.4 million coverage claim arising from the Woolsey Fire. The “Beverly Hills: 90210” actress lives in Malibu, and there were initial reports in November that her home had been destroyed. Doherty, however, clarified in a Nov. 11 post on Instagram, saying that “Our house […]
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Store Your Photos in Seal Poop

You read that headline right but it might not mean what you think. And, even though most of us are on the prowl for a better portable hard drive, we’re not advocating seal poop as a medium. Nonetheless, this story is pretty remarkable. Image via Skitterphoto from A USB drive containing photos was found in frozen seal poop and this discovery has everyone asking questions about everything from the environment to what kind of photos were on the drive. One amazing factoid you probably ...
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How I Went From A Bullied Teen To The First Male Cheerleader At The Super Bowl

The following interview was told to Thatiana Diaz and has been edited for length and clarity.I've been dancing since I was little. It took some getting used to for my dad, because I'm the youngest of two older brothers and they both competed in sports. They're black belts, so dancing with a whole squad of girls was a little bit harder for my dad to understand. I remember one day he asked me, "Are you sure you don't want to finish karate or anything like that?" But he eventually came around.I wa...
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Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham Has Heart Surgery, Damages Vocal Cords

Kristen Buckingham and Lindsey Buckingham Courtesy of Kristen Buckingham/Instagram A landslide of health issues. Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham was forced to undergo open heart surgery that left him with damaged vocal cords. Celebrity Health Scares The 69-year-old rock star’s wife, Kristen Buckingham, confirmed the news on Instagram on Friday, February 8, with a lengthy message about her husband’s wellbeing. “I am sad to say that last week Lindsey underwent ...
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The personal and professional challenges of women physicians

I’m often asked to write and speak about being a woman physician.  I don’t know that any of my male physician colleagues have ever been asked to talk about being a male physician.  Many hospital systems have women in medicine groups, and there’s now a National Women Physicians Day.  Again, don’t know of the same for male […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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This guy created an open source 3D printable solution to A7III overheating issues

We thought with the Sony A6500 that the overheating issue days with Sony would be over, but apparently not. Eterprising user, Brian Windle, over on Thingiverse, however, has developed a solution. It’s a 3D printed bracket that houses a couple of USB-powered fans to blow cool air onto the back of the camera underneath the […] The post This guy created an open source 3D printable solution to A7III overheating issues appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Miami’s best guava desserts

Pitbull may be known as Mr. Worldwide, but his home city, Miami, is a world unto itself. The Miami-Dade population is more than — around 2.5 million people — with immigrants from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, France, Russia, and more. Each of those populations brings a different vibe to Miami’s neighborhoods and food scene. But there’s one addictive flavor that unites all Miamians new and settled: guava. The sticky-sweet fruit was brought to South Florida from Cuba more than 160 years ...
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These Award-Winning Botanical Photos Belong in Alice in Wonderland 

Some photographers like to capture people; others like to capture the stories of the botanical world, from our backyards to our gardens and wildlands. That’s the premise behind the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew’s International Garden Photographer of the Year Award, whose winners were announced Friday.Read more...
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Liam Hemsworth: Miley Cyrus Took My Last Name After Our Wedding

Introducing Mrs. Hemsworth! Liam Hemsworth opened up about the sweet gesture his wife, Miley Cyrus, orchestrated after the couple’s nuptials. Inside Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s Secret Wedding: Pics Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Jon Kopaloff/WireImage The Isn’t It Romantic star, 29, clarified during a Friday, February 8, appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan that the singer, 26, is “Miley Ray Hemsworth now, actually.” He went on to explain Cyrus’ decision and just how m...
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Patrick Schwarzenegger: Justin and Hailey Are the 2nd Best Looking Couple

Close, but no cigar. Patrick Schwarzenegger saw Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s March 2019 Vogue cover — and jumped on the opportunity to troll his friend. Celebrity BFFs Bieber, 24, posted a picture of the magazine to his Instagram page on Friday, February 8, adding a simple red heart emoji as the caption. “Y’all gotta be [the] 2nd best looking couple I’ve ever seen,” Schwarzenegger, 25, joked in the comments section, adding a second comment that clarified his ranking system. “Af...
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How to create a classic three-light beauty portrait lighting setup

The three light setup has been a staple of portrait photographers for decades. There isn’t just one three light setup, though, there are several, with some slight variations, which can change the mood dramatically. In this photo, photographer Rob Hall used his three lights with various modifiers to create this portrait, and he’s shared with […] The post How to create a classic three-light beauty portrait lighting setup appeared first on DIY Photography.
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This Week: Trump Inaugural Committee Subpoenaed, Redo For House Russia Probe

The most intriguing current investigation involving President Trump grows out of the Michael Cohen probe (which itself grew out of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe). That’s the U.S. Manhattan Attorney’s office investigation into Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee, which was hit this week with a wide-ranging subpoena for documents related to donors, event attendees, vendors, contracts and more. Federal prosecutors are investigating possible illegal foreign donations, false statements to th...
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Mike's Seven Laws of Lenses

First Never sell a good lens. Second When evaluating lenses, look at the pictures, not at the lens. The Leica Lens Designer's Precept (apocryphal) The only way to test a lens is to use it for a year. Everything else is a shortcut. Third You can make successful photographs with any lens, no matter how bad. ...And The corollary to the Third Law You can make terrible photographs with any lens, no matter how good. Fourth You get no extra credit for using a technically excellent lens. Ct...
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A brief photographic history on Seattle’s snow

As Seattle braces for a new snowstorm, possibly bringing 6 to 8 inches, it could be an unfamiliar scene for many — but not unheard of in Seattle. The snowfall likely will pale in comparison to the legendary storm: The Big Snow of 1916 lasted for weeks, and a Seattle Times story from the time […]
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Video and Photos: Trent Alexander-Arnold back in Liverpool training ahead of Bournemouth game

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has been seen in action on the training ground at Melwood today as he prepares to return to action. The... Click the headline to read the full story.
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Photo gallery: Seattle area stocks up at grocers before the snowstorm

Scenes from around the Puget Sound area as residents prepare for the predicted snowstorms. Grocery shopping has been a priority.
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Fisking An Instagram Law School Decision

Breaking down someone's law school woes, line by line.
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What to Do If You're Getting Blackmailed

So you sent nudes. We live in a digital age, and now more than ever, the nude pic has become something of a dating currency in itself.Read more...
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Let’s Have Some Fun with Your Website Today!

This month our theme at OurChurch.Com is Love Your Website month. It’s all about making your website more effective, but we’re trying to have some fun with it by mixing in the whole Valentine’s Day / love theme. Speaking of fun… if you’re not loving your website right now, maybe adding some fun and humor to it could help. Sometimes I think we Christians take ourselves too seriously, and this is evident on our websites when all the content is super-serious and dare I say boring. Sure, our mission...
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23 Valentine’s Day Tattoos That Are Anything but Cheesy - Promise

Love the sentiment behind Valentine's Day, but don't want a valentine? That doesn't mean you can't mark your favorite occasion of the year with a tattoo or two. We've searched the depths of Instagram to find a selection of Valentine's Day-inspired ink that isn't cheesy - we promise. Whether you're looking to get cupid, hearts all around, or even a sweet love-related tat, we've found some designs to suit every Valentine's Day devotee. Ahead, get a closer look at some of our favorites. Rela...
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PHOTOS: Margot Robbie’s kid brother Cameron is a total snack

Meet Cameron Robbie. He's an aspiring model and actor who also happens to be Margot Robbie's younger brother.
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The FDA just called out e-cig startup Juul and tobacco giant Altria for backing away from a pledge to fight teen vaping

Regulators recently accused Silicon Valley e-cigarette startup Juul and its new partial parent company, tobacco giant Altria, of reneging on promises they made to curb teen use of their products. In a letter sent out this week, the head of the Food and Drug Administration requested a meeting with both companies to talk about what happened and how to move forward. Researchers have said they believe Juul and its ultra-strong nicotine products have essentially created a new generation of people a...
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Kendall Jenner Spotted All Over Ben Simmons at Dinner With Kim, Kourtney

Girls’ night … plus Ben! Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons stepped out in New York City for dinner with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. Kendall Jenner’s Love Life The KKW Beauty founder, 38, and the 39-year-old reality star met up with pal La La Anthony at Cipriani on Thursday, February 7. Kim wore the same pink, snake-print dress and velvet boots she sported during her Thursday appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, while Kourtney rocked a black-and-w...
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Julianne Hough Just Got In On The Biggest Hair Trend Of 2019

Hair trends go through cycles. The styles seem to go around and around through history, and once something enters the zeitgeist for a third time, it's safe to say it's timeless — and this decade the shag haircut is getting that distinction. In the '70s Goldie Hawn was the shag queen. Then in the '90s Meg Ryan put her own twist on the layered look with bangs. This year the shag is making a huge comeback, j ust take Julianne Hough as an example.The actress revealed a new shaggy haircut, which is...
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Europe is beginning to break up Facebook's business

Germany's move to prevent Facebook from combining data from its core platform, Whatsapp and Instagram shows how EU regulators may eventually seek to break up the social media giant.
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2019 SMAA Championship 9 Feb 2019

We have changed our plans. We will not be covering this event on Sat,
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Reshad Jones recovering from shoulder surgery

Dolphins safety Reshad Jones will be recovering from shoulder surgery this offseason. Jones posted a picture of himself giving a thumbs up from a hospital on Instagram Friday that said he was out of a successful surgery. His right shoulde
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