Allegedly Posed “Spontaneous” Photo Wins $120K

Photo contests and controversies go together like peanut butter and jelly. But when huge sums of money are involved, it can sometimes be justified – especially if a photograph isn’t what it... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Ben Simmons shouts out Australian legend 'egg boy' on his sneakers

The now famous teen who cracked an egg on the head of an Australian politician certainly has some high profile fans.Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons paid tribute to the 17-year-old kid known as "egg boy," by writing the teen's name on his yellow shoes before the game against the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday.SEE ALSO: Teen eggs politician. Now he's being offered free tickets to concerts for life.The team's mental performance coach, Paddy Steinfort, posted the image of Simmons' ...
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Board Question #92096: What is Taylor Richards’ forearm tattoo? He’s #10 on BYU ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,What is Taylor Richards’ forearm tattoo? He’s #10 on BYU men’s volleyball. -My Name Here A: Dear friend,  It looks like a little arrow with some letters (or maybe a full word?) To me, it looks like "WV" but I'm not totally positive. No searches of his or his wife's Instagram accounts yielded anything conclusive, and I haven't received word back from him. Hope that helps.  Cheers, Guesthouse comments
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Apple News jitters, Instagram goes shopping, and chatbots rise again

Hello! Thanks for subscribing. If you got this newsletter forwarded, sign up for your own here. In less than a week, Apple is set to announce a range of services including an all-you-can-read subscription news bundle, and it’s causing a lot of angst for publishers already worried about big tech eating media. I talked to publishers who were pitched by Apple, and they say the phone maker is basing the business model on a flawed comparison between news and music. To date, The New York Times and Th...
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A unique old clothes shop on a shuttered Japanese high street

Away from Japan’s big cities, the combination of a shrinking population and urban migration are having a visibly devastating effect. Once thriving towns are now all too often little more than sad reminders of the past, with shops shuttered up and former essentials such as train services slowly disappearing. A phenomenon I documented just recently in this photo essay: Looking for the lost. Of course not everything closes, and life does go on for the generally older residents who remain, meaning a...
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Aggressive Instagramming is ruining Southern California's super bloom

People trampled California's poppies for the 'gram, and ruined it for the rest of us. Fields of fiery "super bloom" poppies are lighting up the hills of Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore, a city about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Thanks to uncommonly heavy rains this winter, much of Southern California is seeing a massive burst of wildflower blooms across the state. The poppies in Walker Canyon are so lush, they can be seen from space. > Superbloom visible from space - Califor...
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Camera maker Insta360 raises $30M as it eyes 2020 IPO

Insta360, one of the pioneers in making 360-degree cameras, just raised $30 million in a Series C+ funding round from Chinese investors including Everest Venture Capital, MG Holdings and Huajin Capital. The Shenzhen-based camera maker declines to disclose its latest valuation. It plans to use the fresh proceeds in research and development, marketing and after-sales services in its key international markets including the United States and Japan, which are the company’s second and third-largest...
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First look and impressions of the Godox V1 round head speedlight

The Godox V1 is the new and somewhat controversial round head speedlight from Godox. The controversy is a topic for another discussion, although feel free to do so in the comments if you really feel you have to. For now, we’re going to take a little more of a look at the Godox V1 flash itself. This […] The post First look and impressions of the Godox V1 round head speedlight appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Much to My Bank Account's Dismay, Instagram Has Launched a Stupid-Easy Checkout Feature

Shopping just got dangerously easy - or, well, easier. Instagram recently announced a new feature that will allow users to purchase items they encounter on their feed without ever leaving the app. (We said it was dangerous!) The checkout feature is prompted by tapping on a brand's shopping post, at which point users will be asked to select their size and any other variables. The last step will ask users to enter their billing and contact information, which will be saved for future purchases. The...
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Daily Crunch: 85+ startups launch at YC Demo Day 1

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Here are the 85+ startups that launched at YC’s W19 Demo Day 1 With more than 200 companies, the Winter 2019 class is by far YC’s largest yet. It’s so large, in fact, the accelerator had to change the way it does Demo Day — rather than all pitches happening on one stage, they were split across two stages ...
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Shopping on Instagram

I've been telling people for ages that we'll soon be able to buy directly from Instagram, and today they announced an initial trial in the US. The friction involved in shopping from social platforms has always seemed a bit artificial - why can't it be as easy as on Amazon?  Now Instagram is making it much easier, letting people shop within the app by putting in payment and delivery details.  This video shows how it will work:  [Author: Dan]
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#RHOA Eva Marcille Explains Extravagant $1,000 Per Plate Wedding Costs… (VIDEO)

Eva Marcille of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is catching a lot of flack about her extravagant wedding costs. As previously reported, one of Eva’s bridesmaids is putting her on blast about her dire financial straits and it’s got many giving her the side eye about the “$1,000 per plate” wedding costs. [READ: ON BLAST! Eva Marcille Dragged By Her Own Bridesmaid… (VIDEO)] The “America’s Next Top Model” alum took to her Instagram Story recently to clear up rumors that she and her husband, Michae...
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An astounding gigapixel panorama of Paris affords "an eyeful of the Eiffel"

[Editor's note: Gigapixel panorama impressario Jeffrey Martin (previously) offers us "an eye full from Eiffel" in this astounding gigapixel pano of Paris -Cory] I shot this gigapixel photo in autumn 2018 from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Using an SLR camera and a variety of telephoto lenses, I shot a few thousand photos from both levels of the Eiffel Tower. The image you see here was shot from the top level, and you can actually see the Eiffel Tower itself in the image. The Eiffel To...
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Spurs star models Argentina’s new kit

Tottenham Hotspur defender Juan Foyth has starred in a video to launch Argentina’s new home kit. The 21-year-old has only one cap to his name... Click the headline to read the full story.
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Soul Jacker review from Pat Mills!

I am over the moon – having just secured a blurb review of Soul Jacker from my first established author in the SF space – Pat Mills (and his wife Lisa)! Pat is considered the godfather of British comics, and created 2000AD which was where Judge Dredd got started! Awesome. I am tickled pink. Here’s the full blurb: “Superb – a Fantastic Voyage into the soul. Grist has produced a taut, clever cyberthriller that messes with your mind. Blending hard science, metaphysics and high-octane action, Soul J...
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Uh Oh, Instagram’s Latest Feature Is About To Destroy Your Shopping Willpower

The new feature on the Facebook-owned platform allows you to make purchases without visiting an advertiser's website.
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Why a top antitrust lawmaker thinks it’s time to break up Facebook

When the newly-minted chair of a congressional antitrust committee calls you out, it’s probably time to start worrying. In an op-ed for the New York Times, Rhode Island Representative David N. Cicilline has called on the Federal Trade Commission to look into Facebook’s behavior for potential antitrust violations, citing TechCrunch’s own reporting that the company collected data on teens through a secret paid program among many other scandals. “After each misdeed becomes public, Facebook alter...
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Killing Themselves Softly With Complexification-Saturation

Just wanted to reiterate this. (I've said it before, here and there.) This is a renegade, outsider, beyond-the-pale, meta viewpoint, but... ...I still think the camera companies are killing themselves with complexity. It's easier to figure out a new computer than it is to figure out a new camera. A few mavens can do it; nobody will admit to not being able to do it; but here's what I think is happening: I think most buyers of high-end enthusiast-level interchangeable lens (IL) cameras bought one ...
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Real Options

Just musing here. Mulling over the comments about the Range Rover thing, how's this for a concept.... A.) you pay a healthy amount of money for a luxury car, maybe double what you'd pay for a similar mainstream non-luxury version of something similar, b.) you get presented with a list of options, and c.) tick as many boxes as you want, configure your car just the way you like... ...NO CHARGE. That's having options! I predict the first company to do this will make out like bandits. Kia could do i...
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Sony’s latest sensor is stacked, backlit, and equipped with a global shutter

Say this five times fast: Backlit, stacked, global shutter sensor. Sony managed to cram all three technologies into one sensor. The result is a high-speed sensor with a higher resolution without sacrificing low-light quality. The post Sony’s latest sensor is stacked, backlit, and equipped with a global shutter appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Instagram Lets Brands Sell Products Directly Through the App by @MattGSouthern

Instagram is rolling out an ecommerce solution for brands which will allow them to sell products in the app.The post Instagram Lets Brands Sell Products Directly Through the App by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Glossier triples valuation, enters unicorn club with $100M round

Glossier, known for its flagship line of barely there beauty products, has landed a $100 million Series D led by Sequoia Capital. The round values Emily Weiss’ business at a whopping $1.2 billion, fully cementing the company as a startup “unicorn” and tripling the valuation it garnered with a $52 million Series C in 2018. News of the round was first reported by The Wall Street Journal and later confirmed by Glossier. “We are building an entirely new kind of beauty company: one that owns the dist...
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Top Sell-Out Items That You Can Now Shop

Searching for a fresh trend before it catches fire (and subsequently sells out) is, as Cher Horowitz put it, like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie...A.k.a. impossible. While we can't always predict the next big thing to buy, we can catalog the best big things that are actually shoppable now. With a little help from our weekly column, The Sell-Out, we pulled together the top-selling products from the past year that are no longer sold out.Instead of suggesting purchase alternatives, a...
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RIP Your Wallet: Instagram Adds In-App Shopping

If you’ve ever browsed through your Instagram feed and thought “Oh that shirt is cute but haha, thank god that’s way too much effort for me to actually leave this app and buy it”—bad news, friends. Instagram announced that starting today, it’s introducing an in-app checkout feature.Read more...
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You Can Now Shop Your Fave Brands Directly On Instagram

It just got even easier to shop on the 'gram: Starting today, with the addition of a new Checkout feature, users in the U.S. can shop for products from brands directly on the app. Now, instead of clicking on a product tag (the little shopping bag icon in Stories and grid) and being directed off-platform to buy it, you'll instead have the option to "Checkout on Instagram." From here, just choose your size and color, enter your email, billing information or Paypal, and address (which will be stor...
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The best color laser printers for 2019

Color laser printers have improved dramatically over the years, and today's models offer both blazing print speeds and great image quality. Here are our favorite color laser printers, from massive all-in-ones to smaller budget options. The post The best color laser printers for 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Insta-checkout? New Instagram service lets you shop without leaving the platform

Shopping on Instagram no longer means leaving the platform to checkout in a web browser. Instagram checkout launched in beta today with a handful of retailers, allowing users to checkout without leaving the app. The post Insta-checkout? New Instagram service lets you shop without leaving the platform appeared first on Digital Trends.
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7 Ways To Earn A Little Extra Money From Your Photos In 2019.

Here are 7 ways you can earn income from your photography. In our connected world, there is certainly an opportunity to make some extra money from your images The post 7 Ways To Earn A Little Extra... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Paper designs digitize in real time using an Illustrator-connected paper tablet

Love graphic design, but prefer the feel of real paper? The new Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected syncs with Adobe Illustrator in real time, turning paper sketches into digital drawings. The post Paper designs digitize in real time using an Illustrator-connected paper tablet appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Can you be a successful fashion photographer outside a big city?

I went to university in a beautiful little town called Falmouth, Cornwall, in the very south western tip of the UK. It’s 6 hours away from London, so not exactly near to the “fashion capital.” However, it’s surrounded by incredible landscapes: rolling hills, cliffs, rivers pouring out into the sea… it’s quite magical. So when […] The post Can you be a successful fashion photographer outside a big city? appeared first on DIY Photography.
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