Smart & Final Employees Line Up in LA Dodgers Logo Formation for Opening Day!

Smart & Final Celebrates Opening Day as Official Grocery Partner of the Los Angeles Dodgers     Hundreds of Smart & Final Employees Line Up to Create Los Angeles Dodgers Logo Formation       In the ultimate expression of fan pride for the Boys in Blue, hundreds of Smart & Final employees gathered today […]
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Apple Martin tells off mother Gwyneth Paltrow for sharing photo without consent

The 14-year-old publicly criticised Paltrow for oversharing, reflecting unease in an entire generationGwyneth Paltrow’s teenage daughter has criticised her mother for posting a picture of her online without her consent, a reaction one expert says will become more common as a generation that has been snapped since their birth grows up.Paltrow posted a photo to Instagram earlier in the week of herself with Apple Martin, her 14-year-old daughter with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, at a ski field. Ap...
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New Baker's Dozen Call For Work: 'In the Museum'

Xander at the Corning Museum of Glass. iPhone snap by Mike. It's been a while since we had a "Baker's Dozen"—a dozen JPEGs of readers' pictures, with one extra for good measure, curated by moi, AKA Yr. Hmbl. Ed. Each time we do this we have fun and create a lovely little virtual group show. If you'd like to see older ones, click on the "Baker's Dozen" category in the right-hand sidebar. I promised we'd do "grandchildren" as the next subject, and we'll get to that someday. But now, inspired by...
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Khloe Kardashian 'wants boob job' after 'urging fans to get plastic surgery'

Before attending Diana Ross's star-studded 75th birthday party, Khloe took to Instagram to share with her fans the "iconic" look that her outfit had given her [Author: James Brinsford]
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How to approach commercial product photography to achieve the best results

Commercial product lighting is very challenging. Whether you’re shooting stills or video, you never know what type of product you might need to shoot from day to day. It often presents unique challenges for you to overcome, too. Not least of which is satisfying your client’s personal tastes. In this video, Aputure’s Valentina Vee talks […] The post How to approach commercial product photography to achieve the best results appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Tough Lives of Kim Jong Un’s Photographers

The world’s last Stalinist dictatorship is not immune to modern media – and the power it can have over people. That’s why the dictators in Pyongyang have employed teams of propagandists and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Ariana Grande Wants Full Copyright Over ALL Concert Photos

Ariana Grande is making waves in the photography world again. And this time she’s coming for her concert photos – ALL of them. In a move to counter “greedy photographers” at her concerts,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Facebook’s handling of Alex Jones is a microcosm of its content policy problem

A revealing cluster of emails leaked to Business Insider offers a glimpse at how Facebook decides what content is objectionable in high profile cases. In this instance, a group of executives at Facebook went hands on in determining if an Alex Jones Instagram post violated the platform’s terms of service or not. As Business Insider reports, 20 Facebook and Instagram executives hashed it out over the Jones post, which depicted a mural known as “False Profits” by the artist Mear One. Facebook be...
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Tokyo standing bar drinks and line dancing?

Some Tokyo drinkers are definitely more expressive than other Tokyo drinkers.
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Facebook launches searchable transparency library of all active ads

Now you can search Facebook for how much Trump has spent on ads in the past year, which Pages’ ads reference immigration, or what a Page’s previous names were. It’s all part of Facebook’s new launching that makes good on its promise to increase transparency after the social network’s ads were used to try to influence the 2016 US presidential elections. Facebook’s Ads Archive previously only included ads related to politics or policy issues, but now shows all active ads about anything as well ...
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‘Amazon Effect’ forces traditional stores to find ways to get products straight to customers’ doors

The “Amazon Effect” has conditioned convenience-hungry consumers to become accustomed to doorstep delivery for everything from eggs to electronics — and its upending business models for traditional pay-at-the-counter retailers. The strongest growth in retail is coming from digital channels. Retail ecommerce sales in 2019 are expected to climb 15.1 percent for the year to $605.3 billion, according research firm eMarketer. Not surprising, Amazon is dominating the market. In 2017, Amazon sales jump...
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Leaked Emails Suggest Facebook Worries More About PR Than Anti-Semitism

A recent Alex Jones post put Instagram's community standards to the test.
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Kim Jong-un’s photographer fired for blocking the leader’s neck with flash for three seconds

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has reportedly fired his personal photographer for the weirdest of reasons. According to a couple of sources, the photographer was taking photos of Kim Jong-un when he blocked the crowd’s view over him. With a flash. For three seconds. As a result, he was reportedly kicked off from […] The post Kim Jong-un’s photographer fired for blocking the leader’s neck with flash for three seconds appeared first on DIY Photography.
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What To Wear To Work: From Business Formal To Creative Casual

If you’re one of the 72 million American women who are currently employed, chances are you’re reading this at work. Maybe you’re scrolling through your phone during a slow moment in a meeting (we won't tell!), or scanning the site while you eat lunch at your desk. And if you are at your job, you’re probably outfitted according to some kind of dress code, whether it’s been explicitly dictated by your boss or absorbed by osmosis through observing your co-workers.The rules of professional dress ar...
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Urban Outfitters Is Having A Major Beauty Sale Right Now

In honor of spring cleaning, we're doubling down on our self-care manifesto. That includes devoting quality time to our relationships, sticking to a healthy lifestyle (that somehow still fits in carbs and wine), and most importantly, paying closer attention to our bank accounts. Instead of avoiding our mobile banking app (because it's not real if you can't see it, right?), we'd prefer to be delightfully impressed when the balance summary at the ATM is higher than we expect. And we're appreciati...
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Zuckerberg is Sitting on More Data About What People Want To Do Online Than Anyone Else in the World, Former Facebook Chief Security Officer Says

Former Facebook executive Alex Stamos explained how Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is able to consistently make decisions that only make sense with the benefit of hindsight. From a report: "Mark Zuckerberg is sitting on more data about what people want to do online than anyone else in the world," said Stamos, who was speaking at the Washington Post's technology and policy conference on Wednesday evening. He cited the acquisitions of private messaging WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion, and photo-shari...
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A Sony shooter’s review of the Nikon Z6

It’s always interesting to see camera reviews from shooters of systems other than that to which the camera they’re reviewing belongs. There is no doubt that photographer Manny Ortiz is well and truly a Sony shooter after switching from Canon several years ago, but he’s started branching out lately to try the other brands and […] The post A Sony shooter’s review of the Nikon Z6 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Soul Jacker review from Michael Marshall Smith!

This is immense news for my author career, as well as being an amazing personal accomplishment that I probably was distantly dreaming of 20-odd years back, when actually writing and publishing novels seemed very far away. I gulped down Michael Marshall Smith’s novels back then: Only Forward, Spares and One of Us. I loved them. Re-reading them recently, I’ve come to realize how much his work has influenced my own writing. Soul Jacker definitely owes a debt to Only Forward. There are certainly sim...
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Photos and Video: Spurs train at new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur’s players have trained at their new stadium for the first time. The north Londoners are scheduled to play their first game in... Click the headline to read the full story.
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Photo: Gini Wijnaldum amused after finding a phone box

Liverpool midfielder Gini Wijnaldum has been having a blast today. The Netherlands international is back on Merseyside after the recent Euro 2020... Click the headline to read the full story.
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Things I’ve Learned from Living in NYC for One Year

This week marks my one-year anniversary of living in New York City. I arrived here in March, when it was still cold (but sunny) outside. I remember my arrival, the $60 taxi ride from the airport to my makeshift accommodation (a friend’s couch). The excitement and the anxiety. After years of enjoying European culture while living in Berlin, I faced a lot of immediate shock on my return to the USA. Before I moved to New York City, I’d been here countless times. But living in NYC is nothing like vi...
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Canyon Montclair opens Friday, April 5 with Vince Neil

The wood in the green room at the Canyon Montclair is scraped and worn, and there’s a reason. “These doors came from the House of Blues,” said Lance Sterling. Sterling is an entrepreneur who helped build the House of Blues chain of nightclubs and now has his own burgeoning empire of concert venues. It will grow by one in April, when the Canyon Montclair opens its doors to the public. The opening night headliner will be Vince Neil, front man of Mötley Crüe. The green room doors traveled to the In...
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Your 2019 Social Media Strategy: 4 Trends You Can’t Ignore

Nearly 2,000 marketers of businesses of all sizes responded to create the State of Social report by Buffer and Social Chain. The report itself is worth a read, but I was most interested in are the charts shared towards the end – the data points Buffer didn’t analyze. There are 4 social media trends that deserve a second look, plus some context to understand their meaning for your consideration in 2019.   Social Media Trend #1: More businesses use Twitter than every other social channel not na...
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Everything You Need To Know About Article 13

The Article 13 copyright directive passed the European Parliament this week, bringing with it sweeping copyright reform, limits to Safe Harbor and an end to YouTube as we know it, at least in the EU. The legislation is complex, so here is Everything You Need To Know About Article 13. ________________________ Guest post by Tony Li, Co-Founder of ACRCloud [Editors note: This was written just prior to the directive's passage this week.] If you happen to spend most of your life su...
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Canon takes on Fuji with new instant-print CLIQ cameras

Instant print cameras have been popular for a long, long time, but they’re seeing a renaissance now — led by Fujifilm, whose Instax mini-films and cameras lead the pack. But Canon wants in, and has debuted a pair of new cameras to challenge Fuji’s dominance — but their reliance on digital printing may hold them back. The cameras have confusing, nonsensical names in both the U.S. and Europe: Here, they’re the IVY CLIQ and CLIQ+, while across the pond it’s the Zoemini C and S. Really now, Canon! B...
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Diversify Your Stock Photos With Broadly's Gender Spectrum Collection

Stock photos tend to lag behind the culture. They fill business photos with just men, or under-represent minorities, or only show people filling outdated cultural roles. It’s an issue we run into a lot at Lifehacker, where we have to illustrate upwards of 15 posts every day on a limited photo budget, and want to…Read more...
Tags: Photography, Gender, Diversity, Transgender, Illustration, Stock Photography, Lifehacks, Representation, Nonbinary

Has Instagram Become A Path To A Creative Director Career?

While many people over a certain age may see social media influencers as the demon spawn of P.T. Barnum and David Ogilvy, it has emerged as a significant advertising tool. According to  a CivicScience survey in December 2018, one-third of daily Instagram users in the U.S. said they had purchased a product or service based on a recommendation from an influencer or blogger on the platform. – Fast Company
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UPS driver takes pictures with dogs

We tend to think that mail people and delivery drivers have a hard time dealing with dogs on the job, but it seems that we got it quite wrong. This UPS driver in Louisiana is proof that their daily routine is not filled with barks and barred teeth. To make sure we get the message, Jay takes pictures with the dogs on his route and posts them on Instagram with his own hashtag: #pupsofjay. Jami Attenberg, one of the customers along Jay’s route, alerted the Twittersphere to her UPS guy’s affinity...
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Leaked emails reveal Facebook's intense internal discussion over Alex Jones' 'anti-Semitic' post on Instagram

Business Insider has obtained a lengthy Facebook email chain in which executives discuss Alex Jones' future on Instagram and removing an inflammatory post. It follows BI reporting the Infowars conspiracy theorist's post after it whipped up anti-Semitic hate among his 320,000 Instagram followers. His post has since been deleted. The leaked emails offer a window on the intense internal discussions and disagreements Facebook executives have over harmful content, and concern over how its actions w...
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Chasing Amy’s Joey Lauren Adams Returning for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Chasing Amy’s Joey Lauren Adams returning for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Within the same day of announcing that another of his View Askweniverse actors would return for the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Kevin Smith has brought another star from the past into the mix in the form of Joey Lauren Adams’ Alyssa Jones, who took to Twitter to announce her return. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefre...
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