How to Hold Your P&S Camera

After last week’s picture presentation of how to hold your SLR camera got such an incredible response, many people chimed in via email, asking if I could do a piece on how to hold your Point-and-Shoot camera.  While it’s not hugely different,… Read more → The post How to Hold Your P&S Camera appeared first on CanonBlogger.
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360i #SideHustle: Celebrating World Photography Day with Annalisa Alosco

Welcome to the 360i #SideHustle blog series, where we showcase the awesome side projects, hobbies, start-up businesses, and other ventures created by the entrepreneurial employees here at 360i. One of the best things about being part of an integrated ad agency is that creativity can come from anywhere – it’s not just limited to any one department or group. So it’s no surprise that our latest side hustle is an artistic talent on our Media team. When 360i Associate Media Director Annalisa Alosco i...
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The Daily Promo – Alexa Mazzarello

Alexa Mazzarello Who printed it? I printed with PIKTO based in Toronto, Canada. Who designed it? My rep and photo consultant Monashee did the image selection, layout and pagination – Tell me about the images? The book was created around the concept of “summer”. Given the time of year and that one of my ideal clients is swimwear, we wanted to showcase this through imagery and capture the dreamy feeling of summer. The packaging was chosen t...
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Hanoi Train Street – An infrastructure anomaly that’s become an Instagram sensation

One of the more unusual tourist attractions to emerge in Hanoi is the Hanoi train street. This “street” is more of a passageway that has a single railway line passing through it. There are houses on either side with barely enough room for the train to pass through. The railway is not fenced off, so it’s possible to walk along the railway when the train isn’t running. This infrastructure anomaly has now become a famous site in Hanoi. Somehow word got out that this is a thing to do. It might hav...
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