on mexican petunias and hummingbirds

We had some friends to our home recently, and in anticipation of their arrival, Marcus ran out and bought a couple of plants for the pots in our entryway. This flower is called a Mexican petunia, and I have to admit that when I saw its floppy petals, there was a part of me that wondered what about this plant appealed to him.But that was before the hummingbirds came.Within an hour of placing them in the pot, about a half a d...
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An old Japanese entertainment district before opening time

A traditional little drinking alleyway where the simple passage of time has taken its toll — both on the location, and the people who spend their lives there.
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My biggest FI demon – status anxiety

A mong all the foes I’ve faced on the road to financial independence, status anxiety has been the craftiest of assailants. Like a shadowy footpad it avoids frontal confrontation but knocks you off your stride with stealth attacks. A few encounters spring to mind. There was the neighbour who offered me some old furniture bound for the skip. “Please don’t be offended,” they said. “I thought it might help. We know you don’t have much money.” I wasn’t the least offended. The offer was sincerely me...
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Reel 2.1.0: Video Headers, GIPHY Integration & More!

In case you missed the news, we’ve recently released a big update for our Reel theme. Reel 2.1 comes with many new features for video creators but also brings new customization options making the theme more versatile for every user. What’s new in Reel 2.1.0: Video Background in Header for Portfolio Posts Automatic Video on Hover from YouTube & Vimeo videos using GIPHY API Video Autoplay in Portfolio Improvements & New Options in the Customizer YouTube & Vimeo support for video on hover...
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The Daily Edit : The Red Bulletin: Alexis Berg

The Red Bulletin Art Director: Miles English Photo Editor: Susie Forman Photographer: Alexis Berg (running imagery) Heidi: The race course itself isn’t easy, how did you manage to shoot the athletes? Alexis: The Barkley is a very unique race. Special to run, special to photograph. Laz, the fascinating organizer, wants to leave a mystery on the experience awaiting competitors outside the camp. What happens out there only concerns the 40 starters. It may sound strange, in the worl...
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