WordPress Plugin, NextGen Pro, Now Includes Print Fulfillment

WordPress Plugins For The Win These are truly exciting times we are living in. As professional photographer, if your website uses WordPress plugins, you are going to want to sit up and pay a little attention. Would you like an easy and seamless way for your clients to order prints through your own website? If you said yes, you are in the majority. With nearly 30% of all photography websites based on WordPress, the time has come to be able to fully harness the power behind the ubiquitous platfo...
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My new favourite tea mug from Pottery by Osa. Ever since I made the promise to shoot more, I’ve been spinning around in circles: shoot what, exactly? I’ve got full days with coaching clients, so it’s not like I can go exploring on a photo hunt every day — and good Lord, hasn’t everyone already seen what’s happening in our house? Why would I shoot anything around here, anyway?An...
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More Tips for Managing Profiles

Last week we looked at some ways to help us manage existing profiles in the Profile browser. We also learned that changes we make to profiles in Lightroom Classic are also reflected in the Camera Raw plug-in (and vice versa). Let’s look at some other useful things to know. Importing New Profiles From the moment these new profiles we announced by Adobe there were third-party vendors selling or giving away additional profiles we could import into our workflows. Linked within Adobe’s annou...
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The Soulful Art of Persuasion with Jason Harris

As creators and entrepreneurs, getting our ideas out in the world is critical. And today, I have my long time friend Jason Harris in the hot seat to help us with just that. Jason is the founder and CEO of the award winning creative agency Mekanism. He is one of Creativity Mag’s most creative people in business, Top 100 People Who Make Advertising Great and about 52 other awards in the creative space. You’ve certainly seen his work if you’ve watched Superbowl commercials or heard of Peloton, Ben ...
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France Reborn

I’ve been a bit obsessed with a statue that is on the end of Swan Island (Île aux Cygnes), the other end from the Statue of Liberty. It’s very modern looking to me, created by a Danish artist in 1930 although it wasn’t put into place until the 40’s. He originally said it was Joan of Arc but I guess the Paris government found it a bit over the top for a religious icon so the name was changed to Paris Reborn or la France Renaissante. Here it is from a distance. The Statue of Liberty fr...
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