A young Japanese woman passed out drunk on the street

It may well be September, but summer in Tokyo shows no sign of letting up, with temperatures still getting above 35 degrees. Heat that, when combined with the similarly unrelenting humidity, is a hard climate to contend with at the best of times. Then on top of that, throw in a long night fuelled by a gargantuan amount of booze, and even the simple pretence of managing is clearly surpassed by the far more pressing desire to simply pass out.
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How to Use and Create Instagram AR Filters

If you’ve been working in social media over the past few years, this will come as no surprise to you. Facebook-owned Instagram is “borrowing” yet another feature from Snapchat: the AR filter. Now anyone is able to create their own Instagram AR filter … for free and without needing any working knowledge of AR. Users need to download Spark AR Studio to get started. From there, you’re able to drag and drop elements to create your very own custom filter. At first glance, the interfac...
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Recipe Card Blocks PRO Released!

Last year, even before the WordPress 5.0 release, a new journey into something totally different started for us. A journey called Recipe Card Blocks. This whole idea of building a recipe card block for Gutenberg was a new challenge for our team, as we’ve been creating mainly themes for the last 10 years. We’ve had another attempt with the ZOOM Builder, but that journey didn’t last too long. Even though we planned to release a Premium version shortly after we’ve released the free one, we decided...
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The Daily Edit – Climate Change Covers

This week is a round up of newsstand covers addressing the topic of climate change in a variety of creative, graphic and portrait driven executions. Climate Week NYC is an annual event that takes place every year in New York City. Started in 2009 this has become a global movement with greater awareness largely driven by our youth. The summit takes place alongside the UN General Assembly and brings together international leaders from business, government and civil society to showcase global clima...
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