Music Streaming Service in Iran Deletes Females from Album Covers

Censorship and photography don’t mix well and it has always been difficult to conform to local traditions and social mores when working with images and video. From taboos to general discomfort, there... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Becoming Interdependent as A Team

THIRTY-FIVE DAYS, 14 hours, and 3 minutes. That’s how long it took Jason Caldwell and the crew of the American Spirit to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean during the 2016 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. They not only succeeded but set a world record. Success like this is a result of the teams you build and how you chose to lead them. Jason Caldwell calls it Emotion-First Leadership. In Navigating the Impossible, Caldwell takes us through his journey to becoming an elite-rower to ex...
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Sunrise panorama (this morning).

Click and click again to enlarge. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The best cloud storage for photographers in 2019

Storing your images in the cloud comes with many benefits, but also some drawbacks. Here are the best services for photographers, and why you should -- or shouldn't -- use them.
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Tess Daly delights Instagram fans with a VERY chic white suit

We are seeing a lot more of Tess Daly lately due to Strictly Saturdays and we are loving...
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The Best Beauty Tips to Come From Nikita Dragun's YouTube Videos

Before accumulating millions of followers on Instagram and starting cosmetics company Dragun Beauty, influencer Nikita Dragun was making YouTube videos from her bedroom. After five years of them, her channel has become a goldmine of beauty tips, and we've rounded up some of the best ones. Ahead, you'll find tutorials that simplify how to elongate your eyebrows, contour and highlight your face, and apply false eyelashes. She has even given fans easy ways to create Instagram-worthy looks (like th...
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DxO PhotoLab 3 reinvents the color wheel with new set of HSL controls

DxO PhotoLab 3 ditches adjusting colors in a straight line and instead swaps to a color wheel interface, allowing for more control over color replacement.
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You Got a Brain Scan at the Hospital. Someday a Computer May Use It to Identify You.

In a disturbing experiment, imaging and facial recognition technologies were used to match research subjects to their M.R.I. scans.
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Take a Picture of Your Dough Before Resting

When it comes to baking, a good recipe can only do so much. There is an unavoidable learning curve, with visual and tactile cues you have to see and feel for yourself. This makes some would-be bakers nervous, but snapping a quick pic can help ease your worried mind. Read more...
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The YouTube metrics you should pay attention to if you want to earn money from brand sponsorships as an influencer

Many influencers earn money online by promoting products within YouTube videos.  When deciding which influencers to work with, brands have stopped just looking for the ones with the highest subscriber or follower count, and are instead focusing on those with the most engaged followers.  To track if the investment in an influencer campaign was worth it, brands look at how many viewers are engaging with a product link, the geographical information of viewers, and video analytics, like how long a...
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How to set up a complete YouTube studio on a single desk

Recently, Caleb Pike showed us his studio on a stand. Now, he’s back with a new video, showing us how we can set up something a little more permanent for YouTube or other content creation by setting up a complete studio on a desk. If you’re regularly shooting at the same location, perhaps doing tutorials, […] The post How to set up a complete YouTube studio on a single desk appeared first on DIY Photography.
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5 Best Haircare Products Video

Here are my 5 favourite haircare products – I’ve written about them on the blog before, but I keep reaching for them even though I’ve had them for years.  And products that have... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Meet 22 of the most important executives shaping the future of marketing technology

From cloud giants to small startups, tech firms are capitalizing on marketing technology — a market pegged to make $100 billion this year. Business Insider has rounded up 22 top executives leading "martech" companies. Our list reflects the array of companies that specialize in measurement, e-commerce, and data. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Cloud giants are making billion-dollar bets to build out marketing-tech stacks that crunch reams of data and promise marketers the ability to meas...
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Square Assistant Uses AI to Manage Appointments with Your Clients

Square Inc, has unveiled its AI-enabled automated messaging tool, Square Marketing Assistant to help customers manage appointments. The messaging application allows you to confirm, cancel, or change appointments without any action needed from businesses. Square Marketing Assistant The Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot can come in handy for businesses that struggle with confirming, canceling and rescheduling appointments. Square Assistant allows businesses to automate the rescheduling process b...
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The idea that Amazon should spin out its massively profitable cloud business keeps coming up. Here's how that might work — and why it's very unlikely (AMZN)

Calls to break up Big Tech have renewed speculation Amazon will spin off its multibillion-dollar cloud business Amazon Web Services into a separate company. That idea has come up every so often for at least the last six years, but Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy has repeatedly dismissed such a move as unnecessary. The business case for a spinout largely hinges on the notion that some customers are reluctant to sign on with Amazon's cloud, given that they compete with the company in markets ...
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Tamron has now officially launched their new 20mm, 24mm and 35mm f/2.8 lenses for Sony E

Everything leaked early yesterday, but Tamron has now officially launched their new 20mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M 1:2, 24mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M 1:2 and 35mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M 1:2 lenses for Sony E Mount. All three of the new prime lenses have a maximum aperture of f/2.8 and offer 1:2 macro capability. All […] The post Tamron has now officially launched their new 20mm, 24mm and 35mm f/2.8 lenses for Sony E appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Stephen Amell Wraps Filming on Crossover Event

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Crisis on Infinite Earths: Stephen Amell wraps filming on crossover event Arrow star Stephen Amell took to Instagram to reveal that he has officially finished filming his scenes for The CW‘s highly-anticipated Arrowverse crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths. The video also features Amell thanking cast members of other Arrowverse shows which you can check out below!   View this post on Instagram ...
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10 Businesses with Strong Early Cash Flow

Cash is what fuels your business, so mastering cash flow is a key challenge for all businesses. In any business venture cash flow is among the most important pillars for the success of your enterprise. Early cash flow can come in handy as it helps cover things that allow your business to operate. From stocking up your inventory, paying salaries, utilities, rent and other expenses – cash flow literally runs your business. Positive cash flow or boosting your cash flow early on in your business is...
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Facebook sees TikTok as a growing threat, but Evan Spiegel says Snapchat views it as a 'friend'

When asked if TikTok is a friend or foe to Snapchat, Snap cofounder and CEO Evan Spiegel gave a definitive answer: "Friend."  Spiegel touted successful developer and advertising partnerships between the two companies. He also said TikTok is contributing to an increase in the amount of time people are spending on mobile devices, which is good news for Snapchat. The outlook diverges from other social media giants like Facebook, who see TikTok as a rising threat. Visit Business Insider's homepage...
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Brands are finding news ways to measure the impact of Instagram influencers now that fake followers can be easily bought

On Instagram, influencers can buy followers, comments, and likes on a post. So instead of using these metrics to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign, many brands are instead focusing on other metrics like saves and comment sentiment. Influencers also promote products on YouTube, and on that platform many brands want to see how many viewers are engaging with a product's website link, what points they are watching, and where they are from.  But even with these new measurement...
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Power up LinkedIn

When business people and marketing types talk about social media, they immediately default to networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram but the true powerhouse network, LinkedIn, is rarely mentioned. If you live in the B2B world and you’re not spending time on LinkedIn every week – you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity. For most LinkedIn users, it’s nothing more than a digital Rolodex. That makes me sad because it’s actually an incredible brand building, SEO increasing...
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Iran parades jailed Instagram star on TV

Iranian TV airs an interview with a "zombie" Instagram star arrested for blasphemy in October.
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The Global State of Digital in October 2019

A wealth of new data has contributed to impressive growth across various aspects of digital over the past three months, so our new report – produced in partnership with Hootsuite – has plenty of juicy headlines, as well as essential insights for brands and organisations preparing 2020 digital plans. You’ll find all the latest numbers in the SlideShare embed below (or click  ), but read on below to get richer context and insights into this quarter’s top headlines. Big jump in internet user...
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Combining StitchFix and Instagram, FlipFit ushers in the next phase of social retail

Nooruldeen Agha, has been thinking about what’s next for fashion retail for years. The serial entrepreneur behind the Dubai-based online fashion retailer, Elabelz and marketing studio Elephant Nation had always wanted to redesign the shopping experience for how customers actually shopped in stores and online. “If it was 1994 and we knew what technology is today and we want to reinvent this [shopping] experience… one thought was how we bought our whole life and how we go to the mall,” says Agha....
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Cardi B to Cameo in Fast & Furious 9

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Cardi B to cameo in Fast & Furious 9 According to Deadline, Hustlers star Cardi B has landed a bit role in the upcoming Fast & Furious 9. As per usual, Vin Diesel revealed the news via his Instagram account, which also marked the final day of filming in the UK. You can check out the full post below. No word on whether Cardi B will contribute to the soundtrack, though pop star Ozuna likewise joined the cast in a minor role and will likely lend his vocal talents to the fil...
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How to shoot Northern lights with a handheld smartphone

Smartphones are getting smarter with every new generation, and so are their cameras. But when you combine a good photographer and a good smartphone, the sky is the limit. Quite literally. Zach Honig of The Points Guy recently shot magnificent Northern lights with nothing but his iPhone, handheld at a 3s exposure. He shared his experience […] The post How to shoot Northern lights with a handheld smartphone appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The story behind World Press Photo winner “Boxing in Katanga” by John T. Pedersen

Today I would like to talk about a very special photo, which ended up winning the 1st prize in the Sports, Singles category of the World Press Photo 2019 photography contest. Let’s check out Boxing in Katanga! The Boxing in Katanga photo was taken in May 2018 by John T. Pedersem, a photojournalist from Norway, […] The post The story behind World Press Photo winner “Boxing in Katanga” by John T. Pedersen appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How To Get UN-STUCK From Anything in Life That’s Got You Down [with Lewis Howes]

Ever felt STUCK with something in your life? Blocked, like you can’t get past this mental state, this hurdle, this creative block, this bad habit, this… Wait a minute. Why am I even asking that question? Of course you’ve been stuck before. We’ve literally ALL been stuck before. And by extension we all know how much it sucks to be in this state of mind. AND – on the flipside – how amazing it is when you can reclaim your life and get back to the things you want to be thinking, doing, and becoming....
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We’re giving away over $1,500 of software, lights, and bags

We teamed up with the leading brands in the world to give you a killer sweepstakes. We’ll be giving away over $1,500 of goodies to two lucky photographers. We’re Giving Away Software, Lights, And Bags We teamed up with Luminar, Cosyspeed, and Spiffy Gear to offer you everything you need to elevate your photography kit. […] The post We’re giving away over $1,500 of software, lights, and bags appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Daily Edit – Vogue India: Bikramjit Bose

Vogue India Creative Director: Heidi Volpe Photo Editor: Ankita Chandra Photographer: Bikramjit Bose Stylist: Ardhana  Baruah Heidi: How did you direct the women of the Commonwealth Games in order to capture their power, grace and strength?  What was the conversation on set like? I had the distinct advantage that they were all athletes of the highest standards, in peak physical form. So the power, the grace, the strength, all of it was already a given. I just had to find a way to brin...
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