Instagram Lets You See All Your Old Profile Bios, and I Can't Stop Cringing at Myself

Want to feel truly humbled by your past choices, so much so that you just might hide your face, crawl into a hole, and never come out? Pick up your phone, click on the Instagram app, go to your profile settings, and press the following buttons: Security > Access Data > Former Bio Texts Just like that, you're able to view every single bio you've painstakingly crafted since first creating an Instagram account - excessive emoji use, moody song lyrics, weird inside jokes, and all. Also under the s...
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Sunrise, 7:28.

The "actual sunrise" time today was 7:26. Here's how 7:26 looked: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Free Set Of 6 Premium 5×7 Photo Cards From Walgreens Stores After $20.99 Off Code!

Free Set Of 6 Premium 5×7 Photo Cards From Walgreens Stores After $20.99 Off Code! Create or login to your account, upload a photo, and use the following code to make an 6 Premium 5×7 Photo Cards free: TRYCARDS The code may not work in the Walgeens App You can pick-up in any Walgreens store […]
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40 Jaw-Dropping Cosplays At Comic Con New York 2019 By Photographer Ali Reza Malik

Mario, Borderlands-Style Cell Shaded Comic Con New York 2019 has passed, but cosplay never stops. Pictures of cosplayers in their favorite superhero (or supervillain) attire from this year’s NYCC are still surfacing on the Internet. Ali Reza Malik, a Brooklyn-based photographer, is the artist behind a handful of iconic cosplay photographs from this year’s Comic Con New York. Ali’s work focuses... Source
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Drone Photographer Uses Thermal Camera to Help Find Boy Lost in Woods

Drones don’t get a lot of good press but this story is a nice change of pace. A drone photographer in Minnesota helped locate a boy lost in the woods using a thermal camera attached to the UAV.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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How to Opt-Out of Having Your Instagram Stories Shared With Random Strangers

I really like Instagram’s Stories feature. I like to tag businesses I’m at in stories, and friends, and probably spend way too much time during the day looking at what the people I follow are up to (and sharing) on the service. This week Instagram added a few new features to Stories, specifically ones that highlight…
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A Tokyo laundrette like no other?

Tokyo has no shortage of laundrettes, ranging from old, rundown places, all the way to fancy new enterprises that are far more cafe-like than merely functional. Yet despite such variety, the rather bleak locker and coin laundry double bill below remains genuinely unique in its appearance.
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Stacey Solomon's white jumper dress has Instagram fans racing to Primark

Stacey Solomon's Primark range is a big hit with her fans. The ITV star regularly...
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Great Pumpkin 10K ~ Saco, ME, October 27, 2019

Great Pumpkin 10K ~ Results ~ 187 Finishers Saco, ME, October 27, 2019 Photos soon courtesy of Don Penta
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The morning run.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Photos: Seahawks face off against the Falcons on the road

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Adobe left millions of Creative Cloud user records exposed online

Subscribers to any of Adobe's Creative Cloud apps are being advised to keep a look out for phishing scams after some users’ account information ended up exposed online.
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We easily ran blatantly misleading ads about hot-button political topics like immigration and gun control, and Facebook failed to catch them

Facebook got negative press earlier this month after letting Donald Trump run an ad containing false statements about Joe Biden. A Facebook spokesman said political ads are not subject to third-party fact-checking, but ads from brands and ordinary users are. But Business Insider was able to easily run ads that made blatantly misleading claims about the hot-button political topics of immigration and guns. Facebook responded that it fact-checks ads and that some of the ads in question shouldn't ...
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A Striking Photo Series Of Beautiful Adoptable Black Cats Posing Against A Dark Background

Los Angeles photographer Casey Elise, who previously captured the quiet elegance of adoptable cats who are blind or have limited eyesight in hopes of finding them a new home, has put together another striking photo series in which she posed beautiful and adoptable black cats from West Los Angeles Animal Services and Milo’s Sanctuary against a dark background in ordder to emphasize their unique... Source
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SEO For Photographers, Corey Potter’s Effective Approach

Corey Potter is on a mission to teach photographers all about SEO. His website, Fuel Your Photos, has gradually become the place to visit for the latest news about site analytics, keyword use, using YouTube, writing blog posts and so much more. Now, he has just launched a course dedicated to SEO, or search engine optimization, for photographers. That's where you come in, if you are carefully watching your Google analytics and you aren't moving the needle but want to in terms of attracting the...
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Huge List of Free/Cheap ShopRite Unadvertised Deals for The Week

Free at ShopRite 10/27/19 – We’ve put together a huge list of all the unadvertised free deals at ShopRite this week. This is not the full list of ShopRite unadvertised deals but include some of the super cheap and FREE items you can get this week in addition to the regular ShopRite Coupon Match Ups. ... Read More Read more about Huge List of Free/Cheap ShopRite Unadvertised Deals for The Week
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Artists Meet With Instagram Over Nudity Policies

“Artists that are working with the nude, who censor their own works on Instagram in order to meet their community standards, can be deleted with no recourse because of a lack of a proper appeals system. The deletion of an artist’s account is like throwing someone’s address book and portfolio into a fire.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Instagram, Visual, 10.22.19

Canadian Photographer Shows Life In The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Today

This photo project illustrates real life in the Chernobyl exclusion zone three decades after the catastrophe of 1986 that made over 300 000 people evacuate. But some refused to leave and stayed. A Canadian photographer Robyn Von Swank paid a visit to them to take pictures of their daily life. When she was roaming about one of the abandoned villages, she notices traces behind her and a pack of... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Life, Nuclear, Chernobyl, Zone, Robyn Von Swank

Belarusian Swimmer In A Potato Field Turned Out To Be A… Polish Model

Not so long ago, there was a lively discussion of a photo shoot in which an elegant girl amuses herself in every possible way on a potato field: she dives into it, arranges a swim, and eventually takes first place and receives a “bulb (belarusian potato) fur” as a gift. More: Agnieszka Surdej (Instagram, Facebook), Pawel Dejankiewicz (Instagram, Facebook) It’s hard to understand... Source
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25 Photographs Of Awesome Jumping Moments

Jumping photos are certainly fun to shoot but they can be somewhat challenging especially if you’re a newbie photographer. That’s why we will share a few tips on how to take amazing jumping... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Rescued at sea: how did refugees’ lives in Europe turn out?

In June 2018, Italian photographer Nicoló Lanfranchi joined the last ship patrolling the Mediterranean to save refugees. Then, over many months, he tracked them down to their new homes• Life aboard the Aquarius: a photographic diary• Photo diary part two: the Aquarius arrives in MaltaIn early 2018 Italian-born photographer Nicoló Lanfranchi was living in Berlin combining reportage work with commercial projects. He travelled the world for German media, producing stark images of the slow death of ...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Media, Berlin, World news, Culture, News photography, Art and design, Migration, Italy, Refugees, Global development, Libya, Haiti, Mediterranean, Medecins Sans Frontieres MSF

The 2010’s Have Changed The Ways We Perceive The World

“Most of the basic experiences on our phones didn’t even exist 10 years ago. In 2010, Instagram launched and the messaging app WhatsApp came to both Android and iOS; in 2011, Snapchat opened for business and Spotify came to the US; in 2013, the workplace chat system Slack launched. When Pew first began collecting data on the subject in 2011, 35% of US adults owned smartphones; in 2019, 81% do. Here at the decade’s end, there are 1 billion global Instagram users.” – Buzzfeed
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17 Ways To Take Better Photos From Trains

Go from bland to Bond with these easy-peasy tips for how to take good photos of trains. It's the inside train photography guide, moving trains included. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Careers and Blogging, Ways To Take Better Photos From Trains

Confirmatory reviews – Last Mayor is on the right track!

A month ago I received this review of the Last Mayor box set books 1-9 on Amazon US: Started off like a snowball down a mountain. By book 4 it slowed to a pebble rolling down a rocky slope. Well defined characters, interesting premise but some points go against all common sense. But still a good read. But cant bring my self to give a five. Oddly, I found this to be incredibly reassuring. This person had read an earlier version, where I’d edited books 1-3 but hadn’t yet touched books 4-6. So – wh...
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Do You Know These 17 Ways To Take Better Photos From Trains?!

Go from bland to Bond with these easy-peasy tips for how to take good photos of trains. It's the inside train photography guide, moving trains included. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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