Canmore NorAm/SuperTour/Nationals Sprints

Full-time student Jess Cockney was happy to win again in Canmore. (Photo: Doug Stephen) The NorAm series fully lived up to the North American Cup label in Canmore Friday with 1.3km free technique sprints to kick off a combined NorAm, SuperTour, and Mexican National Championships weekend. Full results for the weekend are on zone4, including live results every day. Friday featured sprints for the older age groups only (282 racers): Saturday is interval start classic, and Sunday’s race an interval...
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7 Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

You can find accounts to follow on Instagram about nearly any topic that interests you. A simple search will probably give you a wealth of choices. So many options can be overwhelming. The lifestyle category of influencers is a wide one that covers such areas as fashion, home decor, food and travel. It’s also one […] The post 7 Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow on Instagram appeared first on Blogging Tips.
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This Week in Photography: A Review of “newflesh”

  Recently, my cousin Mike referred to my wife and me as “the last adults.” (I think he meant it as a compliment.) He’s 31, and has described in detail the problems that many Millennials face as 2020 approaches. Between the travesty that is the student loan mess they’re all in, or a job market that went full freelance-independent-contractor-side-hustle when they got out of college, to the fact that certain segments of the economy never recovered after The Great Recession. My other cousin, who gr...
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this was a good week

This was a good week! Here’s why:• This is big: I’ve decided to begin group coaching for 2020! You can read all about it here. It will just be a small group, and we’re going to be going deep. If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up for more information, coming soon!• This artist paints self-portraits every year for her birthday. They’re just stunning.• A guide to joyful gift-giving. Some good tips here.• ...
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Grand Canyon Majesty – Foto Friday

Grand Canyon Majesty — If you’ve never seen a sunset (or sunrise) over the grand canyon, you are missing out. This image is from my most recent trip on a workshop with @don_smith_photography and @garyhartphoto to the canyon to chase storms and lightning. One evening when no storms were around, I decided to set up for a sunset shoot and found this little gem of a location.This image is a 9 exposure bracket with my aperture set at f/20 to get the starburst effect on the sun.See more photos at my ...
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3 Things You Need to Control to Succeed as a Leader

SUCCESSFUL LEADERS know that we can control only 3 things in our life: our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If we can take charge over those, we can lead our organizations, and our lives, to our own vision of success. That vision may differ for successful leaders: some want to grow their business into a huge company, while some want to stay small and keep a family atmosphere in their company. Regardless of how you view success, to achieve it you need to invest into understanding how your min...
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Seven Quick Lightroom tips To Catch Up On This Weekend

I love quick little tips, and I’m hoping you do too since I collected some really nice video tips for you — it’s a bunch of cool Lightroom stuff to watch this weekend. All of them are pretty short and sweet, and I hope you’ll pick up some helpful stuff. Here ya go: If you’re getting gaps when you paint, here’s why. Cool Double Spotlight trick in Lightroom This is how to create that Tilt-Shift tiny town effect. This is a trick I use to cull down s...
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