Beyoncé Tells Elle Magazine She’s Tired of People Asking Her If She’s Pregnant: “Get Off My Ovaries!”

Beyoncé says she’s sick and tired of people trying to figure out what’s going on inside her womb, and she has a message for the folks who are always saying she’s pregnant: “Get off my ovaries!” Queen Bey covers the January 2020 issue of Elle magazine, and in a rare interview, the 38-year-old superstar gets candid about how her legacy and motherhood, as well as the miscarriages she’s suffered along the way, has shaped the way she looks at herself and her career. “I began to search for deeper mea...
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The Daily Promo – Darren Carroll

Darren Carroll Who printed it? How many did you make? Smartpress in Minneapolis. I like them because they can do short runs, and offer a multiple-version option whereby there’s only one setup but, as was the case here, you can swap out multiple images. So for example here I had 100 cards printed of each of the 6 versions, but instead of charging the (higher) price for 100 cards 6 times over, the charge is just for a 600-card run. I had a small, targeted list of abou...
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Photography Business – How to Get Found Locally

Want to grow your photography business? In this video, I share five strategies you can take to get found locally and grow a photography business. Before you get started you need to understand your target market. Know who they are, and where they spend their time the most. Subscribe Transcription was done by’s automated transcription service which means it’s an AI-generated transcript. The transcript may contain spelling, grammar , and other errors, and is not a substitute for wa...
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Asking Smart Questions Changes Everything

WE LIVE IN A TIME when accountability is often sidelined. When it is, there can be disastrous consequences in government, in politics, in the media, and in business. The antidote, I’ve found during my two decades as an accountability speaker and business consultant, is a thoughtful and persistent effort to infuse accountability into every objective, every task, and in every colleague-to-colleague and company-to-customer interaction. For the world-class companies that do this well, accountabilit...
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iPhone Videography Accessories – Add-Ons for Better Looking and Sounding Video

When the iPhone gets updated every year, its biggest updates have lately been with its camera and video capabilities. Just look at the iPhone 11 Pro. 3 lenses. Great low light ability. Slow-motion shooting. The device in your pocket is an excellent filmmaking tool. From Tangerine to High Flying Bird, entire feature films have been shot on the iPhone, starting with the iPhone 8 and FiLMiC Pro. In my interview with Neill Barham, FiLMiC’s CEO, he calls it, “the beginning of a new era.” Howeve...
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