The Pillar by Stephen Gill (Mike's Book of the Year 2019)

A fashion lately: photobooks without a photo on the cover. It's a thing. Birds as artA problem with photography these days is that many approaches are becoming trite through no fault of their own, due simply to overdeployment. Too many people taking the same sorts of pictures, and, in that way, the pictures become unoriginal and lose their incantatory frisson. Not their fault, but ours, because we're saturated. A spread from American Winter. Beautiful book, but been done. One example: Swedi...
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The Bounce - Did the Lakers give up too much for Anthony Davis?

Gary Payton, Brian Shaw and Tas Melas discuss whether the trade for superstar big man Anthony Davis was worth it following LeBron James' Instagram post after Friday night's win over the Pelicans.
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Facebook's Calibra is seeking two high-level marketers to launch an advertising blitz, even as its move into financial services faces growing criticism

Facebook-backed blockchain payment initiative Calibra has posted two new marketing job openings that suggest the product may be gearing up to roll out. Calibra is hiring heads of brand and media and looking for advertising talent with at least 15 years of experience. The head of brand role requires candidates to "champion and build the company." Calibra has faced criticism and concern from major players like Visa and MasterCard as well as leaders like Swiss president and finance minister Ueli ...
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Miley Cyrus Rings In 2020 With Her Dad's Signature Haircut: "New Hair. New Year."

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Jan 6, 2020 at 1:47pm PST Miley Cyrus is starting off the new year with a classic hairstyle: the mullet. The dramatic chop practically runs in her family since her dad, Billy Ray, made the look famous during his "Achy Breaky Heart" days. It's been a couple of decades since the mullet's heyday, but in the spirit of '90s nosta...
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The Samsung Sero TV rotates on its axis because people are shooting more vertical videos now

Just to be clear, Instagram or TikTok isn’t launching a streaming service (yet), but they’re definitely leading a phenomenon. Now that smartphone cameras are one of the largest instruments for shooting videos, Instagram and TikTok are a leading force behind people shooting videos in portrait mode. People spend as much, if not more, time watching videos on TikTok as they do on YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, and Samsung’s begun noticing that. The Sero, which Samsung just debuted at CES 2020,...
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A YouTube video editor who works with David Dobrik's Vlog Squad told us what it's like to film top creators, from private jets to quick turnarounds

Joe Vulpis, 29, is a YouTube video editor and creator known for appearing in and working for several members of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad.  Vulpis, who runs his own YouTube channel with 580,000 subscribers, shared what it has been like to work for some of the top creators on YouTube.  He said working freelance as a film editor and videographer for YouTube creators is completely different than what he thought a career in filmmaking would be like when he was in college.  He also revealed the mos...
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How to shoot atmospheric photos of glass with just a couple of speedlights

Photographing glass can be a very tricky topic if you don’t know how to approach it. It doesn’t react to light the way that most of the subjects we shoot do, because there’s really nothing to actually light. It’s all about the lit objects that reflect off it or refract through it. You don’t need […] The post How to shoot atmospheric photos of glass with just a couple of speedlights appeared first on DIY Photography.
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10 products you've seen all over Instagram that are actually good

From our reviews, these Instagram-famous products, including Allbirds, Ruggable, Away Travel, Billie razor, and Summersalt, are not too good to be true.         [Author:]
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Homophobic pro boxer Adrien Broner caught hitting on 16-year-old blames teen for acting “grown”

Homophobic pro boxer Adrien Broner wants everyone to know that it’s not his fault he hit on a high schooler. The 30-year-old says it was an “honest mistake” when he hit on 16-year-old rapper Bhad Bhabie on Instagram last week. Bhabie, who is best known for her “Cash me out side, how ’bout dah” catchphrase, shared with her 17.2 million Instagram followers a screenshot of the fighter’s message urging her to “text me crazy girl.” AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle...
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Flashback: What Social Was Like in 2010 vs. 2020

Social networking as we know it was born in the 00s, but the last decade has seen the rise of social media’s true potential. From sharing life experiences in real time to virtual shopping with augmented reality, social media has become a part of everyday life for most people in the world, including those who were born well before the dawn of the internet. As we look forward and wonder what’s in store for the next 10 years, let’s take a look back at what our favorite social media networks looked ...
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Joe Pantoliano on Working With Tom Cruise, Being Directed by Steven Spielberg, and More [Interview]

Joe Pantoliano, affectionately known as “Joey Pants” to many, wears his roles like few others from his generation. His breakout role was in 1983’s Risky Business , with the indelible role of “Guido the Pimp”, and from there he consistently made films and shows better with his very appearance. He often plays wise-cracking, quick-to anger characters bemused by the idiocy around him, and it’s this acerbic yet intelligent takes that leap off the screen. Midnight Run saw him spend much of the mo...
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Awkwafina's Golden Globes Nail Art Puts a Dark Twist on the Traditional French Manicure

Awkwafina put a modern spin on a few classic fashion and beauty staples at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Before making history as the first Asian actor to win the award for lead actress in a movie comedy/musical, the Farewell star hit the red carpet in a black and cream Christian Dior gown with a ruffled collar that she wore under a black blazer. She paired the dress with an untraditional nail look, the "french moon" manicure, in which the white color that's normally used to trace a cresce...
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McDonald’s kicks off 2020 by showcasing its CEO while Yum makes deal for Habit

Mickey D’s new(-ish) CEO joins Instagram; Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut owner buys a burger chain.
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McDonald's CEO has a new Instagram, and it reveals the fast-food giant's efforts to erase former executives' scandals

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski sent a message to employees on Monday, emphasizing the company's values — and launching his new Instagram account.  Kempczinski's Instagram is as inoffensive and McDonald's-centric as possible, following 14 accounts including McDonald's partners such as Yoplait USA, Sprite, and Fanta.  Kempczinski has worked to clean up McDonald's corporate reputation internally, after Steve Easterbrook was forced to step down as McDonald's CEO in November following an investi...
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New Year, New Workforce: How the Entrance of Gen Z Will Reshape the Workplace in 2020

Farewell 2019 – officially the year Gen Z (born in 1997) graduated college and entered the workforce. According to ThinkWhy’s 2020 outlook report, Gen Z is on track to become the most educated and technologically advanced generation to date. Disciplined by exposure to technological innovations from an early age, they have acute problem-solving skills. In an era of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies being introduced daily, this empowers Gen Z as a workforce necessity. Meanwhile, Mi...
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How To Get Better At Content Creation

We all consume content throughout our day-to-day. Whether it is radio, podcasts, television or something else. To inspire my own content I consume content from other genres, like the podcasts from Whistlekick, Ando Mierzwa, the YouTube channel Art of One Dojo and much more. Subscribe Transcription was done by’s automated transcription service which means it’s an AI-generated transcript. The transcript may contain spelling, grammar , and other errors, and is not a substitute for ...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #474

You now need a Facebook account to sign up to Messenger  Facebook has confirmed that it has changed the sign up process for new users wanting to join its Messenger service, removing the option to access the messaging platform without a Facebook account. Previously, new users were able to join Facebook’s Messenger or Messenger Lite apps with their phone number in lieu of an account. Facebook says that the move aims to simplify the sign-up process, as the majority of Messenger users have a Faceboo...
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Sunrise type #5.

This morning at 7:31. "Actual" sunrise time: 7:30. Tomorrow, at long last, the sun will rise earlier. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The Daily Promo – Cory Foote

Cory Foote Who printed it? The booklets were printed by the wonderful folks at Fireball Printing in Philly. Not only was it great to work with creative types who actually care about printed photographs on paper, but there was the added benefit of them being located within walking distance of my studio space. Initially, I thought I wanted a small run of offset mailers; because I’ve never been fond of the digital printing that I’ve seen ( that would be in my price range). Aft...
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This video helps you master five primary lighting patterns in under ten minutes

If you’re new to portrait photography, basic lighting patterns are a very useful thing to master. But if you want to use them efficiently, it’s not just about knowing how to create them, but also why. In this video from Adorama, Pye Jirsa explains primary key light patterns: how to create them, but also the […] The post This video helps you master five primary lighting patterns in under ten minutes appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Tutorials, Lighting, Studio Lighting, Lighting Tutorial, Adorama, Pye Jirsa, Adorama Pye Jirsa

Photographer Capturing Anti-Government Protests in Chile Stabbed to Death

The anti-government protests in Chile have captivated the news media around the globe not only because of their sheer size but also because of the ferocity with which the Chilean government has... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Watch as this commercial shows you how not to act on set as a boom operator

It’s funny how commercials have a way of completely escaping your memory, and then seem to resurface again every few years. This is one of them. Directed by Trevor Clarence, this 2009 ad for South African franchise of the restaurant chain Wimpy illustrates just how careful you need to be as a microphone boom operator, […] The post Watch as this commercial shows you how not to act on set as a boom operator appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Instagram's US user growth dropped to single digits for the first time and it will keep falling

Instagram's annual US user growth slowed to single digits for the first time in 2019, according to analysis from eMarketer. Emarketer estimated that Instagram is still growing in the US, but the pace of that growth slowed to 6.7% in 2019. That's down from growth of 10.1% in 2018. The firm also reports that older age groups are not joining Instagram as quickly as anticipated, which could be due to the emergence of TikTok, as well as Snapchat's global revival. Visit Business Insider's homepage f...
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A GoPro spinning at 1800rpm looks like it’s entering a wormhole to another universe

It’s difficult to come up with original GoPro footage these days. Everything’s just been done. But this is something I haven’t seen before. YouTuber Mr. Michal secured what looks like a GoPro Hero 7 Silver one into his lathe and spun it at various speeds up to 1800 revolutions per minute. At slower speeds, it […] The post A GoPro spinning at 1800rpm looks like it’s entering a wormhole to another universe appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Video, Inspiration, Filmmaking, Gopro, Spinning, Michal, Lathe

Sinister Sunrise Captured By Photographer Elias Chasiotis During An Eclipse In Qatar

Athens-based photographer Elias Chasiotis was visiting Qatar in late December 2019 when he captured a photo of an annular eclipse that has since gone viral. Taken at sunrise as a part of a series, the image shows the moon covering the center of a red sun. The timing of the photograph turns the crimson star into curved horns emerging from the horizon. More: Flickr, Facebook h/t: Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Qatar, Athens, Sunrise, Eclipse, Flickr Facebook, Elias Chasiotis

Seeing Beauty In A Cold And Wet New York City With Moody Photos Of Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter (1923-2013) found warmth in the rain and snow falling on New York City. Leiter was 23 when he left his native Pittsburgh for New York. The Rabbi’s son schooled in Jewish law and history found his metier in photography. His work was spotted by Edward Steichen, who included 23 of Leiter’s photographs in Always the Young Stranger at the Museum of Modern Art in 1953 and 20 of Leiter’s... Source
Tags: Photography, New York, Design, Winter, NYC, New York City, Museum of Modern Art, Retro, Pittsburgh, Edward Steichen, Saul Leiter, Leiter, Moody Photos, New York City Leiter

Photographer Spends A Whole Day In Flooded Venice, Captures Just How Different The City Looks

When we think of Venice, we think of water. But have you ever thought that there could be too much water in the historic European city? When photographer Natalia Elena Massi found out there was a flood in Venice, she immediately packed her bags and decided to explore it firsthand. And even though it wasn’t the first time she went there, the whole experience still took her by surprise. Source
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Photographer travels to most remote corners of the Earth to photograph rarely seen animals

Many wildlife photographers like to travel to photograph animals they can’t see in their home country. But Roie Galitz likes to push it a bit further. From the Arctic to Antarctica, Roie has traveled to the remote corners of the Earth to bring us photos of animals we rarely get to see. Roie was born […] The post Photographer travels to most remote corners of the Earth to photograph rarely seen animals appeared first on DIY Photography.
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When Big Hair Roamed The Earth: The Hairstyle That Defined The 1960s

Not too much to say that big hair style roamed the earth during the 1960s. The bigger the hair, the more beautiful. It was a general trend for ’60s women. Check out these lovely snapshots to know the reason why it defined the 1960s fashion. h/t: vintag. Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Earth, Retro, Hairstyles, 1960s

How To Find Ads On Facebook and Instagram

How to find your own ads on Facebook and Instagram and how to find the ads your competitors are running. Read more at
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