2020 01 11 Bowdoin College Meet

– Team Rankings – 17 Events Scored =============================================================================== 1) Bowdoin 207 2) Wheaton (Mass.) 72 3) Connecticut College 68 4) Thomas College 65 5) RIC 63 6) Emmanuel (Mass.) 23 7) Colby-Sawyer 19 Set 1 courtesy of Jerry LeVasseu
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Samsung Reveals SSD Drive with Fingerprint Access Security Feature

CES is the place where many manufacturers debut new concepts to see how the public reacts to them. Well, judging by the public’s reception of Samsung’s new SSD drive with fingerprint security... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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2020 01 11 PVC /EMITL Track Meets

Set 1 of 1 10 photos shared Results
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Iran's sole female Olympic medallist defects

Iran's only female Olympic medallist Kimia Alizadeh announced Saturday she has permanently left her country, citing the "hypocrisy" of a system she claims humiliates athletes while using them for political ends. "Should I start with hello, goodbye, or condolences?" she wrote on Instagram, as Iran reeled from Wednesday's accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian airliner that killed all 176 people onboard. Alizadeh, who won a bronze medal in taekwondo at the 2016 Rio Olympics, cited oppression by...
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2020 -01-11 Bates College Home Track & Field Meet

Set 1 courtesy of David Colby Young ~ 700+ photos shared Set 2 (Women’s Photos) courtesy of Bates College ~ 20+ photos posted Set 3 (Men’s Photos) courtesy of Bates College ~ 20+ photos shared
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How to Find Instagram's New Boomerang Effects

Earlier this week Instagram started rolling out a few new effects to the Boomerang feature within the app.Read more...
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How to Start a Successful Photography Business in 2020: The Complete 10 Step Guide

As the price of high-quality cameras has continued to fall, the art and craft of photography have flourished. For many people, photography isn’t just a way of capturing a memory. Photography is a fulfilling way to express yourself. It’s a way to interpret the world and make the invisible visible. And for many, it’s a way to make a …
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Jessica Penne claims USADA is effectively killing her UFC career; USADA responds

Jessica Penne on Friday issued a lengthy statement via Instagram, claiming that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is effectively and unfairly putting an end to her UFC career with a potential four-year sanction. After having completed a sanction of 18 months for violating the rules in relation to doctor-prescribed medication, Penne thought that she was finally clear of USADA, as she was being more careful than ever about everything she put in her body. Penne claimed that the level for which she tested...
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Yes, it’s the capital of ‘woke’. But is Canada the best royal retreat for Harry and Meghan?

On the surface it might appear an open, liberal country, but the reality of life there can be numbingAs Britain hyperventilates in the wake of a hard Megxit, the duchess has fled to Toronto. My home town, it’s rumoured, is the place where the couple ultimately plan to settle. It makes sense, I suppose. Meghan has friends there – loyal friends with big houses and equally sizeable Instagram platforms.Though, obviously, that’s hardly the point. The move, we are meant to understand, is an act of pol...
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10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Small Business Technology

The tech tools that businesses use for marketing, security, and communication can make a major impact on their success. These options are constantly changing year after year. So if you want to make the most of tech in 2020, check out these insights from members of the online small business community. Protect Your Business From Data Breaches A data breach can spell disaster for a small business. You can lose proprietary data, sensitive or financial information, and the trust of your customers....
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HBC Les Essentials Mascara

Another mascara review for you guys… and what I do when I get a mascara that I don’t love. Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Sigma Fp review: A miniature marvel with a fatal flaw

The Fp is a new breed of mirrorless camera with best-in-class video features. However, it lacks a few key ingredients that will be red flags for still photographers.
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Credit Karma has exploded into a $4 billion fintech — here's an inside look at why it's leaning on influencers to court millennial and Gen Z users

Credit Karma, long known for its free credit scores, launched as something of a marketing firm, connecting its users with credit cards and loans and getting paid by the banks that offered those products. Reports from the Wall Street Journal and CNBC have pegged Credit Karma as a 2020 IPO candidate, though its CEO has said he sees listing as a means, not an end. When it launched a high-yield savings account last year (it's first financial product), it leaned on celebrity partners and influencer...
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How to hide your Instagram Stories from strangers

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. As much as Instagram Stories encourages us to overshare pretty much every detail of our lives, you might want to consider taking more control of who can actually see your life in snippets. A few months ago, Instagram introduced a new feature that highlights Stories by location or hashtag — meaning people who don’t follow you can stumble upon your story updates...
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You can't displease all the people all the time...

...but you can get some of them butthurt pretty much every time. A few months back, I had a review of the Sccy CPX-3 .380ACP pistol published in RECOIL Concealment. Long story short, Sccy sent a pistol and Hornady sent a bunch of .380 Critical Defense and I was going to do a 2k test on it.The gun showed up with ten extra mags for a total of thirteen, was well-lubed right out of the box, and...didn't live up to expectations. There was no time to send the gun back before the deadline and so I had...
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Michelle Obama’s New Instagram Series Will Follow Four New College Students as They Maneuver Higher Education

Going to college can be terrifying. But a new documentary series from former First Lady Michelle Obama aims to help show students what that first year of high education actually looks like: the good, the bad and the ugly. Obama’s initiative Reach Higher — which aims to help students get to and through college — has partnered with media company ATTN: to create the new series “A Year of Firsts,” which will air on Instagram‘s IGTV beginning in mid-January. The series will follow the lives of f...
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This low-cost contour gauge is very useful

This 10" contour gauge makes measuring for detailed or difficult cuts easier. Having seen ads for these all over Instagram and other websites I was intrigued. For less than $15 I had to give a contour gauge a try. They are as handy, and easy to use, as the videos suggest. This Avide gauge is cheap and it works. The pins are held into the frame with enough pressure that a very moderate amount of force will shape the gauge, but the pins will not slide or move once you draw it away and go to...
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Bizarre Beauty Pageants: Vintage Photos Of Hot Dog Queens From The Mid-Century

When we think of beauty pageants, we think of doe eyes, blond ringlets, and tiny waists; the bizarre ritual of choosing the most beautiful woman in the room seems antiquated and oppressive. But it turns out that prior to Women’s Liberation, pageantry was an even more surreal and shocking part of the American experience. And hot dog beauty queens from the mid-century are examples… h/t: vintag. Source
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Using a 31-year-old SLR for fast-paced photojournalism

Introduced in 1988, the Nikon F4 was the world’s first professional autofocus camera, and it made its way quickly into the hands of many working photographers. But despite the incredible leap in technology it represented, it was apparently quickly overtaken by the competition, which built on the solid foundation the F4 offered. Early reviews were […] The post Using a 31-year-old SLR for fast-paced photojournalism appeared first on DIY Photography.
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This Artist Blends Human Bodies And Animal Faces Together

Ahmad Habash is a visual storyteller, director, and animator with extensive experience in different areas such as animation, illustration, videography, and paper-craft. He caught our attention with his latest project called “Anthropomorphism,” in which he used photo manipulation to exchange human faces with animals. More: Ahmad Habash, Instagram h/t: boredpanda The artist characterized this... Source
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This Guy Looks For Famous Movie Locations And Recreates Their Scenes

Phil Grishayev wondered what the film sets of his favorite movies looked like today… So he went to take photos to compare them to the original movies. View this post on Instagram Film location from Sergio Leone's "Once Upon A Time in America" starring Robert De Niro, James Woods and Jennifer Connelly. This movie is an absolute masterpiece that blew my mind when I first saw it. Source
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We ordered a bunch of Flickr prints and here’s an in-depth review

In August this year, Flickr brought back its photo printing service. Alex (a.k.a. Shaka1277) ordered two prints to see what they look like, and he kindly shared his impressions with DIYP and our readers. But, many people wanted to know more about prints from Flickr and about the ordering process itself. So, we ordered a […] The post We ordered a bunch of Flickr prints and here’s an in-depth review appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How I store and backup my photography

  Storing and backing up efficiently and securely more than ten years of photography is a complicate technical task. At the center of my setup I use a Synology DS1515+ NAS, with 8 disks configured in Raid 6 for a total of 14.54TB of available storage. I wrote about this set up a year ago, […] The post How I store and backup my photography appeared first on DIY Photography.
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