Beijing Architecture through the lens of Ekaterina Busygina

Beijing Architecture through the lens of Ekaterina Busygina AoiroStudioJan 17, 2020 For the upcoming summer/ fall, we will be planning our next vacation in Beijing or somewhere in China. I think it will be a great introductory to how's life in China and obviously to explore the magnificent neons spots! :) For the occasion, we are featuring the work of Ekaterina and her series titled: 'Beijing'. We have featured the work before by Ekaterina Busygina on Abduzee...

If There Was Ever a Cartoon for TOP Readers...

This is very slightly school/work inappropriate, I guess, so a mild NSFW warning. However, if there was ever a cartoon that TOP readers are more likely to "get" than the average population, this is it. Let me know if you don't get it! I'd be interested. Mike (Thanks to JG) Original contents copyright 2020 by Michael C. Johnston and/or the bylined author. All Rights Reserved. Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links may benefit this site. Please help support T...
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Two Days of History on Capitol Hill

As the impeachment trial of President Trump begins, theatrical ritual — and gravity — are on display.
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Get An 8×8 Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Book For Just $7.99 Shipped

Get An 8×8 Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Book For Just $7.99 Shipped You can click on this link to apply codes to your Shutterfly account. Use code (Exp: 1/20): THANKS Shutterfly photos and photo book book quality is far superior to photos and photo books from Snapfish/Amazon Photos. The 8×8 photo book will be just $7.99 with free […]
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Gone But Not Forgotten

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that my phone got stolen on a busy bus. With the strikes still going on, but slowly getting better, buses and trains are crowded. I will clutch my purse to my chest from now on. I had my old phone so we went to get a new sims card and they offered us such a deal on a new iPhone 11 if I turned in my old phone, that we decided to get one. It didn’t take too much to convince me but my old phone leaves a lot to be desired. First world problems as they say....
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Social media firms 'should hand over data amid suicide risk'

Royal College of Psychiatrists hope research will shine light on how young people use platformsSocial media firms such as Facebook and Instagram should be forced to hand over data about who their users are and why they use the sites to reduce suicide among children and young people, psychiatrists have said.The call from the Royal College of Psychiatrists comes as ministers finalise plans to crack down on issues caused by people viewing unsavoury material and messages online. Continue reading...
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Relio² 2020 Edition comes with more portability, practicality and accessories

Relio first launched in 2015 via Kickstarter. It was one of the first tiny lights on the market and came in a variety of preset white balances with a moderately high CRI plus various colour options. In 2018, it was updated to Relio², with higher CRI and more configuration options for working with multiple lights. […] The post Relio² 2020 Edition comes with more portability, practicality and accessories appeared first on DIY Photography.
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A USC student and TikTok star with 1.6 million followers explains the 3 main ways she earns money, and how much she makes

Cosette Rinab is a junior at the University of Southern California and a TikTok creator with 1.6 million followers. She splits her time between studying film and public relations for school and growing her TikTok page. Rinab shared the ways she earns money through the app, including brand promotions, music integrations, and livestreaming. She said the average rate for a sponsorship on TikTok is between $1,000 and $2,000 per 100,000 views based on her experience and conversation with other crea...
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The V-Coptr Falcon foldable bi-coptor drone has a flight time of up to 50 minutes

Zero Zero Robotics, creators of Hover2 – “The Drone that Flies Itself” (and the original Hover), has just announced their new V-Coptr Falcon. It’s a bi-copter drone (2 arms, 2 propellers) which offers up to an amazing 50 minutes of flight time on a single battery charge. It’s a very unique design, inspired by the Boeing […] The post The V-Coptr Falcon foldable bi-coptor drone has a flight time of up to 50 minutes appeared first on DIY Photography.
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This knobless tripod head has a light-up electronic level for low-light shots

The tripod head has changed little in the last few years -- but the Platyball wants to change that. With a built-in electronic level and screen, the Platypod allows photographers to level in the dark and make adjustments with one hand.
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Investors from the DTX Company, Forerunner, Greycroft, and others name 16 direct-to-consumer startups that will take off in 2020

While many direct-to-consumer upstarts matured in 2019, other new ones are emerging. Investors such as Greycroft's Ian Sigalow, Science's Peter Pham, and former Google and Oath exec Tim Armstrong are backing DTC startups like Kangaroo, Tonal, and StockX. Business Insider asked 16 investors which DTC companies they think will blow up this year and why.  Many named health and wellness-focused and drink companies, like 8Greens, which makes health supplements from green veggies; and Talea Beer, ai...
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The Art of the Personal Project: Emily Wilson

The Art of the Personal Project is a crucial element to let potential buyers see how you think creatively on your own.  I am drawn to personal projects that have an interesting vision or that show something I have never seen before.  In this thread, I’ll include a link to each personal project with the artist statement so you can see more of the project. Please note: This thread is not affiliated with any company; I’m just featuring projects that I find.  Please DO NOT send me your work.  I do n...
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80 of the Most Popular Tattoo Designs That Will Never Go Out of Style

One scroll through the tattoo section of Pinterest, and it's easy to pick out some of the most popular designs. Between classics like hearts and roman numerals to contemporary favorites like infinity signs and arrows, there are some tattoos that have been tattooed at virtually every shop on Earth. Or, at least, that's how it seems. But just because they're popular doesn't mean they should automatically be off-limits. After all, these designs are commonly requested for a reason. They can be expre...
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This is what a CFast 2.0 card looks like on the inside

CFast 2.0 might be on the way out, thanks to CFexpress, but it’s a popular format still in use by a lot of cameras. The Pocket 4K and 6K, for example, pretty much require one for their highest resolution and highest data rate raw recording. But what happens if a card goes bad? Yes, it […] The post This is what a CFast 2.0 card looks like on the inside appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Gear, Data Recovery, Data Loss, Cfast, Xqd, Lexar, CFast 2.0

A medium-format pancake? This 45mm lens is the lightest lens of its kind

Stepping up to medium format means stepping up the weight of your camera bag -- but Hasselblad is working to shave off a few ounces. The Hasselblad XCD 4/45P is the lightest digital medium-format autofocus lens yet.
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Corgi Puppy Named Luna Posing Proudly With Hedge Trimmed in Her Likeness Becomes Viral Sensation

Dogs can provide inspiration for the most masterful works of art. Sometimes it’s a painting of a friendly poker game or sometimes it’s the artistic landscaping in a neighbor’s backyard, something that was on full display in this photo that blew up this week. An image of a Corgi puppy named Luna posing with the utmost pride and a large hedge trimmed to resemble what appears to be her ears and a tail has gone viral, since it was first posted by Matt Cruise a.k.a. @matt_cruise. “Neighbors are ...
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Surprise! Selena Gomez Got a New Tattoo to Celebrate the Release of Her Album

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Jan 16, 2020 at 12:23am PST Selena Gomez's collection of tattoos is only growing. The singer took to Instagram on Jan. 16 to reveal that she recently chose to celebrate the release of her latest album, Rare, by getting an all-new neck tattoo of the album's title. "Did it again," she captioned a video of herself checking ou...
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What’s New in Recipe Card Blocks Free & PRO

It’s been a few months since the release of the Recipe Card Blocks PRO plugin, and our team continued to release new updates constantly for both versions of the plugin: Free & PRO. As we’ve released many major updates for both versions in the past months, let’s make a quick overview of the most important changes and new features we’ve added to the plugin. Nutrition Facts Label Block In both versions of the plugin, we’ve added a new block called Nutrition. Whether you’re a food blogger or...
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Sloche / Couche-Tard: The Monsters

Again this year, Havas Montreal was mandated to develop a fresh new campaign for Sloche, Couche-Tard's popular iced beverage. In fact, Sloche is so popular that we featured monsters that only had eyes for this delicious beverage. Our biggest challenge was to deliver high-quality visuals while keeping within budget. The campaign had to run on several different platforms and formats, so our design had to be flexible in order to accommodate all the variants. We also met the chall...
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What YouTube pays for 1 million views, the business of Pinterest influencers, and TikTok's invite-only tool for marketers

Hi, and welcome to this week's Influencer Dashboard newsletter! This is Amanda Perelli and I'll be briefing you on what's new in the business of influencers and creators. This week, I looked at how much YouTube pays creators on a single video with 100,000, 1 million, and 150 million views. The big takeaway: the rate that YouTube pays creators per view can vary wildly. For instance, four creators I spoke to told me how much money they made from videos with more than 1 million views (and less tha...
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Instagram Direct Messaging Feature Coming to Browser Version of App

As Facebook reorients its services to work better with one another, it looks like the Instagram web app is getting a much-needed update in the form of direct messaging. If you didn’t use Instagram... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Does social media influence your SEO?

Handling your social media is a necessary part of any marketing strategy, but it’s also a vital part of any good SEO strategy. The popularity of social media has risen and probably will keep doing so. That means Google and other search engines can’t ignore them, and you probably shouldn’t either. You even see recent […] The post Does social media influence your SEO? appeared first on Yoast.
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Photographer Matthew Abbott Documents Australia’s Bushfire Crisis In Terrifying Pictures

Terrifying pictures of Australia’s bushfires by Matthew Abbott, a gifted documentary photographer, and photojournalist from Sydney. Australia’s deadly wildfires fueled by record-breaking temperatures, drought, and wind. Matthew documents Australia’s devastating fires. Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery is raising money to fund recovery programs and emergency assistance in affected... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Australia, Fires, Firefighters, Matthew, Sydney Australia, Matthew Abbott, Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

Press photographers banned from documenting the handing over of Trump’s “articles of impeachment”

The United States Senate is subjecting the press to unprecedented restrictions Donald Trump’s impeachment trial scheduled to begin next Tuesday. There will be no cameras allowed and no audio recorders, which will make it impossible for the press to cover the event. Expectedly, this caused a lot of negative reactions among the public, especially press […] The post Press photographers banned from documenting the handing over of Trump’s “articles of impeachment” appeared first on DIY Photography. ...
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Excire Search 2 Pro – Finding the right people

Finding the right people with Excire Search 2 Pro has never been easier. Actually, it’s inside of Lightroom Classic. Excire Search has always been fast, but now it’s even faster. With Excire Search 2 Pro you can find any face from an existing photo but fine-tune the results based on expressions, colors and more. Save 10% off on Excire Pro by using the coupon code WydenPro, here. Subscribe
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Photos: Gedson Fernandes’ first Tottenham training session

Tottenham Hotspur’s new signing Gedson Fernandes has taken part in his first training session with the club. The Portugal international, aged... Click the headline to read the full story.
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Eduardo Rodriguez, Red Sox players react to Alex Cora's sudden departure

While most have been quiet since the Red Sox split with Cora on Tuesday, pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez and catcher Christian Vazquez used Instagram to share their thoughts. LIVE stream the Celtics all season and get the latest news and analysis on all of your teams from NBC Sports Boston by downloading the My Teams App. Here's Rodriguez, who referred to Cora as a "brother" and a "friend" in an Instagram post Wednesday: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Eduardo Rodriguez (@eduardorjos...
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Thai Woman Creates Hilarious Instagram Vs. Reality Collages

For many, Instagram is the highlight reel of their lives. They show off their exotic trips, fancy meals, strike a sexy pose in front of expensive toys, and it’s totally their choice. However, if you drown yourself in the sea of winning shots, you might end up with the impression that all of their days look like that. And feel like a loser when comparing yourself to those unachievable... Source
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Luminar 4.1 updates make your workflow even faster and your edits more realistic

Skylum’s Luminar 4 was officially launched in November 2019, and the first update is now available. The software is characterized by numerous AI features that will make your editing workflow much faster and more fun. With Luminar 4.1, these features have been further improved for even faster workflow and more realistic edits. Let’s dive in […] The post Luminar 4.1 updates make your workflow even faster and your edits more realistic appeared first on DIY Photography.
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