Hackers Target NFL Teams On Twitter Ahead of Super Bowl

CaptainDork shares a report from CNET: The Twitter accounts of several NFL teams were hacked on Monday ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl game. Around 15 teams, including the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, were all targeted. The accounts had their profile images removed and some included messages from OurMine, the Saudi Arabia-based hacker group that appears to be responsible. "We are here to show people that everything is hackable," a message on a hand...
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Lakers' next game postponed after Kobe Bryant's death

The NBA has postponed the Los Angeles Lakers' next game against the Clippers on Tuesday night after the deaths of retired superstar Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash. LeBron James and several other players appeared to be visibly affected by the news when they got off the plane. James made his first public comments Monday night in an Instagram post including several photos of himself with Bryant.
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Survivors Of The Holocaust: Danny Weiss’ Visual Tribute

It is a small number of survivors of The Holocaust who remind us that we should never forget the atrocities committed in Europe. Today, January 27th, also happens to be International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Danny Weiss, a wedding and commercial photographer based in Manhattan, New York, just wrapped up a 3 year personal project photographing 18 survivors. Within a few short minutes of discovering this series of portraits on his Facebook page, we had committed to a day and time to meet onlin...
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Public Deaths

Photo courtesy Slam News Gianna and Kobe Bryant. Photo by Atiba Jefferson. "O untimely death!" cries Oswald, slain by Edgar in Act 4 of Shakespeare's King Lear. The disembodied cry recurs at the end of "I Am the Walrus," the masterpiece by John Lennon, himself the victim of just such an end forty years ago. The United States as a nation was shocked yesterday at the news of the death of nine individuals in a helicopter crash in California that included basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his 1...
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Google's January 2020 Core Update: Has the Dust Settled?

Posted by Dr-PeteOn January 13th, MozCast measured significant algorithm flux lasting about three days (the dotted line shows the 30-day average prior to the 13th, which is consistent with historical averages) ... That same day, Google announced the release of a core update dubbed the January 2020 Core Update (in line with their recent naming conventions) ... On January 16th, Google announced the update was "mostly done," aligning fairly well with the measured temperatures in the graph abo...
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Competing in the Age of AI

THE BIGGEST CHANGE being brought about by AI is not human replicas, but the emergence of digital operating models. These models aren’t the sexy, headline-grabbing side of AI, but they are profoundly affecting how we do business and the way leaders of the twenty-first century must think. Marco Iansiti and Karim Lakhani, professors at Harvard Business School, explore these changes in Competing in the Age of AI with examples of businesses in many industries. “When a business is driven by AI, softw...
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Xiaomi Might Want to Partner Up with Nikon, Canon, or Hasselblad on a Smartphone Camera

We know that Leica and Huawei have had a pretty long partnership at this point making and marketing smartphones under the Huawei flag with a Leica label, and now it looks like fellow Chinese... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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The UK won’t be implementing the EU Copyright Directive after Brexit

About a year ago now, the final language of the EU Copyright Directive was released. Its goal was for the “harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society”. But a couple of articles contained within the directive aren’t great, have been quite controversial and could have wide-reaching effects for photographers […] The post The UK won’t be implementing the EU Copyright Directive after Brexit appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Supermarket sweep! What you'll find in the royal family's weekly shop

Sarah Ferguson sent her Instagram fans into a frenzy last week when she shared a snap of...
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It was another type #1 sunrise.

Talk about anything you want in the comments. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Pokljuka IBU World Cup Rundown (Day 3-4): Gow and Lunder 4th in Single Mixed Relay

Let’s catch up with the IBU World Cup and the action from Saturday and Sunday in Pokljuka, Slovenia.  Emma Lunder and Christian Gow, (l-r) during the IBU World Cup biathlon, single mixed relay, in Pokljuka (SLO). The team placed fourth overall. (Photo: NordicFocus) First up, the single mixed relay, in which teams of two are paired with each skier racing two legs and shooting two stages per leg. France took the win in 38:33.4 minutes shooting 0+5. The big news from the relay for North Americ...
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Lakers game against Clippers Tuesday is postponed

When it happens, it’ll go down among the most meaningful games in Staples Center history. And, at the same time, relatively meaningless. But for now, the NBA announced Monday afternoon that it was postponing Tuesday’s game between the Lakers and Clippers, to be rescheduled at a later date. “The decision was made out of respect for the Lakers organization, which is deeply grieving the tragic loss of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven other people in a helicopter crash Sunday...
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Lakers, Clippers will weather emotional night when they meet Tuesday

It’ll go down among the most meaningful games in Staples Center history. And, at the same time, relatively meaningless. The Lakers will host the Clippers on at 7 p.m. Tuesday, two days after Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas along with eight others, including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna. They’ll play the game in “the house that Kobe Bryant built,” as Alicia Keys put it in her address as host of the Grammy Awards, the music awards show that was held at Staples Center, ...
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The Best Nikon Z lenses for the Z 6, Z 7, and Z 50

The Nikon Z mount may be young, but the series now has nearly a dozen lenses -- so which optics are best?
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Super Bowl LIV and Your Small Business, What are You Worried About?, Growth Priorities for Small Business and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

16 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know   Super Bowl The 54th Annual Super Bowl kicks off Sunday, February 2nd. But, of course, everyone is buzzing about it now. Check out posts #1-3 to learn more. 1— Keep Your Team Productive During Super Bowl Week Guest post by James Carroll, VP of Global Sales at TetraVX Keep Your Team’s Head in the Game: More and more employees are requesting to work remotely—which could be a nice compromise for employees looking to stay at home the day after the Su...
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The Twitter accounts of 15 NFL teams have been hacked, and one hacking group is claiming to be behind all of them

Twitter accounts for 15 teams in the National Football League were hacked Monday afternoon. A hacking group that goes by "OurMine" on Twitter is claiming responsibility for the hacks, which it claims have spread to Instagram and Facebook. Tweets and Instagram posts from these teams' verified social media accounts have since disappeared, but profile photos, banners, and bios are still missing from many of these accounts. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Nearly half of the te...
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‘I Wish We Could Connect on This Level.’ Memes Still Aren’t Accessible to People Who Are Blind. What’s Being Done About It?

If you’ve spent a lot of time on the internet in the last decade, you might immediately recognize this description: a toddler clenches his fist in front of a determined-looking face. “Success kid” is one of the most popular online memes in history. But for the 2.2 billion people worldwide who report visual impairments or blindness, according to the World Health Organization, it is just one of thousands of images on the internet that are essentially illegible to anyone without full vision. A...
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Kodak posts advisory on how to travel with film through new airport CT scanners

A couple of months ago, it was announced that some airports across the US had switched over from the more traditional X-Ray machines to use Computer Tomography (CT) scanners to check passenger luggage. Unlike film, which can usually handle a few x-rays just fine if it’s low ISO, CT scans will destroy pretty much any […] The post Kodak posts advisory on how to travel with film through new airport CT scanners appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The importance of not giving a f*ck as a creative

Nowadays, we can find and learn pretty much anything we need on the internet. We can see what other people have created and how they did it, which can be a great thing. But it also has its negative side: it can often make us feel inadequate and question our own  work. In this video, […] The post The importance of not giving a f*ck as a creative appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Intent in Photographic Storytelling

One of the most powerful applications of photography has been as a tool to document some of the most important moments in recent history, whether that’s in terms of a shared history of the world in the form of photojournalism, or in the more personal history of family snapshots, personal photography, and street photography. Photography […] The post The Intent in Photographic Storytelling appeared first on DIY Photography.
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If You Look Closely, Paris Jackson's Van Gogh Tattoo Kinda Looks Like Nigel Thornberry

Image Source: Getty / Phillip Faraone Paris Jackson added to her already extensive collection of tattoos this weekend with a new piece of ink that pays homage to a famous artist. The 21-year-old took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday night to show off her new tattoo, which is a depiction of Vincent van Gogh drawn by Tony Yoo at Tattoo Mania tattoo parlor in West Hollywood. "Omg I love my new Nigel Thornberry tattoo," Jackson jokingly captioned a photo she posted to her Story this weekend. She ...
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6 tricks to fuel up your volunteer recruitment strategy in 2020!

Converting target audiences is a big challenge for all organizations – but if your nonprofit is targeting volunteers, you’ve really got your work cut out for you. After all, convincing people to work for little or no compensation is a big ask! That’s why you need to bring your volunteer recruitment strategy into the digital realm. These days, there are endless ways to find volunteers – but some are better than others. Step one: Create a seamless digital brand for your nonprofit that’s...
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Artist offers to removes your ex from photos for $10, gets flooded by requests

An artist recently posted a tweet offering to remove people’s exes from their photos for $10. It seems that she totally hit the spot: she got so many requests that she can’t seem to keep up with the demand. The tweet was posted by young artist @hexappeaI, who also added a “before and after” example. […] The post Artist offers to removes your ex from photos for $10, gets flooded by requests appeared first on DIY Photography.
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FBI Investigating Whether Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

The FBI is looking into reports that Representative Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) married her brother in order to ease his immigration to the U.S., the New York Post reported on Sunday.Two agents interviewed a person with knowledge of the case in Minnesota in mid-October. The person presented a trove of documents relating to the marriage of Omar and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009.A number of right-wing blogs have for years posited that Elmi, a British citizen, is Omar's brother based on a years-old In...
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QUICK QUOTES: Keyshia Cole Praises Mom Frankie Lons For Seeking Rehab…

Keyshia Cole and her bio-mother, Frankie Lons have had their share of ups and downs which mostly stem from Lons substance abuse issues. The popular songstress recently shared news that Lons has been seeking rehab. My day today. happy YOU DECIDED ON YOUR OWN, to check YOURSELF INTO a facility to get treatment. Details below… (more…) Related Posts FIRST LOOK: Keyshia Cole’s New Reality Show ‘ALL IN’ (Pilot Episode)… [FULL VIDEO]In Case You Missed It ~ Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole’s Mom) on ...
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Jeff Bezos' nudes were reportedly leaked when his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez sent them to her brother, in a new twist to the dramatic saga — here's everything we know so far (AMZN)

A New York Times report alleges that intimate photos leaked to the National Enquirer of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez, came from messages Sanchez sent to her brother. This is the latest update in the complicated saga regarding Bezos' love life, which first gained attention after the Amazon CEO announced in January 2019 that he was getting divorced. This new development comes shortly after Bezos' phone was likely hacked by Mohammed bin Salman, crow...
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Repetition! Explanation! AMS Experimentation – 2020 Writing Week 3&4

Oh my word, do the lessons about my writing frailties ever end? Saint Justice edits I thought a had a bead on my tendency to run long, self-indulge and repeat myself endlessly – but actually all those lessons have come most powerfully since I edited the Last Mayor whole series. I blathered via deep-cut technobabble, repeating events from alternate perspectives and just foggy logic. That’s all gone now from the Last Mayor. But the Last Mayor edits took place after I wrote Christopher Wren 1. Oh m...
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Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation Video

Gorgeous packaging and a lighter than air formula is what brought me to this foundation, but I keep turning to it because it also has SPF 25 in it and a powdery finish that works well on my oily... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Get ready to see Spotify’s looping videos on Instagram

Following Spotify’s confirmation of a new Stories feature, initially being tested by social media influencers, the company this morning announced it will now allow artists to reach their Instagram fan bases in a new way, too. However, in this case, they aren’t creating Spotify Stories they can market elsewhere on their social media, but instead are able to share their unique video art from Spotify’s Canvas feature directly to their Instagram. Canvas launched into beta last fall, allowing artists...
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Lok Cheung takes a trip through the Fujifilm factory assembling the GFX100 and now-discontinued X-H1

While it might look like Lok Cheung is preparing for a viral outbreak in the image for the above video, he’s actually dressed to enter the cleanroom at Fujifilm’s Sendai factory in Japan, where they assemble the sensors for the Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format mirrorless camera. Lok mentions in the video that this footage […] The post Lok Cheung takes a trip through the Fujifilm factory assembling the GFX100 and now-discontinued X-H1 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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