Legendary Publication Photo District News (PDN) Closes After 40 Years

Times are tough for publishing in general and particularly for specialist publications like Photo District News, also known as PDN, which announced that it would be shutting down this year, ending a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Open Mike: So You Say You Like Everything

["Open Mike" is the everything goes, often off-topic editorial page of TOP, wherein the hounds are released! It appears on Wednesdays. Note for this week: I'm just having a little fun here, so please don't take this personally. Gotta keep myself entertained too.] - RayC wrote: "Okay, I’ll play. I admit I was taken aback by the statement: 'It's a middlebrow conceit to say "I like everything!" in a chipper voice, which to real music aficionados means that music isn't very important to that perso...
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Vanessa Bryant Breaks Her Silence on Death of Husband Kobe, Daughter Gianna

In her first public statement following the tragic deaths of her husband, Kobe Bryant, and daughter, Gianna, Vanessa Bryant penned an emotional tribute on Instagram late Wednesday. “My girls and I want to thank the millions of people who’ve shown support and love during this horrific time. Thank you for all the prayers. We definitely […]
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RGB vs Lab colour – What it is and how you can use it when processing your images

Most of us probably never leave the realm of editing our images in a regular RGB colour space. But many applications also allow you the option to edit your images using Lab colour. What is Lab colour? How do we use it? and how does it benefit us? Aurélien Pierre, developer of filmic module for […] The post RGB vs Lab colour – What it is and how you can use it when processing your images appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The iWorkCase laptop bag gives photographers an outdoor editing studio

This MacGyverian briefcase is actually poised to be a photography must-have. Designed to boost productivity, save time, and help achieve finesse, the iWorkCase V3 16 is a laptop case designed for seasoned outdoor photographers. With space on the inside for a laptop, an external battery and hard-drive, the iWorkCase carries your laptop to shooting locations and opens out practically into a dark room of sorts to let you easily view and edit photos and videos just minutes after taking them.With an ...
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Victoria Beckham's new collection has a romantic edge ideal for Valentine's Day

Victoria Beckham always gives her legions of Instagram followers a first look at her new...
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Ayda Williams shares hilarious kitchen feature – and we need one

Ayda Williams took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a hilarious Harry Potter reference,...
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Giovanna Fletcher reveals why meeting Kate Middleton was extra special this week

Giovanna Fletcher has shared a sweet message on Instagram explaining why meeting the...
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Bruno Tonioli shares most hilarious half-nude Instagram photo yet

Bruno Tonioli is known for sharing risqué photos on Instagram, but Thursday's...
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Vanessa Bryant changes Instagram profile picture to Kobe Bryant and Gianna

In first public acknowledgement of death of her husband Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna, Vanessa Bryant updates profile picture, makes account public.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Facebook hits 2.5B users in Q4 but shares sink from slow profits

Facebook beat Wall Street estimates in Q4 but slowing profit growth beat up the share price. Facebook reached 2.5 billion monthly users, up 2%, from 2.45 billion in Q3 2019 when it grew 1.65%, and it now has 1.66 billion daily active users, up 2.4% from 1.62 billion last quarter when it grew 2%. Facebook brought in $21.08 billion in revenue, up 25% year-over-year, with $2.56 in earnings per share. But net income was just $7.3 billion, up only 7% year-over-year compared to 61% growth over 2018...
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To Improve Memory Recall, Curate Your Photos

When I take a photo these days, I don’t think much about it. I know it will be automatically saved to the cloud; I know it will have a timestamp automatically saved with it. It’s not like the old days when the point of taking a photo was to get it printed and then slip the prints into sleeves in albums. Read more...
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Author Tour for Controversial Novel ‘American Dirt’ Canceled Citing Safety Concerns

(NEW YORK) — The publisher of Jeanine Cummins’ controversial novel “American Dirt” has cancelled the remainder of her promotional tour, citing concerns for her safety. The novel about a Mexican mother and her young son fleeing to the U.S. border had been praised widely before its Jan. 21 release and was chosen by Oprah Winfrey for her book club. But Mexican American writers have been among those strongly criticizing “American Dirt” for stereotypical depictions of Mexicans. Cummins is of Iri...
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a quick coaching check-in

Toward the end of last year, I was in an introspective mood (who wasn’t?), and I doodled a bunch of words and phrases that I wanted my work to encompass for the new year (or the new decade, really). After I was done, I honestly didn’t think about it much, but this morning I was thumbing through my journal looking for something else, and found them. ...
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This is why location scouting is so important for destination and event photographers

I’m lucky with my photography. It’s almost all on location, but I mostly get to choose the location myself. They’re places I’m familiar with, that I’ve scouted regularly for several years. So I know what to expect when I show up, where the light’s going to fall at different times of day or year. For […] The post This is why location scouting is so important for destination and event photographers appeared first on DIY Photography.
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160 Years of Food Photography

While many roll their eyes when people stand on a seat to snap a photo of their meal, it’s worth remembering that food photography has a long history—one that predates Instagram by over 150 years. And, as Susan Bright (author of Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography and co-curator of the current exhibition of the same name) says, it’s not about …
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On presets: photographic style cannot be “canned”

Conversations around photographic style have always felt a little odd to me for a few reasons. It’s something I get asked about a lot by my students, as they feel that without a style, a visual signature, then they will fid it very difficult to differentiate themselves from other working artists. So much of today’s communication is […] The post On presets: photographic style cannot be “canned” appeared first on DIY Photography.
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A milkshake brand blew up on TikTok and its 460,000 followers have changed how it approaches marketing and its target audience

F'real foods, a beverage company that sells flavored milkshakes at tens of thousands of gas stations and convenience stores in the US and Canada, began posting on TikTok after discovering that Gen-Zers were making their own videos about its brand. The company now has 460,000 followers, 8.8 million likes, and tens of millions of views on TikTok.  F'real told Business Insider how it's approached building an audience on the app, how much it spends on sponsored videos, and how TikTokkers have resh...
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Physicians Formula Rose All Play Eyeshadow Bouquet Review & Swatches

Have you been waiting for my review of the new Physicians Formula Rose All Play Eyeshadow Bouquet ($17.99)? Well, it’s here! Just in time for Spring 2020 and Valentine’s Day releases! I picked this up when it launched on Physicians Formula’s website back in December because I’m really struggled locating it at CVS. Apparently it launched at select CVS locations but I know every single one I’ve visited hasn’t had a single one. I finally caved when Physicians Formula had free shipping and purchase...
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YouTube duo Kian and JC explain their big ambitions for 'The Reality House,' their show where influencers compete in challenges for $50,000

YouTube creators are competing in a "Big Brother"-like reality series called "The Reality House" for the chance to win $50,000.   The show, produced by creators Kian Lawley and JC Caylen, launched in summer 2019, and the second season premiered on January 10. Business Insider spoke to Lawley and Caylen about the process behind launching a 10-episode series for YouTube, and how the show has helped their channel grow. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. YouTube creators are comp...
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Configuring Additional External Editors

By default, the latest version of Photoshop becomes the primary external editor for Lightroom Classic. If you go to Lightroom Classic > Preferences > External Editing (Win: Edit > Preferences > External Editing), you will see it listed at the top. This is the editor, and file settings, that are called into play when you use the (Mac) CMD+E / (Win) Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut or use the Photo > Edit In > Edit in Photoshop menu command. Additional External Editors An external editor is ...
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Responsive Leadership: Needed Now More Than Ever

THE leadership question is top of mind for many people here in the United States and throughout the world. The idea that leaders are trustworthy, honest, and can be relied on to operate in the best interest of the public, the employee, the student, the parishioner, or even the shareholder has been shattered. No matter what industry or organizational structure—business, politics, nonprofit, religious, entertainment or sports—examples abound where leaders have violated their trusted role and expe...
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How Bon Appétit built its wildly popular YouTube channel, which has turned its editors into social-media stars

Condé Nast has found viral success on YouTube by turning some of the editors and chefs behind Bon Appétit magazine into social-media stars.  Bon Appétit's YouTube channel has 5 million subscribers and its most popular show, "Gourmet Makes," averages between 3 million and 5 million views an episode.  Business Insider spoke to the people behind the YouTube channel, like video director Dan Siegel and contributing food editor and star of "Gourmet Makes" Claire Saffitz, on why they have succeeded w...
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How technical do you have to be to take a good photo?

I have a confession to make. I often shoot in aperture priority mode. I’m a reasonably competent photographer with a solid grasp of the factors that drive exposure, but I don’t want to fiddle with multiple dials when I just want to take a photo. There are, of course, exceptions. I shoot manually when using strobes […] The post How technical do you have to be to take a good photo? appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Presenting the Upcoming Ford Sorento…

Alright, stop yer squawking. Different people see different things in a vehicle’s styling and it all amounts to a pile of nothing, but it’s hard to look at these leaked shots of the 2021 Kia Sorento and not think about the folks in Dearborn. Photos posted by Instagram user onecar.1 appear to show the next-generation […] The post Presenting the Upcoming Ford Sorento… appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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7 Reasons Why Prime Lenses are Better Than Zoom Lenses to Improve Your Photography

Debates in the photography community are quite common, ranging from those on photographic gear to brands and much more. One such never-ending debate is the prime lens vs. zoom lens debate.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Canon EOS 850D/Rebel T8i specs and photos leak – announcement next month

Well, Canon sure is the talk around the water cooler lately, huh? First the EOS R5, then the EOS R6 and now it seems the EOS 850D (Rebel T8i) details are starting to come out, along with some leaked photos this time. The leak of an expected announcement for the new camera first came from […] The post Canon EOS 850D/Rebel T8i specs and photos leak – announcement next month appeared first on DIY Photography.
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This morning at 7:10.

Actual sunrise time: 7:17. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Liverpool defender now an Omani princess after Instagram hack

Liverpool defender Ki-Jana Hoever has had his Instagram account hacked by someone purporting to be a member of the Omani royal family. Hoever’s... Click the headline to read the full story.
Tags: Instagram, Sport, Soccer, Liverpool, Hoever, Ki Jana Hoever

How much money brands will pay for a TikTok sponsored video compared to YouTube, according to an influencer agency

TikTok is a big focus area for influencer marketers who are looking for new opportunities to reach its coveted audience of Gen-Z users. Influencers and brands are still negotiating on the right pricing structure for sponsored content on the app.  TalentX Entertainment, a new TikTok talent management company, said it charges a lower cost-per-view to brands on TikTok than on YouTube because it's much easier to scale on TikTok. TalentX charges $0.01 to $0.02 per view for TikTok, and $0.03 to $0.0...
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