The Best Strategies For Boosting Your Brand’s Instagram In 2020

Boosting your Instagram presence can seem like a pretty daunting task. Not only does it require knowing how to get attention from people, but doing so in a way that captures and keeps their attention long-term. To capture this trend ourselves, we decided to study some of the best strategies you can use to get your Instagram up and beyond in 2020. Check out what we learned below: Make It Apparent What You Stand For. As your brand has a mission to its purpose, expressing that to your base...
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Instagram Made Facebook About $20 Billion in Ad Money Alone in 2019 – Report

When Facebook purchased Instagram for a hefty $1 billion back in 2012, a lot of people were wondering what exactly the social media giant was thinking. After all, that’s a big wad of cash and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Vanessa Bryant wishes 'nightmare' of Kobe and Gianna's deaths would end

The former NBA star’s wife is struggling to deal with loss of both her husband and daughterVanessa Bryant has said in an Instagram post that she was both grieving and angry over the loss of her husband, NBA star Kobe Bryant, and 13-year-old Gianna in a helicopter crash last month. Vanessa Bryant, 37, has made few public appearances since the crash that killed her husband, daughter and seven others and said in the social media post that she had been “reluctant” to put her feelings into words. Co...
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At the Pink Fog Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Sunrise, 0°.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The December Car Magazine Massacre

Motor Trend Group and TEN Publishing (formerly The Enthusiast Network), publishers of many car and truck magazines including Motor Trend and Automobile, announced in December that 19 of its automotive newsstand titles would be transitioned to digital-only, ending the paper versions of all 19. The most prestigious of the magazines affected was Automobile, founded by David E. Davis in 1986.  Folio reports that MotorTrend Group president and GM Alex Wellen announced the move in a memo to staffers o...
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Kobe Bryant's widow expresses grief, anger in online post

Vanessa Bryant expressed grief and anger in an Instagram post Monday as she copes with the deaths of her husband Kobe Bryant, their daughter Gigi and seven other people in a helicopter crash last month.
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The best HDMI cables for 2020: Cables for 4K, 8K, and HDR

You don't need to spend a fortune to get HDMI cables with the latest specs and performance for your setup.
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Kate Ferdinand's green suit she wore on This Morning is a surprise hit on Instagram

Did you see Rio and Kate Ferdinand on Monday's episode of This Morning? The glamorous...
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How to Add Song Lyrics to Your Instagram Story

If you’ve noticed your Instagram stories feed looking a little more like personalized karaoke videos in the past six months or so, that’s because last year the ‘Gram added a feature that allows you to add lyrics to your stories. The addition makes it possible not only to add music to your story (you’ve been able…Read more...
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How Dorothea Lange Defined the Role of the Modern Photojournalist

She created one of the most enduring images of the 20th century, but she also created a new model for her discipline.
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The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, who started Theranos when she was 19 and will now stand trial over 'massive fraud' in July 2020

Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford University at 19 to start blood-testing startup Theranos, and grew the company to a valuation of $9 billion. But it all came crashing down when the shortcomings and inaccuracies of the company's technology were exposed, and Theranos and Holmes were charged with "massive fraud." A California judge has set a August 2020 start date for the federal fraud trial for which, if convicted, Holmes could face up to 20 years in prison. Visit Business Insider's ho...
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This is why you should be worried about infrared light with your camera

Light is something that all photographers and filmmakers need to master if they want to become good at their craft. The problem is, our eyes don’t see light the same way that our cameras do. Infrared is outside of the human spectrum of vision, but it’s not necessarily outside of your camera’s, and it can […] The post This is why you should be worried about infrared light with your camera appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How Andre Iguodala responded to Steph Curry defending him on Instagram

Last week, a war of words broke out between Warriors star Steph Curry and Memphis Grizzlies rookie sensation Ja Morant. Morant and his fellow Grizzlies had publicly taken exception to Andre Iguodala's continued refusal to report to the team, despite being traded there from the Warriors last July. Curry was defending Iguodala, his longtime teammate and frequent partner on the golf course when the two weren't dominating on the basketball court.
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How to successfully promote your music online

You’ve finished your master piece album, distributed to all stores and now you’re just waiting for the streams and purchases to roll in. Unfortunately, that won’t happen without the backing of a loyal fan-base. So, how can you get your name and music into the ears of thousands of listeners? Before doing anything, make sure all your social media pages (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), store artist profiles and website are active and looking fresh. You need to allow potential fans ...
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PiXLIGHT is an all-in-one flash, stand and modifier designed for lightweight efficiency

When you’re doing photography projects with speedlights, it can be a hassle sometimes with all the extra accessories you have to carry. Big clunky light stands, flash brackets, the flashes themselves, umbrellas, etc. After a while, you just get used to it and accept it, even if you end up taking out more gear than […] The post PiXLIGHT is an all-in-one flash, stand and modifier designed for lightweight efficiency appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Photographer shows eerie and empty Shanghai streets during Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus has been affecting and frightening everyone, from “common folks” to huge companies like Sony. The fear of getting infected has left some of China’s cities look like ghost towns. It’s hard to imagine a 24-million people city like Shanghai empty as if it was a setup for a movie or a video game. But […] The post Photographer shows eerie and empty Shanghai streets during Coronavirus outbreak appeared first on DIY Photography.
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5 digital marketing courses to help you get ahead of the pack

These training bundles will help you become a force for online sales and message building.The courses cover SEO, affiliate marketing and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.All five course bundles are discounted up to 98%.How important are social media influencers in digital marketing? What impact does video make on your campaigns? And what’s the next platform or delivery system poised to be the next big thing in online advertising? Those are all big questions. This year...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #479

Facebook plans to shut down Audience Network for mobile sites From April 11th, Facebook will begin closing its Audience Network – which allows advertisers to extend Facebook campaigns on third-party apps – for mobile websites. Facebook first launched Audience Network in 2014, before extending the platform to include mobile websites two years later. While online publishers will be hit by the drop in ad revenue shared between them and Facebook (more than $1.5bn in 2018), the move will not affect a...
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Top beauty influencer Adelaine Morin says 'people think that YouTubers make a lot of money but if we only did YouTube we wouldn't'

Beauty and fashion influencer Adelaine Morin has more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube.  Morin, 22, told Business Insider that she supports herself financially from her influencer business. But she said there's a misconception among some that YouTube stars like herself make most of their money directly from the platform. "A lot of people think that YouTubers make a lot of money, but if we only did YouTube we wouldn't," she said. To diversify her income, Morin said she's developed multip...
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YouTube star Guava Juice explains how he got his start and grew to 14 million subscribers

Roi Fabito, known as Guava Juice, has 14.9 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.  Fabito started his YouTube career out of boredom in high school in 2006, and today he has grown the Guava Juice empire into a lucrative business.  Fabito has worked with brands like Mattel, Mastercard, Nickelodeon, and Lego on sponsored content.  He also sells products in retail stores like Walmart and Target, and has a branded merchandise line.  Business Insider spoke to Fabito about his YouTube busin...
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Peak Leadership Fitness: Elevating Your Leadership Game

ELEVATING your leadership game is a mindset. Your mindset drives your behavior and your influence on those you lead. You are in control of your mindset. In Peak Leadership Fitness, author Timothy Tobin writes, “A leadership mindset is essentially the belief in yourself and your abilities as a leader. A negative leadership mindset is rooted in self-doubt, uncertainty, and lack of inquiry. A positive one, on the other hand, based on a realistic view of yourself, your potential, and how you view [...
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Tamron to announce another three E-mount lenses in 2020

Tamron has recently released its 2019 financial report, and there was an interesting piece of information hidden within it. Other than the already launched 20mm f/2.8, it looks like the company will launch three more lenses for Sony E in 2020. Tamron announced that it would launch two new lenses in 2020: the 20mm f/2.8 […] The post Tamron to announce another three E-mount lenses in 2020 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Onesies are funsies at these sexy winter parties

Warm up with on a cold night with these jammies parties in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York
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Spider Holster – SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 Review

The SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 is a total upgrade for your current hand strap, even if you’re using the SpiderPro Hand Strap or the SpiderLight Hand Strap. Even more so, the SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 is an upgrade to any competing hand strap as it’s the most ergonomic, secure and comfortable camera hand strap on the market. Subscribe Transcription was done by’s automated transcription service which means it’s an AI-generated transcript. The transcript may contain spelling, grammar , ...
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How to make your own DIY HDMI teleprompter from an old laptop screen

Since we posted about Manny Ortiz’s use of the Parrot 2 Teleprompter a few weeks ago, I’ve been developing my own that I can 3D print (more on that in a future post), but I’ve also been keeping an eye out on YouTube to see what others have done with their own DIY teleprompter solutions. […] The post How to make your own DIY HDMI teleprompter from an old laptop screen appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Daily Promo – Danielle Paul

Danielle Paul Who printed it? The promo was printed by Newspaper Club. Their tabloid format has so many creative possibilities and I felt that the laid-back feel of a newspaper suited my work. Who designed it? As I am also a graphic designer, I was excited to take on the challenge of designing a piece for myself that represented both my design aesthetic and my photography. I wanted it to feel fun and approachable. My experience of being a Photography Director in New York and At...
Tags: Photography, New York, Atlanta, Wall Street Journal, South Carolina, The Daily Promo, Newspaper Club, Greenville South Carolina, Danielle Paul, Danielle Paul Who

4 Must-Known Essentials of A High-Quality Video Content in 2020

Impactful video content attracts consumers, boosts click-through-rates, and turns viewers into paying customers. We are all aware of this, yet video marketers keep struggling when creating video content; this post will exactly tell you how to avoid failure and create videos that resonate with your audience. The 2022 Cisco Visual Networking Forecast report displays that video marketers firmly believe that their brand’s authority has escalated because of high-quality video content. Also, by 2022, ...
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Dutch Photographer Documents Eccentric Costumed Motorbike Taxi Drivers In Nairobi

Ghost Rider Imagine calling for a ride on a busy day and a furious bike emerges leaving a veil of dust behind as if you are in a real-life scene from Mad Max. Sounds like a dream? Well, not if you order an African-style uber boda boda. More: Jan Hoek, Instagram, Now Look Here h/t: boredpanda Lion Rider This urban means of transportation relates to motorcycle taxi riders commonly found in East... Source
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OPEN POST: Snoop Dogg Wants You To Know He Doesn’t Really Want To ‘HARM’ Gayle King… (VIDEO)

Rapper Snoop Dogg/Lion was in his feelings this past weekend after a clip of Gayle King interviewing Lisa Leslie went viral. In case you missed it, King vigerously questioned Leslie about Kobe Bryant’s 2003 rape accusation, and several celebrities took to Instagram to chastise the journalist about the way she handled the interview. Snoop initially threatened King on his social media timeline, but soon deleted the post and decided to take another route. Details + video below… (more…) Rel...
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