At the Morning Moon Café...

... talk about whatever you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Show Us a Time Before the Pandemic, When Life Felt Normal

We want to see the moments you captured in photos and video before the pandemic hit, and hear what they mean to you now.
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You Can Now Send Instagram DMs From a Browser, But the Desktop Experience Still Sucks

At 10 a.m. ET Friday, Instagram started rolling out the ability to see and respond to direct messages in a browser instead of having to open the app. And while this might be nice change for influencers and Instaholics, I can’t help but think this does nothing to address the otherwise atrocious experience you get when…Read more...
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Weeping willow sunrise.

Photo take at 6:42 a.m. — "actual" sunrise time, 6:24. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Instagram has brought Direct Messages to your desktop — here's where to find them (FB)

Instagram has now made it possible for all users to direct message on desktop computers and web browsers after first testing out the feature in January. Direct Messages have long been a feature only available via Instagram's mobile app, but many users now have the ability to start, read, and send DMs on their laptops and computers. Here's how to see if you're one of the users who has Instagram DMs on their desktop as the company completes the feature's global rollout. Visit Business Insider's ...
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Adding and Maintaining Strength

Adding and Maintaining Strength Submitted by Elmhurst Bread Boy on April 10, 2020 - 10:15am. Hi Forum,I'm curious how you experienced bakers are able to develop and maintain strength in the dough during bulk, particularly those who hand mix.  Lately I've been having an issue where dough just isn't strong enough to hold its form during pre-shape.  I take it out and it just sticks to everything--table, bench, bench knife, hands, etc.  Either I use a ton of bench flour which inhibits m...
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Locked-down wedding photographer shoots beautiful LEGO wedding

UK wedding photographer Chris Wallace is on lockdown like so many of us. To keep his creativity alive, he staged and photographed a fantastic LEGO wedding. You can see the photos and Wallace's narration of the nuptials over at Petapixel. It looks more romantic and fun than many real weddings I've attended!
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Instagram is finally letting you see your DMs on desktop

Here's how you can slide into your DMs while off your phone
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Grow Your Construction Company with Social Media

Most contractors don’t believe in social media. Sure, they try posting a couple awkward photos of a completed project on Facebook, but it’s mostly because it’s what they hear is the “new thing.” Here’s the truth. The platform’s where people promote their business is always changing but the fundamentals of marketing never change.  By fundamentals I mean that marketing any company involves seeing where the attention is and getting that attention on your company. The attention used to be on radio, ...
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VIDEO: Glenn Close Tributes New York in Touching Instagram Video

Glenn Close took to Instagram yesterday to post a touching tribute to New York. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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"Documenting Dr. Deborah’s scarves of choice as Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force."

It's the deborahbirxscarves Instagram account. It's not as though the scarves are doing satirical commentary. It's just photographs of the doctor in her scarves. Example: View this post on Instagram 03.29.20A post shared by Scarves of Dr. Deborah Birx (@deborahbirxscarves) on Mar 30, 2020 at 8:59am PDT I got there via "Dr. Deborah Birx’s Many Scarves Now Have Their Own Instagram Account" (Vogue).The brainchild of Victoria Strout, a fash...
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VIDEO: PHANTOM's Greg Mills Creates the Auction Scene With Stuffed Animals

Greg Mills, who is currently a swing in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, took to Instagram to recreate one of the show's most iconic scenes. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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What to do whilst you are Working from Home

When we are forced to Work from Home, the lines between work and home become blurred. Here are some things to do in those ‘in-between’ periods to break up the monotony. Get into baking Baking is one of those things that we really have the time to think about when we are busy. Supermarkets have made it easy for us to buy amazing baked goods without getting covered in flour. But as we are stuck in our home, we might want to give it a go, right? Especially as with baking there is a lot of the ti...
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The best waterproof cameras for 2020

These waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof shooters can go everywhere you do
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The UK coronavirus lockdown by Guardian and Observer photographers

From an unusually quiet Millennium bridge to dawn swimmers on Portobello beach, the sights and ambience of lockdown Continue reading...
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