At the Sunrise Café...

... you can talk all night.And please consider using the Althouse Portal to Amazon if you've got any shopping you need to accomplish. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The life and death of a traditional little Tokyo bar

Tokyo’s old and traditional little bars are genuinely wonderful places to visit and spend some quality time in. There’s the joy, the banter and perhaps more than anything, the invariably advanced age of the owner. All positives of course, but the latter in particular offers the addition of extra wisdom and life stories, plus a refreshingly carefree attitude when it comes to hygiene and even heating. The downside, on the other hand, is that every visit could well be the very last visit. Admitted...
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I’ve long been a fan of Instagram where I can see photos by others around the world who love photography. Recently I was sent a link to a group on Facebook called View From My Window, although I was to find there was another called The View From My Window. (There is a smaller site called Urban View From My Window too). The former has over two million members and has taken the world by storm in this time of confinement and even stopped new people from joining as it was becoming a full time ...
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Ruth Langsford forced to defend herself after being accused of breaking lockdown to go to the hairdressers

Ruth Langsford caused controversy on Instagram on Sunday afternoon – just by going...
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Pedigree: Dogs on Zoom

Pedigree brand is helping to support pet adoption, while ensuring the safety of prospective pet parents and shelter employees, as most of the country continues to navigate their new normal of social distancing. With a new campaign called “Dogs on Zoom,” the Pedigree brand is hosting virtual dog adoption events at select shelters, allowing consumers to meet and adopt a new pet, all completely contact-free. The pilot adoption events are taking place in the brand’s hometown of Na...
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Look at this photo printed on algae in a petri dish

Okay, now THAT is a selfie. This is such a cool photography/biology experiment. Says IMGURian @MxMarx, “I put a petri dish filled with algae under my enlarger and left it on for a week. The algae grew thicker and greener where the image was brighter, so it formed a positive image in the petri dish!” Scroll through the entire gallery to see how this was done. Printing photographs on algae
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