5:22 a.m.

Good night! Think good thoughts! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The best RAW photography apps for Android and iOS

Take advantage of your phone's full capabilities with mobile RAW photography using these apps
Tags: Apple, Android, Mobile, Photography, Trends, Vsco, Best Of, Raw, Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, Mobile Photo Editing, Tier 4

‘Edge of Seventeen’ TV Series Not Moving Forward at YouTube

Back in 2018, YouTube ordered a series pilot for a television adaptation of the indie darling The Edge of Seventeen. The film starred Hailee Steinfeld as high school junior Nadie as she deals with her own awkwardness, the trials and tribulations of teen life, and the complications of her best friend starting to date her older brother. But the YouTube series pilot brought in Orphan star Isabelle Fuhrmann to play a new character named Mira, who would have endured some of the same struggles. Unfor...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Instagram, Youtube, Teen, Hailee Steinfeld, Stx Entertainment, Mira, Lou, Oakes, The Edge of Seventeen, Kelly Fremon Craig, Annabel Oakes, Isabelle Fuhrmann, Nadie, Caillou Pettis

Twitter to Reply Guys: Don't @ Me

It seems like social media companies are finally realizing that no one likes rando trolls blowing up their mentions. Or being ratioed. Or having unwelcome porn bots reply to something you tweeted five years ago. Taking a cue from Instagram’s latest tag and mention controls, Twitter has just started testing its own…Read more...
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Sunrise at 5:22.

Actual sunrise time: 5:28. This is the type of sunrise you need beat by at least 5 minutes to enjoy at its best. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The best ring lights for 2020

For flattering portraits, circular catchlights, or evenly lit macro photos, a ring light is an essential tool.
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Volkswagen pulls 'racist' advert after outcry

German car giant Volkswagen apologised Wednesday for an Instagram ad that showed a giant white hand pushing around a black person, after an online backlash slamming the clip as racist.The 10-second video appeared on the firm's Instagram... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Business, Instagram, Volkswagen

Coronavirus: Brand Moves for Wednesday May 20

Facebook is making a major new push into e-commerce. The company today announced the launch of Shops, a way for businesses to set up free storefronts on Facebook and Instagram. The shops, which will be powered by third-party services including Shopify, BigCommerce, and Woo, are intended to turn the social network into a top-tier shopping destination. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said expanded e-commerce would be important to begin rebuilding the economy while the pandemic continues. “If you can’t physic...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, UK, London, Instagram, Microsoft, Etsy, Advertising, Disney, Delta Airlines, Cinema, United States, Delta, San Diego, Miami

Pollution from face masks and gloves

Now that people are on board with wearing masks in public, a new issue has reared its ugly head: disposing of those masks safely and properly. With more and more local governments mandating mask-wearing, there are more face masks littering our communities than ever. Single-use masks and latex gloves are being discarded haphazardly, and finding their way to beaches, oceans, and public parks. Since masks are made using plastics like polypropylene, they aren’t biodegradable and can pose a sever...
Tags: Travel, Hong Kong, Instagram, Scotland, United States, Pollution, Marine Life, Miami, Gloves, All, Marine Animals, Face Masks, Gary Stokes, Single Use, OceansAsia, OceansAsia Facebook

Kylie Jenner shows off gorgeous home pool – but daughter Stormi isn't impressed!

Kylie Jenner shared the sweetest video of her daughter Stormi, two, to Instagram this week...
Tags: Instagram, Kylie Jenner, Stormi

VW pulls Instagram ads after racism row

The German car giant has apologised and withdrawn a series of adverts after a racism row.
Tags: News, Instagram, Vw

No Brilliant Jerks: How to Deal with Maverick CEOs

BOARDS and executives are feeling an unusual amount of pressure these days. And it’s not from covid-19—the squeeze started several years ago. Witness that the average cost of directors and officers insurance has almost doubled in the past two years and experienced a 70 percent jump in the 2019 third quarter. There are many underlying sources for the increased stress and skyrocketing insurance rates. But these days a maverick CEO is often at the center of board and executive consternation and ...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Elon Musk, Leadership, Instagram, Steve Jobs, North Korea, Tesla, Netflix, Vw, SEC, Silicon Valley, Rob, Travis Kalanick

Daily Crunch: Facebook unveils its Shops e-commerce platform

Facebook and Instagram are making a bigger push into e-commerce, MasterClass raises $100 million and Microsoft launches a new project management tool called Lists. Here’s your Daily Crunch for May 20, 2020. 1. Facebook and Instagram roll out Shops, turning business profiles into storefronts Both Facebook and Instagram already supported a degree of e-commerce — for example, Facebook has its Marketplace and will likely make a bigger push through its Libra cryptocurrency initiative, while I...
Tags: Apple, Social, Verizon, Facebook, Ecommerce, Instagram, Microsoft, Tech, Libra, Alex Jones, Bornstein, Joe Rogan, Rogan, Gavin McInnes, Facebook Shop, Hans Vestberg

A Wall Street bank says Facebook's big push into online shopping could generate a $30 billion jump in annual revenue (FB)

Deutsche Bank analysts predict Facebook's new push into online shopping could earn the company $30 billion in revenue a year. On Tuesday, Facebook announced Facebook Shops — a way for businesses to create online storefronts. Facebook stands to benefit on two fronts: It will make money off transaction fees, and it will also likely drive up advertising spend. It's the company's boldest push into ecommerce yet, and takes it into direct competition with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Facebook's big push...
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, US, Trends, Deutsche Bank, Silicon Valley, Signal, Facebook Shop, Rob Price, Amazon EBay, Etsy Facebook, Instagram Checkout, Contact Business Insider, Facebook Shops

VW pulls Instagram post derided for racial overtones

The video showed a dark-skin man moved around like a marionette near a café in Buenos Aires.  
Tags: Instagram, Advertising, Vw

A 15-year-old 'slime' influencer made $1,000 in sales in a week after TikTok star Addison Rae reviewed his homemade products and it shows the app's e-commerce potential

Slime accounts on social media, in which users post videos of themselves playing with the squishy and stretchable compound, have gained the attention of millions of internet users.  And slimes and other arts and crafts products have seen a bump in engagement on social media in recent months as at-home consumers look for new sources of entertainment while sheltered in place. Slime creator Ricky Waite said his TikTok profile blew up after popular influencer Addison Easterling reviewed one of his...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Trends, Cvs, Lucas, Garcia, Addison, Ricky, Sony Music, Sonoma County California, WAITE, Cowie, Target Walmart

Joe Biden says Trump Jr ‘sick’ for calling him a paedophile

Joe Biden has criticised Donald Trump Jr for posting a meme on Instagram that insinuated the former vice president is a paedophile.Over the weekend, the president’s eldest son posted a meme to his Instagram page, which showed a crocodile saying to Mr Biden: “In a while pedophile.”
Tags: News, Instagram, Joe Biden, Biden, Donald Trump Jr, Trump Jr

A.K. Paul – “Hungry Beat”

A. K. Paul, brother of Jai, has released a new song, "Hungry Beat," which he says was made during lockdown. The new song accompanies the launch of a new Instagram account for Paul, which notes: "Link to a beat made in lockdown below and in bio. This is for the heads - thank … More »
Tags: Music, Instagram, PAUL, Jai, A.K. Paul

Former Stitch Fix COO Julie Bornstein just took the wraps off her app-only e-commerce startup, The Yes

After teasing the launch of their new startup last year, e-commerce veteran Julie Bornstein and her technical co-founder, Amit Aggarwal, are today launching The Yes, a women’s shopping platform that they’ve been quietly building for 18 months and they say will create tailor-made experiences for each user, courtesy of its sophisticated algorithms. Bornstein’s experience and vision alone attracted $30 million in funding to the venture last year from Forerunner Ventures, New Enterprise Associates a...
Tags: Startups, TC, Ecommerce, Spotify, Instagram, Tech, Pandora, Venture Capital, Prada, True Ventures, Gucci, Vince, Bornstein, Erdem, Julie Bornstein, Amit Aggarwal

A VC who backed Jet, Plaid, and Ritual explains why she's now eyeing startups like Depop that target Gen Z shoppers

Lisa Wu, a partner at Norwest Venture Partners, focuses on a consumer group of investments, mostly in the direct-to-consumer space. Wu said that she is keeping an eye on companies that are focusing their efforts on winning over Gen Z consumers.  She gave the example of Depop, a Gen Z-targeted social shopping app, that she says is doing well by honing in on the values of Gen Z. In a statement to Business Insider, Depop's chief marketing officer Peter Semple said that the app is meant to help yo...
Tags: Instagram, Ebay, New York City, Trends, Walmart, Business Insider, Norwest Venture Partners, Pew Research, Wu, Semple, Lisa Wu, Depop, Layla Amjadi, Peter Semple, Though Depop, Depop Rachel Swidenbank

VW pulls car ad after outcry, apologizes for racist overtone

Germany’s Volkswagen has pulled a social media ad for a new car and apologized after an outcry over its racist overtones. The ten-second spot posted on Instagram and Twitter shows a massive white hand pushing a black man away from beside a new yellow Volkswagen Golf parked on the street, then moving him to an open doorway and flicking him inside a French cafe. Commentators on social media also noted that as the German-language slogan “Der Neue Golf” - “The New Golf” - fades into view, the jumb...
Tags: News, Instagram, Germany, Vw, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen forced to apologise for racist advert

Volkswagen was forced to apologise on Wednesday after it was accused of overt racism in its latest car advert. An extraordinary video released by the German carmaker shows a black man being pushed around by a giant white hand before being flicked dismissively through a doorway. The video, an advert for the latest VW Golf, was released on the company's Instagram account for a few hours before being hastily deleted. In what appears to be intended as a humorous skit, it depicts a giant white ha...
Tags: News, Instagram, Vw, Volkswagen, Bernd Osterloh, VW Golf

Getting closer.

Photograph taken at 5:38 this morning. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Photography, Law, Sunrise, Lake Mendota, Ann Althouse, Post-coronavirus Culture

Mother Earth? Mother’s Day Heats Up Facebook in April, While Instagrammers Talk Earth Day

Facebook users love their moms, while Instagrammers love the Earth. Facebook IQ revealed its Hot Topics on Facebook and Instagram for April 2020. Mother's Day topped Facebook overall and the holidays and events category, followed by Holy Week and Earth Day. Meanwhile, the order on Instagram was Earth Day, Mother's Day, Holy Week. Bill Gates...
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Advertising, Social Pro Daily, Earth Facebook

Indirect Marketing: Learn What It Can Do for Your Business That Direct Marketing Can’t

By Kat Solukova Is there anything more annoying than in-your-face marketing? Pop-up ads, cold calls, and sales emails are all intended to get consumers to buy more from you. Unfortunately, this type of selling is more likely to irritate customers than impress them. In a world where customers have become , businesses can’t afford to be overly blunt with their promotional campaigns. After all, your customers are bombarded with sales materials every day. It’s no wonder they get sick of all the com...
Tags: Google, Lyft, Instagram, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Seo, Content Marketing, Netflix, Marketing & PR, Digital Marketing, Melbourne Australia, Facebook Once, Key Lessons for Entrepreneurs Starting A Business, Indirect Marketing, Kat Solukova

A Visual Dispatch From One of the World’s Most Remote Islands

The inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha, which sits in the remote waters of the South Atlantic, are insulated from the coronavirus by an immense moat.
Tags: Photography, News, Islands, South Atlantic, Travel and Vacations, Quarantines, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV

What Do the Paparazzi Do When the Stars Are Quarantined?

More FaceTime means less face time, but the celebrity photographers are still shooting away.
Tags: Photography, Celebrities, News, Facetime, Ben, Affleck, Ariana, Grande,, Instagram Inc

Just FYI - everyone on Instagram will be wearing Anine Bing's new empowerment jumper

They say you should wear your heart on your sleeve, but how about wearing positive...
Tags: Instagram, Anine Bing

Comment on twinkie bundt by Rachel Hearle

I made this following the Instagram post about it. I didn’t use a piping bag or a melon thingy. I just used a pointy knife to carve out holes and a spoon to blob it in. I followed recipe and it came out perfectly. I’m so pleased. I think the fact that it’s very warm here is helping- cold damp = droopy meringue. It looks so great and was fairly simple. I put the excess meringue on top because of the waste factor As well as the fact that my kids have no idea what a Twinkie is anyway! Being in the ...
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