How to delete your Instagram account permanently, or temporarily deactivate it

It's possible to delete your Instagram account, but it's important to note that deleted accounts cannot be recovered or reactivated in future.  Deleted Instagram accounts permanently lose all followers, likes, comments, and posts. If you think you might return to Instagram, you can choose to temporarily disable your account instead of deleting it altogether. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Instagram is one of the most popular and successful social media pla...
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At the Hit-the-Wall Café...

... you can write whatever you want... within reason.I couldn't get a sunrise picture today, because it rained, and it rained all day, so it's a good day to use the Althouse Portal to Amazon. The warmer weather is here, and we bought 2 of these Bionaire window fans (which the NYT rated as by far the best window fan). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Satirical websites are testing Facebook's policy on not being the 'arbiter of truth' by running false headlines claiming Mark Zuckerberg is dead or abusive (FB)

Two satirical websites are testing Facebook's stance that it shouldn't be the "arbiter of truth." The websites shared satirical articles with fictional headlines about CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Facebook on Wednesday. The posts came just as Zuckerberg had reiterated the company's stance on freedom of expression during broadcast news interviews before Trump signed a new executive order aimed at social media companies. Facebook has in the past refused to take down a doctored video of House Speaker N...
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Trump's executive order calls out YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook — but Google's name curiously disappeared from the final version of the order (GOOG)

In response to Twitter fact-checking his tweets, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order aimed at regulating social media companies. In the order, Trump explicitly called out Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  But in a notable tweak from the draft version, Google's name was removed from the order, even though it is still clearly referenced. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that takes aim at social me...
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Animals that take hallucinogens

Perhaps, at some point, you’ve dabbled in the world of hallucinogens. Maybe it was at a high school party. Maybe it was at a music festival. Maybe it was because you wanted to make the most out of your night in watching The Lego Movie. Whatever your motivation, it wasn’t something exclusive to you as a human being. Ingesting hallucinogenic plants — both for recreation and medicine — isn’t uncommon in the animal kingdom, and as Joel Locke, the Primate Farm Keeper at the Great Plains Zoo in Sio...
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The anticipated joy of a Tokyo train journey?

Tokyo’s train network is truly wonderful, with the option to easily travel all over the capital the gift that really does keep on giving. Actually using the network, on the other hand, is often utterly awful, as overcrowding can make commutes more akin to a melee. Recently, of course, that has all changed, at least from personal experience it has anyway, as after years of taking almost daily train trips, it has now been none in two and a half months. However, with Japan’s state of emergency now ...
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Most online grooming offences in UK committed on Facebook-owned apps

Data shows 55% of offences where the means of communication was given involved firm’s appsMore than half of online grooming offences recorded under a law that made it illegal to send sexual messages to children were committed on Facebook-owned apps, figures reveal.The data, obtained by the NSPCC under freedom of information laws, show 10,019 offences of sexual communication with a child were recorded since the legislation was introduced in April 2017. Continue reading...
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Cheap houses for sale in Scandinavia

If you’ve been stuck inside an apartment in a city for the past two and a half months with little to no access to nature, even from your windows, then you may be rethinking your urban lifestyle. And no other place on the internet will make you consider a move to the middle of nowhere like the Instagram account Cheap Nordic Houses. Created only seven weeks ago, the account is packed full of beautiful houses located in idyllic settings in the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, and Swede...
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A bit of color seen around my neighborhood in Paris. A florist by the name of Happy is also happy to be back. I bought some peonies which opened almost immediately. It makes me so happy just to look at them. Closeup. So beautiful. Spring berries for sale. I was looking at the sunset when I saw one of those long cargo boats go by. There weren’t any for a while but they are starting up again. Street traffic is picking up again too.
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Hundreds of Police Officers Guard Home of Killer Cop Derek Chauvin to Protect Him From Protesters

We previously reported that on Tuesday evening (May 26), protesters had located the home of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer directly responsible for the death of George Floyd, who passed away because Chauvin was kneeling on his neck while arresting him for a suspected “forgery in progress.” Now, photos and video footage have surfaced showing what appears to be hundreds of Oakdale police officers guarding Chauvin’s suburban home. “Look how many f***ing people are defending th...
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Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

Get up close to the finest mosaics in Western Europe, 19th-century busts (an earlier form of self-promotion), the archaeology of Turkey, the Met’s conservation projects and stately European homes.
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Plex launches a co-watching experience for its on-demand library and users’ personal media

Virtual viewing parties that let people watch video together remotely have become a popular way to stay connected with friends and family amid the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier today, Hulu announced the addition of a new “Watch Party” feature for its site to make a virtual viewing experience a built-in feature of its service. Now, media software maker Plex is also today launching its own “Watch Together” feature which works both with its own collection of on-demand content and users’ personal me...
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Hulu launches a new Watch Party feature for virtual viewing parties and chat

Hulu today is introducing a new feature called “Hulu Watch Party,” its first social feature that will allow viewers to virtually watch Hulu together at the same time while in separate locations and chat with one another within the Hulu app. The feature is being tested first on for Hulu’s “No Ads” subscribers for the time being. It will work with thousands of movies and shows in Hulu’s on-demand streaming library, the company says. To see which programs are available for this Watch Party...
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The best cheap GoPro alternatives that won’t leave you broke for June 2020

Cold weather is here. A good action camera is a perfect way to record your adventures
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Cookware startup Caraway raises $5.3M as it eyes new product categories

Caraway, a direct-to-consumer startup selling ceramic pots and pans, is announcing that it has raised $5.3 million in seed funding. Founder and CEO Jordan Nathan (previously a brand manager at e-commerce holding company Mohawk Group) told me that he became interested in cookware after burning a Teflon pan and learned more about the dangers of Teflon poisoning. In fact, although nonstick materials like Teflon are used most of the cookware sold in the United States, it turns out that that there ar...
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7 smart uses of influencer marketing and why they’re effective

With the rise of social media influencers affecting marketing techniques, businesses are embracing this new facet of online business sales. Many modern-day businesses have simply evolved their marketing tactics from traditional to digital with ease. However, the introduction of influencer-based marketing introduces a very new technique to the discipline of getting an audience to purchase a product.  However, one of the most egregious missteps that companies make when dealing with influencer m...
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Eminem joins a secretive text-message startup, sponsored content rates drop, and a new media kit library

Welcome back to this week's Influencer Dashboard newsletter! As always, this is Amanda Perelli (from home) with a weekly update on what's new in the business of influencers and creators. This week, my colleague Dan Whateley and I published four influencer media kits from creators who are popular on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Brand sponsorships are one of the main ways influencers earn money — and the first thing advertisers ask for during a pitch is a media kit.  But what does an influence...
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'You lot can’t rattle me': John Boyega defends explicit anti-racism posts in wake of George Floyd death

The Star Wars actor expanded on his defiance of racist social media users in an Instagram Live videoJohn Boyega has been praised for a series of uncompromising social media posts speaking out about racism in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers.Boyega’s initial Tweet, “I really fucking hate racists”, currently has 1.3m likes, but came in for criticism for his hard-hitting tone and use of an expletive. Continue reading...
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Ryan Murphy Buys Rights to THE NORMAL HEART & THE DESTINY OF ME; Aims to Run on Broadway in Rep

Ryan Murphy posted a heartfelt tribute to the late Larry Kramer on Instagram yesterday, following the news of his passing. In his post, he revealed that he had recently bought the stage rights to The Normal Heart and The Destiny of Me, and plans to run them on Broadway in rep. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Instagram will start sharing IGTV ad revenue with select creators in the US

Instagram will start showings ads on IGTV, and will share revenue generated from those with some creators, starting next week, it said in a blog post yesterday.  The platform will share 55% of the IGTV ad revenue with a creator, Justin Osofsky, Instagram’s COO, told the Verge. Instagram will also introduce new “badges” on Instagram […] ...
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Returning, and Awakening, to the Beauty of Rural Alabama

Having traveled to Alabama to wait out the coronavirus pandemic, a photographer reassesses his relationship with his childhood and his hometown.
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How to grow your Instagram audience as a team

Mauricio Umansky shares how his team grew The Agency’s Instagram account to be one of the most-followed residential real estate accounts in the world.
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Masked leaders - in pictures

The issue of wearing a mask to reduce spread of Covid-19 is contentiousWhich kind of face mask will best protect you against coronavirus? Continue reading...
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