A Peony Kind of Love…in the Gardens of Winterthur

Guest Rant by Debra Moffitt In this burdened, budding springtime, we are all looking for something to do. I suggest falling in love — rollicking, floating on a marshmallow cloud, I’m-not-even-hungry love. To be honest, my paramour and I have been carrying on since 2016 and this year we are as star-crossed as any two have ever been. Confession: I’m married. But the real problem is my heart’s desire lives behind the gates of an Eden-like public garden called Winterthur. The place draws a crowd, ...
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Free to Move: An Interview with Ilya Somin, Part Two

This is part two of a two-part interview with Ilya Somin (George Mason Law School) about his new book, Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom (Oxford University Press, 2020). Part One appears here. JB:How might you apply the thesis of your book to the internet? I have argued that we need many different kinds of social media companies with many different kinds of content moderation rules in order to protect freedom of expression. But the central objection to what I've calle...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can write about anything you like.And let me give you another gentle reminder about the Althouse Portal to Amazon, the door to an easy way to show some appreciate this blog. Thanks for using it! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A wonderfully ramshackle old Tokyo restaurant

When in a new area and it’s fast approaching lunch time, there’s always the hope that an interesting little place will present itself. And for me at least the Chinese restaurant below was pretty much perfect, as it’s old, cosy and happily displays all the dilapidation of its five-plus decades in operation.
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59 former employees are calling on the company to donate the money it made from its record-breaking 'Justice for George Floyd' petition

More than 50 former employees have drafted an open letter demanding that the company disclose how much money it raised from its record-breaking "Justice for George Floyd" petition and donate the money to Floyd's family or Black Lives Matter-focused charities. The petition became the most-signed petition in the site's history last week, racking up over 17 million signatures. urges petition signers to "become a hero" by donating money to "get the petition on the agenda." Bu...
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Another Day Another Walk

We met at the Orsay Museum again for another walk. A long boat serenely going by the Orsay Museum. A statue of Thomas Jefferson. He was the ambassador to France before he became president of the USA. The gardens are now open. This was the first day to enter the Tuleries Gardens. It was pretty empty at 8 am but I bet it was really full by the afternoon. The flowers bloomed even though there was no one there to see them.
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Blur Faces and Remove Metadata From iPhone Photos With This Shortcut

As demonstrations against police brutality and racial injustice continue around the country, apps that blur faces and delete metadata have become a necessary part of any protester’s tool set. Such apps prevent unwanted surveillance and tracking of those in the images and the photographers snapping the shots.Read more...
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Instagram Hires Melissa Waters, Former Lyft and Pandora Exec, as Global Head of Marketing

Instagram has a new marketing boss: Melissa Waters, a veteran of Lyft and Pandora, was hired by the Facebook-owned photo and video service as global head of marketing. Waters replaces Gedioen Aloula, who joined Instagram a year ago from HP. Aloula is no longer with Instagram, a rep confirmed. As Instagram’s head of marketing, Waters […]
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How much money a YouTube creator with around 50,000 subscribers made in May, after her videos on stimulus checks surged in views

Erika Kullberg is an attorney who runs a personal-finance YouTube channel under the same name with 56,000 subscribers. Kullberg started her YouTube channel in October 2019, after leaving her job as a corporate lawyer. Kullberg's YouTube channel earned about $9,000 in May, according to a screenshot viewed by Business Insider. Her main business is her legal company, where she helps entrepreneurs and creators protect their online business. For YouTube, her three main revenue streams are Google-pl...
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Dancers Speak Out About Racism In The Dance World

A handful of dancers have taken to Instagram to directly call out the problems they’ve seen in their own companies. – Dance Magazine
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The popcorn store is open... open to discussion... and it's been open...

Photographed yesterday on State Street in Madison. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"We the People of the United States have hope for the future..."

Photographed yesterday on State Street in Madison. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Sequel Officially Swings into Production

Even though plenty of animated projects have been able to continue production after the coronavirus pandemic shut down the film and television industry around the world, Sony Pictures still ended up pushing back the release date for the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel by six months, all the way back to the fall of 2022. That’s a long time to wait for a return to the Spider-Verse, but the good news is that production has officially started on the animated comic book sequel. Spider-Ma...
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Microsoft's AI Journalists Confuse Mixed-Race Little Mix Singers on MSN Homepage

Microsoft's decision to replace human journalists with AI to run its news and search site has been criticized after the automated system confused two mixed-race members of British pop group Little Mix. From a report: As first reported by The Guardian, the newly-instated robot editors of selected a story about Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall's experience with racism to appear on the homepage, but used a picture of Thirlwall's bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock to illustrate it. Thirlwal...
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How the “First Photojournalist,” Mathew Brady, Shocked the Nation with Photos from the Civil War

In her 1938 essay “Three Guineas,” Virginia Woolf wondered “whether when we look at the same photographs we feel the same things.” Woolf half-hoped that grisly images of the dead from the Spanish Civil War might help put an end to the spreading global conflict. She recognized, writes Susan Sontag in Regarding the Pain of Others, photography’s ability “to vivify the condemnation of war” and to “bring home, for a spell, a portion of its reality to those who have no experience of war at all.” Mat...
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"Isn't it beautiful?" — a middle-aged white woman enthused gently...

... as I was photographing this... ... in downtown Madison. Maybe she was just trying to say the right thing, but maybe she was delusional or had very low standards. I aim to help — and I have to admit that she wasn't the slightest bit intimidating to me — so I said, "Actually, I don't think this one is very good." In my endless search for positivity, I added that there were a lot of other murals and many of them were good. And then, because I'm always looking for a point of agreement, I said, ...
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7 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Social Media Marketing

When you open your phone and scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, it seems like there are hundreds of accounts who all have some secret to social media marketing that you don’t – how do they seem to get it right when you find it a struggle? I get it; just because social media is so pervasive doesn’t actually mean it’s easy to reach your audience and market on the platform. At least not yet – the 7 tips listed below will help you give your social media marketing strategy an instant ...
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Sunrise, 5:19.

Actual sunrise time: 5:18.Tomorrow is the first of the 10 days of sunrise at 5:17 — the earliest sunrise time of the year.I woke up before the alarm this morning, so I've got myself trained to meet the sunrise. I am up for it. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A new diverse Instagram influencer group is pitching brands and calling out those that lack representation

Social-media influencer Iesha Vincent (119,000 Instagram followers) recently created a collab group with seven other female travel creators as a way to promote diversity in brand campaigns.  Vincent's group, Babes That Wander, was started in this year, and is actively calling for brands to show with their actions (and not just words) that they support black creators and other creators of color. "The goal is to travel as a group and show brands that we are valuable and our voices matter," said ...
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The Quotidian and the Surreal

With large parts of our lives on pause, our relationship to motion, and the world outside of our homes, has been profoundly altered. We asked three photographers to explore movement in their everyday environments.
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The top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now: June 9, 2020

Welcome to the top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now. 5. Ben & Jerry’s: ‘Dismantle White Supremacy’ Ben & Jerry’s put out a simple statement on Instagram declaring “We must dismantle white supremacy.” It was accompanied by a company letter listing four steps the country must take in order to do that, including a message to President Trump to disavow white supremacists and nationalist groups and not use Twitter to normalize their agendas.     4. McDon...
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The best cameras for landscape photography

Landscape photography is all about planning and patience, but having the right camera certainly doesn't hurt.
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