'Def worth a trespass': Instagram users risk it all to frolic in New Zealand infinity pools

Picturesque but precarious spot on private land has been inundated with trespassers desperate to get the perfect shotThey climb over barbed wire, past “private property” signs and pose precariously on the edge of a 50-metre cliff face – all to get the perfect Instagram shot. A growing number of social media users are trespassing on private property at a beach west of Auckland to frolic in natural “infinity pools” on a cliff top – some in the nude – and driving the owners to despair.“We’ve absolu...
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United States: New York Court Divided On Instagram Sublicence - Withers LLP

Judges at a New York federal court appear split on whether Instagram's user agreement grants publishers a sub-licence to reproduce photographs uploaded to the social media platform...
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Ben & Jerry's just joined the growing list of advertisers boycotting Facebook over the platform's lack of hate speech moderation

Ben & Jerry's is halting paid advertising on Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram over the company's hate speech policies, the company announced in a tweet Tuesday. "Facebook, Inc. must take the clear and unequivocal actions to stop its platform from being used to spread and amplify racism and hate," the company said. The Vermont-based ice cream maker joins a growing list of advertisers boycotting the platform at the urging of civil rights groups who say Facebook has been unwilling and unable...
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"Silence Is Made In America" (a found slogan).

You may have to click twice to enlarge and see the plywood stamp "Made in America." Oh, let me help: Here's the full image, with the intended slogan ("Silence Is Violence"): Here's the Wikipedia article "Found Poetry" (which I'm choosing over "Found object" because we're talking about words): Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and reframing them (a literary equivalent of a collage) by making changes in spacing an...
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Chirs Burkard photography tips

Adventure photographer and now filmmaker Chris Burkard is living the dream. The California native has traveled the world on assignment for publications like National Geographic, recently released a coffee table book documenting Iceland’s glacial rivers and the fight to protect them, and just debuted a new film, Unnur, at the 2020 Mountainfilm Festival. Burkard first made his name in the surf world, interning with Transworld Surf and selling shots to other publications in that space. From the...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can write about whatever you want.And shop for whatever you want going into Amazon through the Althouse Portal. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A window into a changing Tokyo world?

Things change a lot in Tokyo. Buildings go up and down, and businesses come and go. Perhaps none quite as starkly as this previously featured old bar. Sometimes, however, the more things change, the more they somehow remain the same. Like the place below that I first photographed almost 4 years ago. And then once again last weekend. It’s now different, but also the same, as well as similarly hinting at some kind of unknown story.
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Facebook Loses Antitrust Case In Germany Over Data Collection

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: In a decision that could further embolden European governments to take on large tech platforms, Germany's top court ruled on Tuesday that Facebook had abused its dominance in social media to illegally harvest data about its users. The ruling by the Federal Court of Justice, upholding a decision by Germany's antitrust watchdog, is a major victory for proponents of tougher regulation of the world's largest technology companies. The case ...
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HUGE FLY FISHERMAN - How to Fly Fish for Carp

It's no secret that I'm a total nerd on fly fishing for carp and this is a fun primer from Ben Sittag at the Huge Fly Fisherman to get you started. These fish aren't as gross as you think... Check out the Huge Fly Fisherman website, grab some swag, and subscribe to the YouTube channel too.  He's a fun follow on Facebook and Instagram too. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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Instagram Expands Access to Ecommerce Features to More Businesses, Creators

Instagram updated its commerce eligibility requirements to give more businesses, as well as creators, access to its shopping features. The new rules go into effect July 9 in all countries where Instagram shopping is currently supported. Once the rules are in place, businesses must tag products on Instagram from a single website that they own...
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A top German court just dealt a blow to Facebook's data-collection efforts (FB)

A top German court has dealt a blow to Facebook's data collection efforts. The American social media giant is ensnared in an antitrust battle in the country. On Tuesday, it was ordered to comply with an order to curb data collection. The broader antitrust case is still ongoing. Facebook must comply with an order by Germany's antitrust watchdog to curb data collection from users, a top German court ruled on Tuesday, in a setback for the U.S. social network company. The Federal Court's stay ord...
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Influencers — and just about anyone else — can soon make their Instagram accounts shoppable (FB)

Since 2018, Instagram has let approved brands and businesses sell products right from their profiles with shoppable posts and checkout features. Instagram announced Tuesday it was loosening the restrictions on who is eligible for Instagram Shopping. Starting July 9, any Instagram user with a business account (rather than a personal account) — including influencers and small sellers — can apply to Instagram Shopping. To be eligible, users have to comply with other criteria: That includes having...
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How to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram, so your posts won't appear in their feed

There's no surefire way to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram, since you won't be notified when they do. When you mute someone on Instagram, you'll still be following them, but you won't see their posts or stories in your feed. If you've noticed that someone is no longer liking or commenting on any of your posts or viewing your stories, it might mean that they've muted you. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Muting someone on Instagram is like the social...
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Here Are Your Best Travel Photography Hacks

You, like me, probably miss the days of taking in the scenery on vacation and figuring out how to best capture it with your camera. But now you’re stuck at home, and your DSLR is gathering dust; your phone’s photo archive is filled with pictures of your cat. We know how it is. But hey, this is the perfect time to …Read more...
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Antitrust case against Facebook’s ‘super profiling’ back on track after German federal court ruling

A landmark regulatory intervention that seeks to apply structural antitrust remedies to cut big (ad)tech’s rights-hostile surveillance business models down to size has been revived after Germany’s federal court overturned an earlier ruling that had suspended enforcement of a ban on Facebook combining user data. The upshot is the tech giant could be forced to stop combining the personal data of users of its various social services with other personal data it harvests on Internet users via its var...
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Instagram expands Shopping to more businesses, including creators selling their merch

Instagram announced today it’s expanding access to Instagram Shopping to more businesses, including creators who want to sell their own merchandise. To enable this expansion, the company introduced new “Commerce Eligibility Requirements” that offer a set of guidelines that interested businesses must adhere to, in order to qualify for Instagram selling. For example, the guidelines specify the Instagram account must represent the store or website where the products are being sold from — in other w...
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Agora aerial photo contest

On May 8, the mobile app Agora launched a free photo competition. Entries had to adhere to the theme of aerial photography. The finalists were revealed last week, and they’re incredible. From intricate skylines to desolate natural landscapes, the competition received 9,018 submissions in total. Ewold Kooistra won first place and walked away with a $1,000 prize for his photograph titled “A magic morning in The Netherlands.” The Agora app is known for its globally inclusive photo contests that...
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Patagonia and other outdoor companies pull ads from Facebook and Instagram

Patagonia and other outdoor companies pull ads from Facebook and Instagram Patagonia is the latest outdoor company to take a stand against the spread of hate-inciting content on Facebook and Instagram, the company says. The move comes after other outdoor companies like The North Face and REI pulled their ads from Facebook following encouragement from […] The post appeared first on Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.
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Rebekah Vardy sues Coleen Rooney over 'Wagatha Christie' claims

Rooney claimed the reality TV star leaked stories from her private Instagram accountRebekah Vardy has launched defamation proceedings against Coleen Rooney at the high court in London, in what could be an extraordinary legal case detailing the feud between the two women and their relationships with the British tabloid media.Rooney made the headlines last year when she publicly claimed Vardy had been leaking stories from her private Instagram account to the Sun newspaper, after setting an elabora...
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5 Excellent 10x Content Examples To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Want to create better content? Then enter 10x content. Compared to a standard piece of original content, it’s better — 10x better. The fact that it can increase your blog’s traffic gives 10x content an upper hand. Particularly, it can rank on Google faster and for more keywords because of its usefulness and length. It’s more shareable, too. So, let’s not beat around the bush and learn from excellent 10x content examples. 1. The magic of copywriting “Content is king,” says the timeless sayi...
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Li Zhensheng, photographer of China's Cultural Revolution, dies

Former publisher announces death of Li, known for his book Red-Color News Soldier The Chinese photographer Li Zhensheng, known for his unflinching portrayal of China’s Cultural Revolution, has died, according to his former publisher.The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, which in 2018 published the first Chinese-language edition of Li’s book Red-Color News Soldier – a compilation of photos he had hidden from the period – said Li, 79, had died after spending several days in hospital following...
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How to Vlog: A Guide to Start Vlogging in 2020

The popularity of YouTube has skyrocketed in recent years, with the number of active monthly active users now surpassing a staggering two billion . And while there are plenty of effective small business marketing ideas you could use, few have seen such a rapid surge as vlogging, mainly because of the opportunity to get in front of that massive audience that is always craving fresh content.  Even though the number of vloggers worldwide and the competition keep increasing, there’s st...
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