'Black-ish' star Marsai Martin, 15, reacts to critics of her looks during BET Awards: 'Let me live'

"Black-ish" star Marsai Martin, 15, took to Instagram on Sunday to deliver a cheeky response to trolls attacking her hairstyle and teeth.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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At the Gray Cloud Café...

... you can write about whatever you want.And think about using the Althouse Portal to Amazon.Have a swell night's sleep! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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What's wrong with being a warrior... and how is it inconsistent with being a woman?

That's one of the protest murals in downtown Madison. It was photographed by me today, near this familiar corner: I know feminism is so last year, but as I'm getting this racial ideology slammed in my face, I must protest on the ground of feminism. A woman can be a warrior! Why would you bemoan your little girls growing into woman warriors?I remember when young women were fascinated by the book "The Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston (1976). Excerpt:After I grew up, I heard the chant of F...
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Microsoft Pauses Spending on Facebook, Instagram

Microsoft suspended its advertising on Facebook and Instagram in the U.S. in May and recently expanded that to a global pause, according to an internal chat transcript seen by Axios. From a report: Unlike the many advertisers who recently joined a Facebook boycott,, Microsoft is concerned about where its ads are shown, not Facebook's policies. But the move still means yet another big advertiser is not spending on Facebook right now. "Based on concerns we had back in May we suspended all media sp...
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5 ways to get the word out about your new side hustle

If you want to attract customers, then you'll need to be proactive about telling the world what makes your products or services special.It's hard to point to just one issue that's holding 89 percent of people with side businesses back from earning more than $1,000 per month, but failure to drum up significant demand likely plays a significant role. To start, you'd do well to experiment with social media marketing, maximizing customer reviews, receiving referrals, making the most of the marketing...
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Microsoft suspends advertising on Facebook, Instagram

The suspension started in May and is the latest by a major brand
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Microsoft reportedly suspends advertising on Facebook, Instagram

The suspension reportedly started in May and is the latest by a major brand
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Microsoft paused ad spending on Facebook and Instagram over concerns about 'inappropriate content' (MSFT, FB)

Microsoft has paused advertising spending on Facebook and Instagram, Axios reported Monday.  The news comes to protest the way the company moderates hate speech. Microsoft is not participating in the boycott, according to Axios, but is concerned about the content that its ads could appear next to on the social networks. Microsoft has yet to respond to a request to confirm the report. Are you a Microsoft employee? Contact this reporter via encrypted messaging app Signal (+1-425-344-8242) or e...
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How to post panorama photos on Instagram in 2 different ways

To post a panorama photo on Instagram, you can simply zoom the picture out while uploading it. You can also use an app like "Unsquared for Instagram," which splits your panorama photos into multiple Instagram-friendly squares. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. When Instagram first hit smartphones, every image uploaded had to be shaped like a perfect square.  This is all well and good for selfies and pictures of your kids, but for those majestic panorama shots o...
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An animator built a miniature version of IBM's iconic 1401 computer system from scratch. Take a look.

A Montreal-based creator modeled a miniature replica of IBM's iconic 1401 computer system. Nicolas Temese told Business Insider that the scale model includes everything from the setup at the time: a punchcard reader, tape drives, a query console, a central unit, and a line printer. Temese said his model is going to be displayed in Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum, which also showcases a working, real-size 1401 computer system. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Nicola...
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Honda ‘Boycotts’ Facebook and Instagram

American Honda has joined a cadre of sizable brands opting to pause advertising on Facebook and Instagram in order to “stand with with people united against hate and racism.” It’s part of a broader campaign, called #StopHateforProfit, in which activists push brands to boycott social media giants until they enact stricter regulations about what constitutes […] The post Honda ‘Boycotts’ Facebook and Instagram appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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After years of waiting, Sony A7S III may arrive this summer

The replacement to the A7S II may feature 10-bit video and a higher-resolution sensor
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Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

Tracking contentious statues, a journal devoted to Pan-African culture, fashion designers who geek out on art and politics: Here are the Instagram accounts that brighten our art critic’s daily feed.
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An Influencer Kept a Dog Stolen From an Unhoused Man and Is Refusing to Return Her

There has been no shortage of wild influencer stories during this period of social distancing and political unrest, including Instagram personalities who posed in blackface to “combat racism” and those who monetized their ill-advised road trips away from covid-19 hotspots. Still, those egregious behaviors are…Read more...
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Sony RX100 VII vs. ZV-1: How does Sony’s vlog-focused compact stack up?

The video-focused ZV-1 shoots great stills, and the photo-focused RX100 shoots great video. Which do you buy?
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Conviva: Instagram Stories Reach Rates Are Rising

Global streaming media intelligence company Conviva released its third annual Instagram Stories Benchmark Report, which analyzed "publishing and user engagement trends" on the Instagram Stories platform across four different verticals: sports, media, entertainment and brands. Conviva analyzed more than 920 "top" Instagram profiles and 28,700 individual Stories posted in Q1 of 2020. It then compared...
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5:45 a.m.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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All of the companies no longer advertising on Facebook due to the platform's lack of hate-speech moderation

Civil rights organizations including NAACP, Color of Change, and Anti-Defamation League asked advertisers to stop paying for advertisements on Facebook in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. Since Floyd's death, Facebook has allowed posts in which Trump called protesters "thugs" and suggested violence when he wrote, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided not to take action in removing the content despite re...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #497

TikTok launches TikTok For Business TikTok has announced that it is , which will serve as the home for all its current and future marketing solutions for brands. The site will include access to TikTok ad formats – including its marque product, TopView – along with a new e-learning centre aimed at helping marketers learn about TikTok and its ad offerings. Instagram expands Shopping to more businesses  Instagram has said that it’s opening Instagram Shopping up to more businesses, including creato...
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Facebook Begins Dark Mode Rollout for iOS

Facebook has begun rolling out Dark Mode support for its flagship iOS app, which comes just over a year after the Facebook Messenger app also gained ‌Dark Mode‌ support. Photo via 9to5Mac After evidence showing the company had been working on the feature surfaced in April, select users are now able to activate the feature under Settings & Privacy within the Menu tab. Users are able to choose from light and dark appearances, as well as an option to automatically change the app's appearanc...
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Swimming With the Sea Lions of Los Islotes

Sea lions are often referred to as “dogs of the sea.” On a small island off the Baja coast, where the playful animals populate every rocky outcropping, they live up to their nickname.
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How To Create A Monthly Instagram Report For Your Clients

by Uday Tank Reporting to your client is a crucial step in every marketing job. It gives your client the satisfaction that they have invested their money in the right place. However, many marketers struggle to make a decent monthly report. To give you an idea on how it can be done, here’s an example of Instagram’s monthly reporting procedure through Instagram marketing service Stormlikes. Step 1: Form a Pattern. Forming a pattern is very important when it comes to writing an accurate report. ...
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Facebook will label hateful content by politicians; MediaNama’s take

Facebook will finally start labelling content from politicians that, despite being newsworthy, violates it content policies, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday in a Facebook Live session. Content that may lead to violence or suppresses voting, even it is by politicians, will be removed by Facebook. This announcement came almost a month after Twitter and Facebook chalked out drastically different policies on how to deal with hate speech by politicians, including US President Donald Trump. On...
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Rachel Riley celebrates wedding anniversary with the sweetest photo of baby Maven

Rachel Riley delighted fans on Sunday when she took to Instagram with a brand new family...
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Indian startups diversify their businesses to offset COVID-19 induced losses

E-commerce giant Flipkart is planning to launch a hyperlocal service that would enable customers to buy items from local stores and have those delivered to them in an hour and a half or less. Yatra, an online travel and hotel ticketing service, is exploring a new business line altogether: Supplying office accessories. Flipkart and Yatra are not the only firms eyeing new business categories. Dozens of firms in the country have branched out by launching new services in recent weeks, in part to ...
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