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... you can write about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A slowly decaying Shinto shrine and its truly incredible torii

Shinto shrines can be found everywhere in Japan. Some, of course, are large and grand like the famous Meiji Jingu in central Tokyo, but many more are small, simple structures — especially so outside the big cities. And yet while they are all unique, I’ve never seen one quite like this before, or at least not one with such incredibly striking torii gates.
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Jiri Menzel, Oscar-Winning Czech Director, Dies at 82

Oscar-winning Czech director, writer and actor Jiri Menzel died Saturday following a long illness. Menzel’s death was confirmed by his wife, Olga, who posted the news on Instagram and Facebook late Sunday. Menzel was 82. Winner of the Academy Award for best foreign-language film for the 1966 bittersweet Nazi occupation story “Closely Watched Trains,” Menzel […]
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summer work (45/100)

One of the virtual summer programs that Alex attended this year was a portfolio preparation course from the University of the Arts London. It was only a week long, and Alex was challenged to do some wild experimental work as part of the program.A few weeks later, UAL reached out to her, asking if she wouldn’t mind submitting her story and photos of her work for an online feature of the program. So today ...
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Social media is a parasite, it bleeds you to live

Getty Social media apps are designed using the same psychology as casino slot machines. They entice you with menial rewards to keep you coming back, even when you know it's doing you harm.  When I deleted social media apps from my phone, I found myself newly endowed with time, mental bandwidth, and imagination that would have been lost to mindless "doomscrolling." You don't need to go cold turkey, just stop giving the parasitic social media sites so much of your lifeblood and get the apps...
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How to Take the Best Sunrise and Sunset Photos

There’s something we truly cannot resist about sunrises and sunsets. (And yes, the song is stuck in my head, and now yours too.) Even though they’re something that technically happens every day, it’s still hard not to be impressed with the first glow of a sunrise or the vivid colors of a sunset. Of course, this means…Read more...
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2019 – A Year of Travel In 100 Color Photographs

Every year I post 100 of my favorite photos from the year’s travels.  Ordinarily, this post comes around the New Year. For 2018 I was a full year delayed due to issues with WordPress. I’m extremely delayed in getting this post (photos from 2019) written, but had an extensive backlog to work through and have been delayed with work and travels. Now, fully caught up, I’m happy to pull together 100 of my favorite color shots from 2019 to share with you.  This year’s post includes photos from Geo...
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This celebrity used her Instagram following to help teachers stock their classrooms with school supplies

Many teachers in America feel pressured to pay for classroom supplies out of pocket due to low funding from their schools. Add in a global pandemic where children are no longer able to share supplies due to health safety concerns, teachers are feeling extra frustrated this year.
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