2020 Waldoboro Half Marathon

Video Interview of Winner Report ~ Jon Mennealy · Maureen Sproul and I watched some of the hardest, hilliest, meanest, toughest, est-est-est half marathon in New England (or the WORLD) this morning in Waldoboro. Laurie Nicholas crushed the course to lead the females, but Gena Bosshart and Patti McDonald did well also. We saw “Big D” Darren Winchenbach , and all-around good guy Will Sproul , too. We visited a friend of mine after and he said when he looked at the course he couldn’t believe p...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can write about whatever you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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26 Sept 2020 Westbrook vs Falmouth XC Meet

Set 1 courtesy of David Colby Young Down East Sports Timing – Contractor License HY-TEK’s Meet Manager WESTBROOK-FALMOUTH – 9/26/2020 SMILING HILL FARM Last Completed Event Event 2 Boys 5k Run CC ======================================================================= Name Year School Finals Points ======================================================================= 1 Greene, Ben Falmouth 16:51.60 1 2 Ross, Logan Falmouth 17:14.50 2 3 Igani, Faran Falmouth 18:00.10 3 4 Bessey, C...
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While Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Announce Hate Speech Action, Some Advertisers Remain Skeptical

"Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have agreed on first steps to curb harmful content online, big advertisers announced on Wednesday, following boycotts of social media platforms accused of tolerating hate speech," Reuters reports: Under the deal, announced by the World Federation of Advertisers, common definitions would be adopted for forms of harmful content such as hate speech and bullying, and platforms would adopt harmonized reporting standards... The platforms agreed to have some practices r...
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Roger Willey 10k Saturday, September 26, 2020 8:00 AM

Roger Willey ~ Roger Willey ~ Saturday, September 26, 2020 8:00 AM (GMT-4) – Preliminary results Finish of the 5k see Robin Emery
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‘Batwoman’ Star Javicia Leslie Unveils First Look at Batsuit

“Batwoman” star Javicia Leslie has revealed the first look at Gotham’s new hero, Ryan Wilder. The actor teased an image on Friday via Instagram in which she is suited up in her cape and cowl. “Look out, Gotham. I’m suited up and ready to go,” she wrote. “But just wait until Ryan Wilder puts her […]
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Post Malone joined the ranks of male celebs trying to capture the millennial market of rosé drinkers this summer. It all says a lot about the generation's thirst.

Post Malone is the latest male millennial celeb to create a brosé. Michael Stewart/Getty Images A number of male household entertainment names have been cashing in on millennials' famed thirst for rosé. In June, Post Malone launched a rosé called Maison No. 9. Prior to that, Instagram personality The Fat Jewish and "Bachelor" alum Colton Underwood also launched their own rosé brands. Rosé appeals to millennials of all genders because of the lifestyle it evokes, Susan Kostrzewa, editor-in-c...
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Noble & Cooley: Set the Tone

No other drum company in the world shares Noble & Cooley’s history of innovation and production. The premium drum manufacturer can trace its lineage to 1854, to humble beginnings with Silas Noble and James P. Cooley making drums by hand in the Noble farmhouse kitchen. The duo would later move to a factory that would craft more than 100,000 drums each year, including those produced and put into the hands of the Northern Regiments in the Civil War. Nearly 10 years ago, to commem...
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How the pandemic made summer 2020 the summer of hotel buyouts for wealthy travelers

Cape Arundel Inn All-property buyouts, where one family or group rents out every single room, gained new urgency — and appeal — during the pandemic-constrained summer season. From inns on the coast of Maine to island resorts, buyouts presented an appealing option to travelers looking to minimize their exposure to others. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  It was only supposed to be a week-long trip away from New York City for Dan Bassichis.In mid-March, the divorced priv...
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NESCAFÉ Gold 'Make Your Moment Matter' Campaign

Over the years, NESCAFÉ has played a key role in creating and enhancing coffee moments for people around the world. This is why NESCAFÉ has created a new brand platform, "Make Your Moment Matter", to celebrate these life moments that we often take for granted and encourage people to take the time to enjoy them over a cup of coffee.    The new platform first launches in Europe falls under NESCAFÉ Gold, with a campaign idea focused on savouring the moments that matter. N...
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4 major museums have postponed a retrospective for a highly respected painter — Philip Guston — because some of the paintings have images of the KKK.

I'm reading "Delay of Philip Guston Retrospective Divides the Art World/;Philip Guston Now' has become Philip Guston in 2024, after four museums postponed an artist’s show that includes Klan imagery."There's no reason to think Guston liked the Klan. It's for the viewer to gaze on these painterly cartoons... ... and wonder what the hell is this supposed to mean? or just to think hmmm, there's that or whatever you think in a museum... those bastions of white supremacy!Maybe you think, yeah, this i...
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Android users, this app will tell you if your phone camera is spying on you

When Apple introduced a new security feature in iOS 14, I wondered if Android users would also get a feature that reveals if their camera is spying on them. Well, there’s an app for that. Access Dots is an Android app that lets you know if any of your apps accesses your camera and microphone […] The post Android users, this app will tell you if your phone camera is spying on you appeared first on DIY Photography.
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