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... you can write about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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27 Sept 2020 SW Collins 5k

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27 Sept 2020 WS Collins 5k

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David Attenborough Break Instagram Record In First To 1 Million Followers

Attenborough stated the reason he decided to join Instagram simply: “The world is in trouble. Continents are on fire, glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, fish are disappearing from our oceans. The list goes on and on,” he said. “But we know what to do about it, and that’s why I’m tackling this new way of communication.” – NPR
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These “Indoor Adventures” take you on a miniature motorcycle ride

Indoor Adventure is a series of images created by Felix Hernandez for BMW Motorrad in Mexico. Shot in miniature (It’s Felix, what else would they be?), the scenes recreate outdoor scenes to show off the motorcycles in a number of environments that many of us aren’t getting to experience right now. It’s a three-part series, […] The post These “Indoor Adventures” take you on a miniature motorcycle ride appeared first on DIY Photography.
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4 steps every photographer should know to master strobe and sunlight

Today I’m out here with Chanda AM, and Chanda will help me illustrate how to balance ambient light with strobes. I love shooting in this situation with ambient light and strobe light. I want to be able to combine the ambient light here in this beautiful area with strobes. So the way I generally do […] The post 4 steps every photographer should know to master strobe and sunlight appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Speed Read: 27 September, 2020

Welcome to the second edition of Speed Read—our new weekend roundup that covers not just custom bikes, but also motorcycle news, gear, and sometimes even art. Today, we’ve gathered together an adorable MZ ETZ 250 bobber, a Yamaha RD350 from the eccentric Blechmann, and a Norton Commando that’s never left its crate. Plus we look at new riding sneakers from Icon 1000, and the evocative art of Chris White. Grab your beverage of choice and dig in. The art of Chris White If you’ve already picke...
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This is how Canon’s Dual Gain Output works on the new EOS C70 4K camera

There’s been a bit of misunderstanding over exactly what Canon’s Dual Gain Output (DGO) is on the newly announced Canon EOS C70 4K Super 35mm cine camera. Some have speculated that it might be something akin to dual ISO (given that gain and ISO are often interchangeable in the video world) and, well, sort of, […] The post This is how Canon’s Dual Gain Output works on the new EOS C70 4K camera appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Tweets and Photos: Man Utd players react to beating Brighton

Manchester United recorded a first Premier League win of the season thanks to an injury-time penalty from Bruno Fernandes. United had come from... Click the headline to read the full story.
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Guest Post by Rebecca Carvin aka RebeccaNYC

This November my blog will be 16 years old. To celebrate that I have asked you my readers to submit a Guest Post for my blog as a way of celebrating our connectedness as a community through social media.  I hope you will send me your story or at least a glimpse into your life I feel I know so many of you through the comment section and emails, I hope this will introduce you to one another. Thank you in advance for being part of French la Vie / Tongue in Cheek.   _______       I am beyond honore...
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Modifying my Mavic 2 Pro remote to act more like an aircraft style controller

I’m having a go at converting my DJI Mavic 2 remote controller from two thumbsticks to a more Aircraft style controller where a whole hand joystick controls Pitch, Roll and Yaw and the left stick only controls Throttle / Altitude. The first step is opening up a second-hand remote I bought to see if this […] The post Modifying my Mavic 2 Pro remote to act more like an aircraft style controller appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Refuge: The Naked Threat

Although it is illegal to share explicit images of someone without permission, at the moment there is no law against threatening to do so. Refuge says this is exploited by abusive partners, who use it to coerce their partners into acting against their will. The creative for #TheNakedThreat draws parallels between messages saying explicit images will be made public and traditional ransom n...
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Josh Hawley Is A Lying Demagogue Who Has Built A Fake Fantasy World About 'Evil Big Tech' (techdirt)

What's up Senator Hawley? What's bugging you today? Yesterday, Hawley went to the floor of the Senate to try to sneakily move forward one of his many, many bills to destroy the internet and take away Section 230. He tried to sneak it through without letting folks who he knew would oppose it know, in the hopes that they might not show up to stop him. In fact, he did it at a time when the key person blocking his bill -- Senator Ron Wyden, who authored Section 230 and knows that Hawley is lying abo...
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