9 Oct 2020 Mt Ararat HS vs Lincoln Academy XC Meet

Boys & Girls Meet photos courtesy of David Colby Young More photos soon courtesy of Lincoln Academy Mt Ararat might share a few photos too Live video of the two races courtesy of MTA
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At the Truth-and-Life Café...

   ... you can talk about whatever you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A critic's view: the delusion of Trump's Covid-19 victory photo

President’s pose on the White House balcony was a manic act of narcissistic theatre The trouble with Trump is that, as he told Bob Woodward, “I bring rage out.” It’s hard to see this picture of him posing maskless on the White House balcony after “winning” against Covid without the red mist coming down.To anyone with a sense of history, the echo of Mussolini on the balcony of Rome’s Palazzo Venezia is unmistakable. But many of his core voters may know as little history as he does and, besides, t...
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Facebook and Instagram will pin vote-by-mail explainers to top of feeds

Starting this weekend, everyone of voting age in the U.S. will begin seeing informational videos at the top of Instagram and Facebook offering tips and state-specific guidance on how to vote through the mail. The videos will be offered in both English and Spanish. The vote-by-mail videos will run on Facebook for four straight days in each state, starting between October 10 and October 18 depending on local registration deadlines. On Instagram, the videos will run in all 50 states on October 1...
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YouTube, Too, Is Reportedly Turning Into a Mall

The retail apocalypse is here, and the future looks like an antitrust hearing. Not to be outdone by Facebook and Instagram—the now-one-stop-shop for all forms of social media, and also a literal shop—Google, too, is coming for Jeff Bezos’s filthy, unfathomable riches with in-platform e-commerce. Soon after Instagram…Read more...
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In the News: Trust in Growing Number of Ecommerce Shops Dropping

The end-of-year shopping season has already started. And this year, if you’re selling online, you’re going to be one of many more ecommerce shops than were operating last year. And all those new ecommerce stores are having an effect on consumer confidence in any online brand. A new survey this week revealed that as more brands start selling online, trust in all these brands drops. That includes your online store, too. Think about it. You want people who’ve never heard of your brand to buy somet...
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The best tree-house rentals in the US

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb As the novel coronavirus continues, new travel trends are prioritizing safety and vacation rentals in remote, outdoor areas. According to Airbnb's CEO, unique stays like tree-houses have become especially popular.We rounded up some of the best tree-house rentals across the US for a unique stay perched high among the branches.  Read more: Are Airbnbs safe? We spoke to experts, a company repre...
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Facebook removes disinformation networks linked to political actors in US, Myanmar, Azerbaijan

Facebook removed four networks of coordinated inauthentic behaviour, which were linked to politically affiliated actors in the US, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Azerbaijan, in the first eight days of October. Two of these networks primarily relied on posts by real people instead of automated bots to commenting on posts by media organisations and public figures to create the impression of widespread support of their narratives. In Myanmar, at least 70 accounts with links to the military were removed. In ...
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