Facebook says it rejected 2.2m ads seeking to obstruct voting in US election

Nick Clegg, Facebook vice president, says social media giant also attached false information warnings to 150m postsA total of 2.2m ads on Facebook and Instagram have been rejected and 120,000 posts withdrawn for attempting to “obstruct voting” in the upcoming US presidential election, Facebook’s vice president Nick Clegg has said.In addition, warnings were posted on 150m examples of false information posted online, the former British deputy prime minister told French weekly Journal du Dimanche o...
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Tweets vs Blogposts

Hola! If you are a longtime reader of this blog (or blogs in general), you would know how blogging as a hobby has been sort of replaced by things like Instagram, tweets, and so on and so forth. Both in general and for me. And how blogging is now a lot more "content marketing" where companies pay peanuts to desk monkeys to churn out words that trap those search engine spiders logs. And how the "content" that is created does not really do anything good to any reader, even if they may want to read ...
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Kim Kardashian's G-String Exposure Unappreciated By Instagram

Kim Kardashian's G-String Exposure Unappreciated By Instagram
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Morgan Stanley's bond-trading bonanza — Payments tech salaries — Fannie Mae shakeup

Happy Saturday!Big bank earnings season was in full swing this week. From top execs laying out the rationale behind dealmaking to shedding light on their plans for the future of the physical office, here are some of this quarter's highlights: Morgan Stanley's CEO explains why the bank's $7 billion bid for Eaton Vance makes sense even with such a high price tag: 'I'm not ashamed to say it's fully priced'JPMorgan and BlackRock are both looking to do M&A. Their execs just gave a glance at what they...
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The Drama of Facing Through

T he Cut: The cut is hard sometimes, but I have come to love it. It is a wound, a hole, an opening, a separation, a new edge, a space, a way through, an undoing and a challenge. A letting go. The Patch: The patch is, well, quite simply a way to solve a problem. So it might be anything and everything we might use to do that. We could whittle it down to simply, an idea.  The evidence of path: Story. How did it happen?  Most often, I cut through to make things smaller, to look thro...
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Apple touted 5G as one of the biggest features in its new iPhone 12 lineup. But here's why 5G shouldn't be the only reason you upgrade.

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the 5G iPhone 12 earlier this week. Apple Apple's iPhone 12 lineup marks the company's first smartphones to come with 5G. While it's an important step for the iPhone, 5G support alone isn't enough of a reason to upgrade. The fastest 5G networks operate at a short range and are only found in very limited areas around the US. But bringing 5G to the iPhone 12 ensures that the phone will remain relevant in the future as 5G networks develop over the coming years. Vis...
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