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Daily Crunch: Pakistan un-bans TikTok

TikTok returns to Pakistan, Apple launches a music-focused streaming station and SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites. This is your Daily Crunch for October 19, 2020. The big story: Pakistan un-bans TikTok The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocked the video app 11 days ago, over what it described as “immoral,” “obscene” and “vulgar” videos. The authority said today that it’s lifting the ban after negotiating with TikTok management. “The restoration of TikTok is strictly subject t...
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The Pandemic Has Proven That Luxury Isn’t About Products—It’s About Connection

Shoppers who once scrolled Instagram for the next "it" handbag are now spending time scouring Amazon for hand sanitizer. In a year when the focus shifted abruptly from what's aspirational to what's essential, luxury brands are looking for a new way forward. It's no small task: Consumers are spending less amid a global pandemic and...
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How to Use Instagram's New Story Archives Map

Instagram stories have a measly 24-hour lifespan—at least publicly. But the app actually keeps a private archive of all your old story posts that you can access at any time and resurrect them as profile “Highlights.” Digging through your entire story post archive to dredge up highlights can be a pain, but Instagram…Read more...
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Billie Eilish LOSES IT Over the Color of Her Shoes

Billie Eilish totally lost it over the weekend during a Q&A with fans on Instagram when discussing the color of her sneakers. While some...
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Who regulates social media?

Social media platforms have repeatedly found themselves in the United States government’s crosshairs over the last few years, as it has been progressively revealed just how much power they really wield, and to what purposes they’ve chosen to wield it. But unlike, say, a firearm or drug manufacturer, there is no designated authority who says what these platforms can and can’t do. So who regulates them? You might say everyone and no one. Now, it must be made clear at the outset that these companie...
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The leaves are falling

So, the leaves are falling. And autumn is calling. And few things makes me happier. As strange as it may sound, I always feel born again in the autumn. I love the colours, the crisp air. I almost felt like an intruder, pointing my camera into the small gardens as I walked passed them. There’s something about the breaking point between the lingering, dark, and intensive green paired with the warm colours of autumn. Memories of summer. I know that this colour pa...
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Kristen Cavallari's make out partner Jeff Dye posts selfie and says 'some women like funny guys'

The 37-year-old comedian took to his Instagram on Sunday to share a humorous mirror selfie of himself crossing his eyes.
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The Entrepreneur’s Faces: 10 Entrepreneurial Types and Their Journey

THE leadership we need now can be found in the entrepreneurial mindset—the characteristics found in entrepreneurs. Authors Jonathan Littman and Susanna Camp have categorized the nature of this mindset into ten types or faces in The Entrepreneur’s Faces. More than just static labels, there you’re your pathway into the entrepreneurial mindset and the solutions that can bring. As if the changes in technology haven’t left many wondering what to do next, the reaction to the COVID-19 virus has left m...
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More Consumers Plan to Shop on Cyber Monday Over Black Friday

A report by  Allocadia , is projecting that more Americans will be opting to do more shopping online this holiday season. Amidst concerns of COVID-19, s ome 44% of consumers plan to buy online during the holiday shopping season compared to 33% in 2019. Shoppers’ attention to has also shifted online, as more people plan to participate in Cyber Monday (61%) than Black Friday (52%) this year. Some 65% of shoppers plan to either spend the same amount or less from last year. Forty percent ...
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Instagram Enables Businesses and Creators to Set Age Gates for Each Branded Content Post

Creators and business accounts on Instagram now have access to new audience safety tool that enable them to set a minimum age for who can see their branded content posts on feed. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network began permitting those accounts to set up age gates directly via the Instagram application last December, but...
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This AI-Powered Sky Replacement Tool Is Smart Enough to Change Reflections Too

There are lots of valid reasons to raise concerns over the capabilities of AI-powered image editing tools, but if you’re a professional pixel pusher, there are just as many reasons to be excited about them too, as Skylum Software demonstrates with its new image editing software, Luminar AI that does automated sky…Read more...
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United States: Disclosures: Instagram Provides New Commitments To UK's CMA - Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA)

Facebook (owners of Instagram in the UK) has committed to a package of changes to tackle what the CMA describes as "hidden advertising" on the Instagram platform.
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Facebook introduces a new Messenger API with support for Instagram

Following the updates to Instagram and Messenger that delivered cross-app communication and other features, Facebook today announced its Messenger API has also been updated to allow businesses to manage their communications across Instagram, in addition to Messenger . Before today, businesses could only respond to customer inquiries through the Instagram app and through Facebook’s unified business inbox. This could work for some smaller businesses, but for larger brands with a high volum...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #512

Twitter takes a U-turn on blocking controversial New York Post storyEarlier last week, we witnessed the latest moves in the war on misinformation from Facebook and Twitter, who had limited the spread of a controversial New York Post article critical of Joe Biden. Both platforms questioned the validity of the article and the origins of the materials featured, which are thought to have been pulled from a computer that had been left by Biden’s son in a computer repair shop. However, it now appears ...
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Messenger From Facebook’s API Now Supports Instagram Messaging

Messaging across Facebook's family of applications continues to become more intertwined, as the social network said Monday that the Messenger API (application-programming interface) was updated to support messaging on Instagram. The updated API doesn't quite support cross-app communications, but it does enable businesses to integrate Instagram messaging with the business apps and workflows they are...
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Morning Docket: 10.19.20

* This election cycle, we are reminded again that taking ballot selfies is illegal in many jurisdictions. Too bad, with the right insta filter, that ballot would look really good... [New York Times] * A New York federal judge has denied a preliminary injunction to the Catholic Brooklyn Diocese seeking to reopen churches closed due to COVID-19 rules. [CNN] * A lawsuit has already been filed over the forthcoming Borat sequel. [Wrap] * A group in Louisiana has been charged for allegedly stagi...
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Ukrainian fitness influencer dies from COVID after denying it exists

A Ukrainian fitness influencer with 1.1 million followers on Instagram has died of the coronavirus – after previously doubting the...
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Family of Moscow-Born Teen Who Beheaded Teacher Were from Chechnya Where Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Are Demonized

MOSCOW—The man known as ‘Putin’s attack dog’ has spent years promoting a violent response to the publication of controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. When a teenager from a Chechen family beheaded a school teacher in France on Friday for sharing these images with his class, Ramzan Kadyrov, the Putin-backed ruler of Chechnya, took to social media to lecture France about its “unacceptable attitude to Islamic values.”Kadyrov has worked hard to make the French controversy a cause célèbre i...
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Facebook has blocked 2.2 million ads for breaking its rules on elections ahead of the November vote

Facebook vice-president Nick Clegg. Lino Mirgeler Facebook said it had taken down 120,000 posts for violating its "voter interference policies" ahead of the US election. The posts were taken down across Facebook and Instagram, which Facebook owns. Facebook has also rejected 2.2 million ads because the organizations behind them had not yet been approved to run political ads, it said. The news comes as pressure grows on Facebook to tackle misinformation in the runup to Election Day. Visit Bu...
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The EU is investigating Instagram for allegedly exposing the contact data of up to 5 million underage users

Instagram is being investigated over whether it exposed children's data. Getty The EU is investigating whether Instagram broke data-privacy laws after it allegedly exposed the personal data of millions of children, the Telegraph reports. It follows a complaint from a US data scientist, who last year said that Instagram allowed underage users to publicly display their phone numbers and email addresses by switching to "business" accounts. Ireland's Data Protection Commission, the officia...
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The 100 Most Influential Photographs: Watch TIME’s Video Essays on Photos That Changed the World

We live in a culture oversaturated with images. Videos of violence and death circulate with disturbing regularity, only rarely rising to the level of mass public outrage. Social media and news feeds bombard us not only with distressing headlines but with photograph after photograph–doctored, memed, repeated, then discarded and forgotten. It’s impossible to do otherwise than to forget: the sheer volume of visual information most of us take in daily overwhelms the brain’s ability to sort a...
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Instagram’s handling of kids’ data is now being probed in the EU

Facebook’s lead data regulator in Europe has opened another two probes into its business empire — both focused on how the Instagram platform processes children’s information. The action by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC), reported earlier by the Telegraph, comes more than a year after a US data scientist reported concerns to Instagram that its platform was leaking the contact information of minors. David Stier went on to publish details of his investigation last year — saying Insta...
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Bars in Paris before and after Covid curfew – in pictures

On Saturday, Paris went under a night-time curfew that will last at least a month. France has reported another record for new coronavirus cases, with more than 32,000 registered in 24 hoursCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageA bar on the Rue de Seine Continue reading...
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Here Are 7 Tips to Kickstart Your New Business Online and Grab Eyeballs.

Let’s imagine you open a new burger joint, fire up your grills, hire your staff, and even let the doors open for customers. But people do not seem to flock into your store. Everything from the food to the decor is impressive, but the audiences simply refuse to show up. The reason for this is probably because you forgot to spread the word. Grabbing eyeballs means making the noise and telling the story. The same is true for any new business. Starting from a blank slate is, for sure, unwittingly ...
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Osmo Pocket 2 is coming this week. Here’s what it could look like

Compact and convenient, DJI’s Osmo Pocket gimbal camera generated a lot of interest when it launched in 2018. An updated design is launching this week.
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