An intense looking Shinto priest in Tokyo

Old and decaying Shinto torii gates are incredibly striking, but in their own way, so are the religion’s priests.
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At the Milkweed Café...

  ... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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'Harry Potter' star Rupert Grint joins Instagram and reveals daughter's name: 'Only 10 years late'

Rupert Grint has finally joined Instagram and shared a photo of his 7-month old daughter while revealing her name.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Leica's Latest Is a Beautiful Black and White Machine That'll Cost Ya $6,000

You don’t need to buy a Leica to get professional-level photos. It certainly won’t hurt, but a Leica is an object that tells the world you are either quite serious, have a ton of cash to burn, or a little bit of both. So, if you’re going to buy a Leica, why not buy a weird Leica?Read more...
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The Digital Nomads Did Not Prepare for This

They moved to exotic locales to work through the pandemic in style. But now tax trouble, breakups and Covid guilt are setting in. From a report: For a certain kind of worker, the pandemic presented a rupture in the space-time-career continuum. Many Americans were stuck, tied down by children or lost income or obligations to take care of the sick. But for those who were unencumbered, with steady jobs that were doable from anywhere, it was a moment to grab destiny and bend employment to their favo...
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The first photo of Ant and Dec at the I'm a Celebrity castle is here – and wow

Ant and Dec took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal that they’ve arrived at the Welsh...
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How to set up two-factor authentication on Instagram to help protect your account

You can set up two-factor authentication on Instagram in two ways. Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images Two-factor authentication on Instagram helps secure your account and information, and there are two ways to set it up.  One way is to use your cell phone — register your phone number to receive a text message with a unique code to gain access to your account.  You can also set up two-factor authentication on Instagram using a third-party app.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for...
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Harry Potter's Rupert Grint Is All Grown Up And Sharing The First Look At His New Baby

Hey, if ever there was a good reason for Rupert Grint to join Instagram, this would be it.
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Last Chance

I am obsessed with weather and often think I should have become a meteorologist instead of a nurse. I look at my weather app on my phone several times a day. I noticed yesterday that there will be a lot of rain in the coming days so early in the evening I forced myself to go out for a short walk, especially since I had spent all day mostly on my couch watching TV. I’m glad I did. It was the last chance before the rain arrived. I was happy to see a tourist boat on the river pretty full of to...
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Keep Going (with Cari Champion) – Episode 52 of Rants & Randomness

On this episode of Rants & Randomness, we’ve got a fantastic conversation that will inspire you to keep going when resistance rises up to meet you. Today I’m talking with the amazing Cari Champion. She’s a journalist, an amazing host, and someone who is out in front leading the way wherever she goes. Cari Champion is a veteran TV journalist covering network news, entertainment, and sports for ABC, CBS, NBC, and other cable networks. She worked for nearly a decade at ESPN, where she served ...
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21 virtual wine tastings hosted by vineyards, experts, and winemakers from around the world — including a live Zoom tasting with Sarah Jessica Parker

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Getty Images Although states have continued phased reopenings, some states are experiencing an uptick in COVID-19 cases, and many people are still turning to online experiences for socializing.Wineries, winemakers, and wine connoisseurs are bringing the vineyards and tasting rooms straight to living rooms with virtual wine tastings.Many of the virtual tastings are free to join, and some ship wine r...
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‘WandaVision’ Plot and Character Details Tease the Mysteries of Marvel’s Disney+ Series

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been a shift in the release schedule for the Disney+ shows that Marvel Studios has been putting together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier leading the path in the wake of Avengers: Endgame, it will be WandaVision and its mash-up of comic book action and classic TV sitcom tropes. And now, some new details about the plot and characters of the series have just come to light. If the first WandaVision trailer...
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Fields of gold: Australia's bumper canola harvest – in pictures

In spring, canola crops burst into flower in the Riverina and central west regions of NSW, creating a sea of yellow. Tourists have been travelling to farms to photograph the coloured landscape as an alternative to travelling interstate during lockdown Continue reading...
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Instagram: How to Send Selfie Stickers in Direct

Did you know that Instagram allows you to send selfie stickers to other users through Direct messages? Our guide will show you how this is done. Note: These screenshots were captured in the Instagram application on iOS. Step 1: In a Direct conversation, tap the sticker icon to the right of the "Message..." text field....
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'We have lost a limb': Azu Nwagbogu, the visionary curator bringing African art home

From helping photographers capture the Nigerian protests to exhibiting during a pandemic, the director of LagosPhoto festival has had his work cut out. Now he wants to fight ‘afro-pessimism’ and the posturing around Black Lives MatterWhen I first spoke to Azu Nwagbogu, the recent protests against police brutality in his native Nigeria had just entered their second week. The curator was upbeat, describing them as “an incredible awakening”. A week later, when we made contact again, he sounded more...
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"If you’re going to work from home indefinitely, why not make a new home in an exotic place?..."

"It turns out there are drawbacks the trend stories and Instagram posts didn’t share. Tax things. Red-tape things. Wi-Fi rage things. Closed border things. The kinds of things one might gloss over when making an emotional, quarantine-addled decision to pack up an apartment and book a one-way ticket to Panama or Montreal or Kathmandu.... The anxious self-optimization pingpongs between 'Why aren’t I living my best life?' and 'Why aren’t I killing it at work?'... Ms. Smith-Adair’s office became a f...
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Pastor John Gray ‘publicly honors’ wife after cheating again: ‘My wife deserves better’

The Relentless church leader took to Instagram to show love to his wife Aventer Gray. Pastor John Gray is making headlines again for allegedly cheating on his wife. Pastor Gray took to Instagram on Friday to “honor” his wife, Aventer Gray, and says despite the fact that he has emotionally cheated, he has never slept with another woman.
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Tips for holiday travel and beyond

While many people will celebrate the holidays at home this year, 40 percent of Americans are still planning to travel. Here are a few ways Google can help you make informed travel decisions or revisit trips from holidays past.Stay up to date on the latest travel informationWhen you search on Google for information about hotels, flights or things to do, check to see if there’s a COVID-19 travel advisory or restriction for your destination. If there are no restrictions, you can see indicators for ...
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Sony looks set to fly into drone market to take on the mighty DJI

Sony looks set to enter the drone market with a brand called "Airpeak," with the first machines possibly launching in the spring of 2021.
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