At the Snowfall Café...

  ... you can write about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A Tokyo dog that’s a best friend and a drinking buddy

Sometimes, some scenes, seem to exist for the sole purpose of simply making people smile.
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Elizabeth Hurley causes stir with electrifying lingerie photo

Elizabeth Hurley's latest Instagram photo might have drummed up the most flame emojis...
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If it isn’t raining I usually try and get outside during this confinement. The other evening there were no clouds and no wind so I set out along the Seine again on Swan Island. A lot of other people had the same idea. It was like this the day before-very dense fog. Here’s the walkway that runs along the middle of the island with the Seine on either side. Lights were coming on in the boats moored along the river. This Viking river boat is lighting up too. It’s the first ...
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Dave Chappelle Pulls ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Off Netflix, Calls for Boycott on Other Streaming Platforms

Dave Chappelle is calling his fans to boycott…Chappelle’s Show? The 2003 sketch comedy show which Chappelle co-created and hosted initially ran on Comedy Central, and is now available on several streaming services — which Chappelle isn’t very happy about. See, it comes down to an issue of pay, after he signed a lucrative contract with Comedy Central for which he “never got paid.” So until he gets paid, Chappelle would rather Chappelle’s Show not be available to stream anywhere, and Netflix — wh...
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Review of Hoover's SmartWash PET carpet cleaner

My parents recently got a dog who has quickly become the love of my mom's life. This little guy was the perfect addition to their home with one exception — his muddy little feet have meant extra cleaning is required! So when Hoover asked me if I wanted to try out their new SmartWash PET Carpet Cleaner, I knew right away it was the perfect fit for my folks. I took it over to their house right away so Mom could try it out. GIVEAWAY — Keep reading to the end for a chance to win your very own Sm...
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Oscar-winner John Ridley explores the lives of superheroes of color in ‘The Other History of the DC Universe’

John Ridley remembers how he felt as a boy in the late ’70s when Black Lightning debuted as the first Black superhero with his own DC Comics series. “Here’s a hero who, you know, kind of looked like me,” Ridley says. “Black Lightning was certainly the first hero where I felt a connection that was more than just pure enjoyment, pure entertainment. “It was like, ‘Oh, this is something. This is unique, this is special,’” he says. “And I most definitely was hooked from that point on.” Sierra Can...
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'Daggy dad' or 'propaganda'? The media's growing use of official Scott Morrison pictures

Photojournalists worry that ‘sanitised’ and controlled photographs of the PM have ramped up during CovidThe pictures appeared on Sunday, first in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, then on Scott Morrison’s personal Instagram account.There was the PM, standing in his shorts, looking at his phone, with his thongs clearly on. There he was on an exercise bike while in Covid isolation after returning from his trip to Japan. And an extreme close-up, his nose, face and polo shirt, waiting patiently for the Covi...
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Portraits from the pandemic: Taylor Wessing prize winners – in pictures

This year’s Taylor Wessing photography prize focused on the way we’ve coped during Covid-19 – and featured an all-female winners list for the first timeAlys Tomlinson wins Taylor Wessing photography prize Continue reading...
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Watch On Your Wrist? Fratello Instagram Contest 2020 — Semi-Final 5

We told you this would be fun. After four weeks of voting, you, the Fratelli, have selected the winning Instagram images that have made it through to this, the second semi-final. One more hurdle awaits these champions. Winning this week’s vote guarantees the image a place in December’s final. Better still, it puts the photographer […] Visit Watch On Your Wrist? Fratello Instagram Contest 2020 — Semi-Final 5 to read the full article.
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John Travolta shares incredibly rare photo of son Ben following wife's tragic death

John Travolta has taken to Instagram with a rare personal photo in celebration of his son...
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