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The Portfolio: Antony Kaminju

Antony Kaminju shares his experience of making a photo of the Roving Bantu Kitchen’s Sifiso Ntuli The post The Portfolio: Antony Kaminju appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The Hidden Habits of Genius

WHO and what is a genius? The label gets thrown around a lot. Are you a genius? Probably not. But then, most of us are not. However, you can learn to think like one. Craig Wright teaches a class at Yale on the nature of genius. He distills all of that work into his book with a hopeful title, The Hidden Habits of Genius: Beyond Talent, IQ, and Grit—Unlocking the Secrets of Greatness. Perhaps there is something we can learn from true geniuses that will help us perform better ourselves. I like th...
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Nerfies Might Be the Future of Selfies, Letting Your Friends Judge You on Social Media in Full 3D

Ever since cameras first existed people have been pointing the lens at themselves to snap so-called selfies—a term first coined back in 2002. At this point they’re long overdue for an upgrade, so a team of researchers have created what could be the next-generation of selfies: easy to capture 3D models of yourself…Read more...
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512(f) Claim Against Robo-Notice Sender Can Proceed–Enttech v. Okularity

Okularity “represents” several photography clearinghouses. This means that Okularity’s robots scour the Internet looking for clearinghouse photos and then send automated takedown notices for alleged infringements. “Okularity waits until the notices accumulate to the point when a social media platform disables the infringer’s account before contacting the purported infringer to initiate settlement negotiations.” In this case, the target was the magazine Paper, and Okularity filed 48 takedown noti...
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Popular Instagram blogging niches that make good money

Instagram is a powerful platform not only for communication but also for making money. The possibilities here are… The post Popular Instagram blogging niches that make good money appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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Pringles Declares “Let’s Celebrate” in New Christmas Campaign by Grey London

As winter approaches, Pringles is encouraging customers to celebrate those special indoor moments with a new campaign that demonstrates how even the smallest occasion can be transformed into an opportunity for playful sociability – especially when you have a can of Pringles in hand.   Grey London’s campaign brings a festive, upbeat message of celebration during the Christmas period with all the executions showing how the joy of Christmas can shine through during the winter season.   ...
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Outdoor climbing in the second lockdown – in pictures

Photographer Murdo MacLeod’s project for our lockdown diaries series focuses on outdoor climbingAndy Swann: ‘Many of my favourite pastimes such as community ocean rowing and sea kayaking have been seriously disrupted by the pandemic but outdoor climbing has been mostly possible in one form or another. It has helped protect my sanity during lockdowns and extended periods of restrictions. It has flexibility in that it can be done in nearby quarries, crags or in the mighty mountains’ Continue readi...
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