A Japanese woman in Shinjuku’s shadows

Heading towards the light or into the darkness?
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At the Sunrise Café...

  ... you can talk about whatever you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I was up in Montmartre the other night visiting friends and, since it gets dark so early here now, with even earlier sunsets until December, I took the chance to go take a few photos. It was cold and crisp, just right for walking around. It’s much different at night. I took a photo here during the day not too long ago. The cars aren’t supposed to be parked there and sort of ruin my shot. Getting closer to the top where Sacre Coeur sits. I have to say, from a photographers poin...
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'It was a little awkward' – how Rick Schatzberg shot his old friends topless

They grew up in a ‘nowhere’ suburb in the 70s, smoking skunk, going for rides and dating girls. The photographer reveals why he decided to capture the ravages of time on his old childhood gangRick Schatzberg had a dark epiphany a few years back, when two of his friends died in quick succession, one from a heart attack, the other from an overdose. “When two people you know and love die within six weeks of each other,” says the photographer quietly, “you realise that death is not just something th...
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Philanthropy is still dominated by the ultrawealthy, but asking billionaires to solve inequality is colossally stupid

Bruce, one of the vegetarian sharks in "Finding Nemo." Disney Pixar If 2020 has made anything clear, it's that billionaires aren't going to save us — and that goes for all the millions they spend on philanthropy. Philanthropy is currently dominated by high-net-worth individuals, and philanthropy was already serving an outsized role in American life even before the inconsistent government response to the pandemic. Anand Giridharadas, the author whose book "Winners Take All" criticizes this ...
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"Althouse captures the exact moment the light pierces the center of the dome — the sign ushering in the season of Brumalia?"

Said Ingachuck'stoothlessARM in the comments to last night's open thread, which had my photograph of a view across Lake Mendota that showed the Wisconsin state capitol building at daybreak.  There's a moment at this time of year when the sun aligns with windows on either side of the dome and it looks, from the distance, as if there's a blazing fire inside. It's just a tiny dot in the photograph, and I was glad to see it noticed.  The commenter cites Brumalia: Brumalia (Latin: Brumalia [bruː...
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