Google's worker revolution is a shot that could end the reign of corporate stockholders

Hello, and welcome to this Wednesday's edition of the Insider Tech newsletter, where we break down the biggest news in tech. Did someone forward this newsletter to you? Get Insider Tech straight in your inbox by subscribing here. Soundtrack: For maximum enjoyment of this newsletter, we recommend The Beatles' "Revolution." This week: Google's bottom-up worker revolution is a shot against the reign of corporate stockholders Sundar Pichai AP Photo/Virginia Mayo If this were a normal year, c...
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NASA's "Top 20 Earth Images of 2020"

The astronauts on the International Space Station have a view of Earth that, for the most part, reflects our planet's beauty more than its horror. Above are the "Top 20 Earth Images of 2020" captured by astronauts and selected by the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit at NASA's Johnson Space Center. — Read the rest
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Romney assails pro-Trump 'insurrection' as Senate resumes election certification – live

Senator decries colleagues’ efforts to reject Biden winTwitter, Facebook and Instagram lock Trump’s accountsCurfew takes effect in Washington DCOssoff wins in Georgia, giving Democrats Senate controlSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 3.13am GMT Six senators voted to sustain the objection to Arizona election results. Reminder that Arizona flipped blue and went for Joe Biden. Just six senators have voted to sustain objection to Arizona election results CruzHawleyHyde-...
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Facebook and Instagram have blocked Trump for 24 hours after the president published posts spouting misinformation as his supporters violently stormed the US Capitol

Donald Trump Mark Zuckerberg Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Facebook has blocked Trump from posting on the platform for 24 hours following two policy violations, the company said on Wednesday evening. "He will lose the ability to post on the platform during that time," Facebook said. Trump will also be blocked from posting on Instagram for 24 hours, said Adam Mosseri, head of the Facebook-owned company. The company had removed a post by Trump earlier on Wednesday,...
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Instagram locks out Trump, after Facebook: 'We are locking President Trump's Instagram account for 24 hours as well'

Instagram follows parent company Facebook and locks POTUS account. @mosseri tweeted: "We are locking President Trump's Instagram account for 24 hours as well." With his accounts now restricted from posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, President Donald Trump has been blocked from a combined audience of nearly 150M followers. — Read the rest
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Schumer calls pro-Trump mob 'domestic terrorists' as Senate resumes election certification – live

Schumer condemns ‘goons’ and ‘thugs’ who stormed CapitolTwitter locks Trump’s account in unprecedented actionCurfew takes effect in Washington DCOfficial says Capitol ‘secure’ after national guard deployedOssoff wins in Georgia, giving Democrats Senate controlSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 2.17am GMT Facebook and Instagram join Twitter in locking the social media accounts of Donald Trump following today’s violence at the Capitol. We are locking President Trump’s...
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2020 dolls in review

I do a review every year although sometimes it happens a little late (like this year). What a crazy day- I was a bit reluctant to post this today with the high of the win in Georgia followed by the madness in Washington. But I will do it anyway because who knows what tomorrow will bring. And honestly, maybe posting about a crazy year is best done on a crazy day. 1. Tiny World Pincushion 2, 2. Tiny World Pincushion 1, 3. Tiny World pincushion 3, 4. Tiny World Fairy House pincushion, 5. Ti...
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Twitter, Facebook and Instagram lock President Trump's accounts for 24 hours after posts with policy 'violations'

Trump must remove the riot-related tweets to unlock his Twitter account. Facebook followed with a 24-hour block of his account.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Doom Patrol Season 3 Officially Begins Production

Doom Patrol Season 3 Officially Begins Production The stunt team of Doom Patrol took to Instagram to reveal that production has finally begun on the upcoming third season of the DC superhero series which is expected to make its return sometime this year. This comes after more than two months since HBO Max had officially granted the series a third season renewal following its exclusive move to the streamer from DC Universe.   View this post on Instagram ...
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Maradona lifts the World Cup: David Yarrow's best photograph

‘I bribed a stadium guard with whisky and got dead close just as he was lifted on to another player’s shoulders. It was like a biblical scene. He looked magnificent’On the final day of exams at Edinburgh University in the summer of 1986, most students partied, but I flew directly to Mexico City. I was 20 years old and studying business and economics while taking photos on the side. I’d never been to the Americas before, and I wasn’t at all a good photographer; in fact, I was incredibly average.I...
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Facebook redesigns Pages with a more simplified layout and no ‘Like’ button

Facebook Pages are being redesigned. The social network announced today a significant change to the Facebook Page experience for creators and public figures, which includes a new look-and-feel, updated navigation, the introduction of a dedicated News Feed, a new Q&A format for engaging fans, and other tools and insights. Notably, the redesign will also do away with the “Like” button to instead focus on Followers — a more direct measurement of how many people a Page is currently reaching. TechCru...
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Sharon Stone questions if she's related to Beyoncé's mum – fans react

Sharon Stone caused a stir on Instagram this week, as she questioned whether she could be...
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The nobody-nose job: how the pandemic led to a rise in plastic surgery

Wanting to emerge from lockdown ‘better’ versions of themselves, some people are turning to drastic measuresWhen Kaafiya Abdulle gave birth to her son in April 2017, she chose to breastfeed. A year later, she switched to baby formula, hyper-vigilant of the effects nursing had on her breasts. Unhappy with the sagging and shrinking that had occurred, she began to research breast lifts – a procedure she desperately wanted but never had the courage to pursue. Until the pandemic, that is. Related: ...
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Misinformation 'superspreaders': Covid vaccine falsehoods still thriving on Facebook and Instagram

Researchers say big Facebook accounts still condemn vaccines while anti-vaxxers banned from Facebook have fled to InstagramConspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine are still spreading on Facebook and Instagram, more than a month after Facebook pledged it would take them down.Under pressure to contain an avalanche of falsehoods, Facebook announced on 3 December that it would ban debunked claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccines now being distributed worldwide. ...
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Global trends shaping marketing in 2021: Part 1

I think it’s safe to say that no one could have predicted 2020; try though we did last year. But with the last 12 months safely behind us, and 2021 underway, it’s time to once again look to the future. Future gazing is important in the fast-moving world of marketing and, in particular, social media; consider how much consumer behaviours have changed over the past 12 months, the rise of gaming and streaming platforms as people looked to fill their days in lockdown, and the important role social m...
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Surviving the pandemic winter | What’s helping me

A reader sent me this message via Instagram recently: Could you possibly do a blog about surviving the pandemic mentally? Between winter, being tired of being online, etc. I’m super crabby…despite my blessings…which are many. Part of it is I think I spend wayyyy too much time on my phone, doom scrolling.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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The lives of others: Ute Mahler's images of the real East Germany – in pictures

In 1974, the German photographer set out to convey the truth about how people really lived in the communist GDR – depicting her fellow citizens with a ‘timeless coolness’ Continue reading...
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