Judge denies release to alleged rioter who returned for inauguration

Prosecutors say Samuel Camargo, 26, posted videos on Instagram showing him trying to force his way into the Capitol during the Jan. 6...
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CMOs discuss the future of advertising

Good morning and welcome to Insider Advertising. I'm senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here's what's going on:The future of advertising, according to top CMOs.Bermuda's ex-leader charged with corruption after allegations of taking improper money from ad agency. Facebook passes Trump decision to oversight board.If this email was forwarded to you, sign up here for your daily insider's guide to advertising and media.Tips, comments, suggestions? Drop me a line at [email protected]
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A broken but unique-looking old Tokyo vending machine

Early last year I posted a set of old and broken vending machines that I’d photographed over several years. A few months later I managed to find a few more, and then later in the year got lucky again with a wonderful looking machine discovered in a long-abandoned apartment complex. Now there’s another one to add to the collection. One so unique due to its television-like vending machines within a vending machine that it deserves a post all of its own. A lovely chance find that made a cold and du...
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I’m always writing about the sun coming out probably because Paris has many dreary gray days. It’s still beautiful even with clouds and rain, but it really becomes spectacular when the sun shines. (As I post this a few days later, it is raining). This is a sculpture done by Picasso. I still can’t believe it’s never been stolen. Benches looking like open books. I think they are so cool. The back of the Institut de France. This shows how high the Seine came in 1910. That’...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Facebook’s Trump ban could be lifted by its Oversight Board

Facebook’s “indefinite” ban on Donald Trump could be lifted by the company’s Oversight Board, the company announced on Thursday. The former US president’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were blocked in the wake of the US Capitol insurrection, due to concerns that Trump would use the platform to foment further violence. At the time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the ban would remain in place at least until Joe Biden replaced him as president. But now that the inauguration has taken place, th...
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Leading Thoughts for January 21, 2021

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. Brent Gleeson on resilience: “A growth mindset is the bedrock of resilience. With a growth mindset you know that skills and success come from hard work and dedication, and the status quo is never enough. People with this mindset are comfortable being uncomfortable. Transparent feedback is not just accepted but craved, and setbacks are just another bum...
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The 10 best Instagram analytics tools for 2021

More marketers are turning to Instagram for its high engagement rates—but how can you make the most of this social media platform? SocialFox has created a list of the top 10 analytics tools to help you choose from the many options and what they offer.
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Facebook's Oversight Board to rule on Trump ban

The new board will decide whether the former president can use Facebook and Instagram again.
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Facebook Oversight Board to Decide on Donald Trump’s Suspension From Facebook, Instagram

Facebook's independent content oversight board finally started reviewing cases last December, and it now has its highest-profile case to date on its docket: the indefinite suspension of former President Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts. The social network also requested recommendations from the board with the aim of crafting a policy on suspensions when the...
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At the Moby Dick Café...

  ... you can pursue your dreams. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Orwell never equated technology with progress. On the contrary, he wrote during the war, 'every scientific advance speeds up the trend towards nationalism and dictatorship.'"

"It was in a review of [H.G.] Wells’s scenario for Things to Come that he mocked what he called the author’s false antithesis between the benign scientist and the bellicose reactionary. 'It never occurred to Mr. Wells that his categories might have got mixed, that it might be the reactionary who would make the fullest use of the machine and that the scientist might use his brains chiefly on race-theory and poison gas.' That wasn’t fair at all. The creator of the Invisible Man and Doctor Moreau w...
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Facebook passes decision on whether to permanently ban Trump over to newly created oversight board

Facebook. Jeff Chiu/AP Facebook's oversight board will review the suspension of Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts. The oversight board serves as Facebook's "Supreme Court" by handling its complex content decisions. The board has 90 days to make its decision. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook's independent oversight board will review the company's decision to permanently suspend former US President Donald Trump's Instagram and Facebook accounts, the company ...
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Facebook refers Donald Trump indefinite suspension after Capitol attack to oversight board which could overturn it

Oversight board will review and possibly reverse Facebook's decision to block Trump's access to Facebook and Instagram following Capitol attack.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Trump v. Facebook

Facebook has decided to ask its new, independent Oversight Board to rule on its decision to suspend Donald Trump indefinitely. The Board will be able to make a binding determination regarding Trump, telling Facebook it was right or wrong, and Facebook and Instagram will obey. Trump will be free to a statement to the Board within two weeks. Though the question is specific to Trump, it will undoubtedly have larger impact as other government officials — in Germany, the EU, the UK, and most ...
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Facebook Punts Decision About Permanently Banning Trump to Oversight Board

The question of whether Donald Trump will ever be allowed back on Facebook or Instagram — after he incited a mob of supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol earlier this month — will be decided by the social network company’s Oversight Board. On Jan. 7, the day after the attack in D.C., Facebook said it […]
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Ant and Dec shares exciting Saturday Night Takeaway update – and Amanda Holden reacts

Ant and Dec took to Instagram this week with an exciting update about Saturday Night...
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'His work is a testament': the ever-relevant photography of Gordon Parks

The groundbreaking work of the acclaimed photographer is being celebrated at a new two-part exhibition showcasing black American life“Gordon Parks’s photographs are timeless,” said Peter W Kunhardt Jr, executive director of the Gordon Parks Foundation. “As we reflect on what has happened in recent months, his photographs remind us to stand up, speak out and demand justice. This exhibition does just that, highlighting images that inspire resilience and empathy that the photographer made over many...
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Squirrel photographer shares tricks of the trade

Belgian photographer Niki Colemont considers squirrels "the perfect models," so he takes weeks setting up fanciful shots with wild squirrels. He gets his shots in camera and does not manipulate them in Photoshop. It shows why he was a National Geographic 2019 finalist photographer. —
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All-in-One Chat App 'Beeper' Brings iMessage to Android and Windows Using Workaround

New universal chat app "Beeper" combines 15 different chat platforms into a single inbox and offers iMessage on Android and Windows (via The Verge). The app comes from a team including former Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, and enables users to integrate a range of messaging services, including WhatsApp, SMS, Signal, Telegram, Slack, Twitter, Skype, Hangouts, Discord, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, into a single, searchable inbox. Most striking is support for Apple's iMessage, as it is only o...
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Influencers say Instagram Reels is fueling growth and new followers

Instagram; Samantha Lee/Insider Hi, this is Amanda Perelli and welcome back to Insider Influencers, our weekly rundown on the influencer and creator economy. Sign up for the newsletter here.When Instagram first came out with a TikTok copycat feature, it got mixed reviews, with some calling Reels a "dud."Creators weren't exactly going wild for the short-form video feature.But since posting Reels regularly, many creators have said the feature has become a secret weapon to supercharge their g...
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Mindy Kaling delights fans with incredibly rare photo of her daughter

Mindy Kaling has taken to Instagram with an incredibly rare family photo. The 41-year-old...
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Online child sex abuse spiked by 31% in 2020, with at least 13 million disturbing images on Facebook and Instagram

Melissa, a survivor of sexual abuse whose last name was not disclosed, speaks at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children August 2, 2010 in Alexandria, Virginia. Win McNamee/Getty Images There was a sharp increase in child sexual abuse imagery online in 2020, data shows. Facebook said it detected 13 million images from July to September alone.  Coronavirus lockdowns and livestreamed abuse fueled the increase, an expert told Insider.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more...
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Chris Ramsey sparks major reaction with brand new photo of his baby boy

Chris Ramsey brightened up his fans’ Instagram feeds on Wednesday when he shared a...
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