The best portable photo printers for 2021

Printing your favorite smartphone pictures on the go is easier than ever with a portable photo printer. From tiny Zink printers to devices that "print" on film, here are some of the best portable photo printers.
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The best cameras for kids in 2021

The best cameras for kids mix durability, simplicity, and fun features to get kids hooked on photography.
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The best camera straps for 2021

A good camera strap reduces fatigue and adds functionality -- and even makes you look good at the same time.
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The best Adobe Lightroom alternatives for 2021

These full-featured desktop programs go beyond basic image organization to bring you powerful editing tools.
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The best travel cameras for 2021

From rugged point-and-shoots to advanced mirrorless models, here are the best cameras for your next vacation.
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The best instant cameras for 2021

After all but dying, instant film photography has made a comeback thanks to Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid.
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Jennifer Lopez pumps daughter Emme up in never-before-seen Super Bowl BTS footage

She played the Super Bowl halftime a year ago. And Jennifer Lopez, 51, was clearly feeling nostalgic on her Instagram this Tuesday -...
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The best photography tripods for 2021

From shooting long exposures to group photos, a good tripod is an essential tool for the photo enthusiast.
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The best Photoshop alternatives for 2021

Hate the daunting interface of Photoshop, or don't like subscriptions? Here are four Photoshop alternatives.
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How to use photography’s rule of thirds — and when to break it

Our natural inclination is to put the center of attention in the center of the photo, but this is often wrong.
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The best full-frame cameras for 2021

For the ultimate combination of image quality and performance, look no further than these full-frame cameras.
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The best wide-format photo printers for 2021

The best way to view your photography is in print, and a wide-format printer is the best way to get you there.
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Lark Voorhies remembers Dustin Diamond in Saved by the Bell throwback after Screech actor dies at 44

Voorhies previously took to Instagram last month to wish Diamond well, after he was diagnosed in early January with lung cancer and...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... finally, at good sunrise! Talk about anything you like in the comments. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Instagram Adds Recently Deleted Folder

Having second thoughts? Instagram's got you covered. And Instagram also has you covered in the event your account is hacked and content is deleted. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network began rolling out Recently Deleted, a feature that enables users to review and restore deleted content. Instagram said users have been asking for this feature,...
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Supermodel Paulina Porizkova, 55, Wears Nothing In Sexy New Pic As She Claps Back At Age-Shamers

Paulina Porizkova took to Instagram to post an eye-catching photo of herself posing without any clothes and added a lengthy caption...
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Instagram @shop Account Rolls Out Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Instagram's @shop account fired its Cupid's arrow in the form of its new Valentine's Day Gift Guide, which features 15 recommendations for gifts on the site from independent businesses and celebrates the founders behind those businesses. Instagram said users are already preparing for Feb. 14, as three of the 20 most used emojis on its...
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Long-forgotten Tokyo bicycles

Bicycles are still incredibly popular in Tokyo. Whether it’s merely popping out to the shops, or rushing to make a train, the trusty bike is invariably what people turn to. Pretty much all people too, regardless of age, gender or social status. At the same time, these environmentally friendly workhorses are often deemed as dispensable as they are indispensable, and the long-forgotten machines below are a mere fraction of the many thousands discarded each and every year. ...
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Ana de Armas Posts More Images With Her Haircut After Break-Up With Ben Affleck

The Knives Out star took to Instagram to show off her latest hairdo.
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Street Art

Montmartre is loaded with street art. You can find it on just about every corner. A tatoo store. Very dramatic. Look at all of this! Art in a wine store. I see him a lot. I guess he sticks his face in plaster to get this. And here he is with wings. A friend of mine told me she was making a dip and thought she was adding cumeric but afterwards realised that she had added cinnamon. Luckily, it wasn’t a huge amount. She didn’t tell her husband and he sca...
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New in Web Stories for WordPress: animations and ads

If you’ve boarded the Web Stories train in the last few months and are using WordPress as your website’s content management system, then chances are you’re creating stories using Web Stories for WordPress. To help you make the most out of the visual editor, here’s a roundup of all the latest and greatest features since we’ve released version 1.2 in early December (and subsequently 1.3 this week). Monetization via Ad Manager and AdSense One of the best advantages of Web Stories compar...
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Geneva, NY lawyer finds late 19th-century photo studio and Susan B. Anthony photos in a hidden attic

A lawyer in Geneva, NY, David Whitcomb, was remolding a three-story building he'd bought downtown when he found a plastered-over attic. Upon poking his head into it, he saw a bunch of photographs, photo equipment, and related materials from the late 1800s/early 1900s. — Read the rest
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Paris Hilton models a bikini made from rose petals - and wow!

Paris Hilton turned up the heat with a show-stopping Instagram post with major Marilyn...
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Snow in northern England – in pictures

An amber weather warning for snow is in force across much of South Yorkshire and parts of Derbyshire, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester until 1pm on Wednesday. Between 3cm and 8cm of snow is likely, with 10cm to 15cm possible in areas above 200 metres Continue reading...
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Setsubun 2021

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