Tokyo lanterns and old style looks

Lanterns are always photogenic, and a confidently worn trilby is possibly even more appealing, so to get both in the same frame was pleasing to say the least.
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At the Sunday Night Café...

 ... you can talk about whatever you like... including Trump's CPAC speech, which I'll probably write about in the morning. It's my quiet time now. Probably. So: Good evening.The speech hasn't started yet... late for some reason... but you can watch live here.  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The sun is out for a few days which makes Paris especially nice to explore, despite what people say about the romance of Paris in the rain. Nice shadows. Elegant. I liked the shapes of this church against the sky. The metro entrance made of hand blown Murano glass looks pretty too. I think this must be Marie Antoinette.
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Penny Lancaster defends approach to raising her sons in heartfelt new post

Penny Lancaster took to Instagram on Sunday, where she addressed an issue that had sparked...
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Jonah Hill takes to Instagram to sound off about body image after Daily Mail publishes surfing pictures

Jonah Hill has opened up about body image insecurities after the Daily Mail newspaper published photographs of the actor surfing in Malibu, California.
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The global 'infodemic' will be Biden's biggest challenge

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds his phone as he arrives at Atlanta International Airport on October 27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Biden is campaigning in Georgia on Tuesday, with scheduled stops in Atlanta and Warm Springs. Drew Angerer/Getty Images Misinformation is one of the greatest national threats to American democracy.  Biden has an opportunity to turn the table against misinformation by uniting the private sector and public sector in a way that disincentivizes false...
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Video shows the shape of a flock of starlings evading a hawk

Xai Bou is a photographer who takes photos not of birds, but of the movements of birds — the shapes they trace as they move through the sky. A while ago he did a project called Ornithographies, in which he'd take rapid-fire photos — several times a second — and stitch them together to make a photo that shows a bird's complex flight path. — Read the rest
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LeadershipNow 140: February 2021 Compilation

Here are a selection of tweets from February 2021 that you don't want to miss: Who Are You At Your Best? by @DougSundheim Key Principles Producing High Personal Growth Results by @dbonleadership In Lincoln's Shadow by @jamesstrock 3 Secrets Of A Strong Mind by @LaRaeQuy Eliminate Bad Leadership: How to Overcome Your Leadership Fears by @davidmdye Abilene: Loneliness and Belonging in Organizational Life by @edbatista Organizations frequently take actions in contradiction to what they really w...
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3 ways the US economy is uniquely positioned for a great new era in the 2020s

America is ready for a new era that won't be like times past. David W Cerny/Reuters Vaccines and massive stimulus signal a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and a new era for the US economy. Antitrust proceedings against big tech could create many more jobs, while remote work is threatening so-called superstar cities. Insider breaks down how these 3 factors are leading the US into a unique period of economic prosperity. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Vacc...
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Use This Visual Search Engine to Find Images With Similar Energy

Sometimes you see a pattern on something—like a piece of clothing you can’t afford, or vintage wallpaper in a historic home—and fall in love. Sure, you can snap a photo of it and use it as a comparison, but that only gets you so far. If only there was a way to search for images using an actual image, instead of…Read more...
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