At the Waning Crescent Café...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Mozilla Urges 'Remain Calm: the Fox is Still in the Firefox Logo'

Last week Firefox's official blog responded to some viral misinformation about the Firefox logo. "People were up in arms because they thought we had scrubbed fox imagery from our browser. Rest easy knowing nothing could be further from the truth..." Sure, it's stressful to have hundreds of thousands of people shouting things like "justice for the fox" in all-caps in your mentions for three days straight, but ultimately that means people are thinking about the brand in a way they might not have ...
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HFPA Commits to Making ‘Transformational’ Reforms

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association issued a statement on Instagram Saturday evening, promising “transformational change” after coming under fire in recent weeks for a lack of diversity and ethical issues surrounding the Golden Globes. Among the changes the Instagram post detailed were hiring an independent diversity and equity expert who will consult on membership policies. […]
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Q&A With UK Producer MWD

Yo MWD!! We really appreciate your content on UGHHBLOG!  You’re definitely a talented producer from the UK. Please tell us how many years have you been making beats?  For those unfamiliar, please shed some light on your background in the Hip Hop game. Please detail. I’ve been making beats since 1996 and back then I was playing stuff in real time in a room without midi so I was setting up tape recorders and playing the beats physically from a keyboard in time with the samples or loops, as I’m a ...
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Beyoncé Remembers Late Fan Lyric Chanel With Tribute Medley

13-year-old Instagram sensation died Friday following two-year battle with brain cance
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Covid triggers crypto collectables boom

These one-of-a-kind digital collector’s items are being sold for unprecedented prices The post Covid triggers crypto collectables boom appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Dispo is the buzzy, invite-only photo app that's being called both the 'new Instagram' and the 'anti-Instagram'

Dispo offers users a more authentic approach to taking photos. JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images Dispo, the new invite-only photo-taking app is becoming increasingly popular. According to Axios, the app has been valued at $200 million.  The app's creator, David Dobrik, wants users to have a more authentic experience when taking photos Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. For the last 10 years, Instagram has dominated the photo app scene, but now its potential rival has arrive...
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Hot Box: 95 Theses Nailed to Snowboarding’s Door

When Burton made no mention of Hailey Langlands record breaking double cork nor showed a clip of it, instead this lame non-action shot Originally posted: October 2017 By Charlotte Harris The past couple of weeks, my timeline has been full of fed up women posting #metoo. And being an affected female like millions of other women, I joined in. It’s no secret that women are just Over It. Over the bullshit and everything else that keeps us from just living our lives without microaggressions, or s...
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