After 47 years, Bike Gallery stores are now Trek Bicycle stores

New merch.(Photos: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) I knew it was going to happen, but it still felt like a shock. Last week I scrolled through Instagram and a big red “Trek” logo and trekbicyclepdx appeared where bikegallerypdx to be. Then I typed into my browser and it auto-forwarded to It was the end of an era. Bike Gallery was founded in 1974 by Bob Graves, who passed the stores onto his son Jay Graves in 1995. Jay built the business into on...
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Daily Crunch: Google Play halves commission on developers’ first $1M

Google is letting developers keep more of their Play revenue, Instagram adds teen safety features and we examine the global distribution of venture funding. This is your Daily Crunch for March 16, 2021. The big story: Google Play halves commission on first $1M Following a similar move by Apple last year, Google said that it will be reducing its fee from 30% to 15% for the first $1 million that developers earn through Google Play annually. This is slightly different from Apple’s approach, in th...
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At the Ice Mesa Café...

 ... you can talk about anything you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Faded Japan a few hours north of Tokyo

Japan’s vast train network means it’s easy to get to and from almost anywhere, and that’s especially true in and around the nation’s big cities. A system that is ideal for long walks, as no matter where you decide to get off, it’s almost always possible to make it to another station, allowing for plenty of options, detours and the chance to change destinations on the fly. It was such an approach that resulted in the photos below. We got a local train north of the capital, and then just meandere...
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56 unique gifts to give your best friend - all under $100

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Outdoor Voices Whether it's your friend's birthday or you simply want to thank them, they deserve the best.We rounded up 56 gifts, each under $100, that your special friend will treasure. Still looking for gift ideas? Check out all Insider Reviews gift guides here.Friends are the ones you rely upon, confide in, and plague with everything from menu choices to whether or not you should move across ...
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Apple's Anti-Counterfeit Team Has Targeted Over 1 Million Listings on Instagram and Other Marketplaces in the Past Year

Apple has a dedicated team of experts that focus solely on ferreting out counterfeit products and stopping them from being sold. Apple shared the tidbit in a statement to Bloomberg on a piece about counterfeit iPhone chargers. The safety of our customers is our first priority, and the risks associated with counterfeit products can be very serious. We have a dedicated team of experts constantly working with law enforcement, merchants, social media companies and e-commerce sites around the world ...
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Music and Branding Veteran Fadia Kader Trades Instagram for Clubhouse (EXCLUSIVE)

Fadia Kader has left Instagram after four years and is joining Clubhouse as its new head of media partnerships and creators. She reports to global head of marketing Maya Watson, who recently arrived from Netflix. Clubhouse is a quickly growing social audio chat app. Kader’s role will focus on working with creators and brands in […]
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The Circle: see the contestants Instagram accounts

It has over a year since Channel 4 reality show The Circle was last on our...
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App Privacy Study Looks at Most 'Invasive' Apps Collecting User Data

With App Privacy labels now available for many of the top apps in the App Store, pCloud earlier this month took a look at the most "invasive" apps that collect the most data from users. It will come as no surprise to many that Instagram and Facebook share the most data with third-party advertisers, collecting info on purchases, location, contact details, user content, search history, browsing history, and more. Instagram collects 79 percent of personal data, while Facebook collects 57 percen...
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Facebook must tackle 'Spanish-language disinformation crisis', lawmakers say

Campaign comes amid warnings that company removes Spanish misinformation less consistently than English materialMembers of Congress and activist groups have called on Facebook to address its “Spanish-language disinformation crisis”, urging the company to make major policy changes on the platforms it owns. In a new campaign launched on Tuesday, the Democratic representative Tony Cardenas of California and groups including Free Press Action, the Center for American Progress and the National Hispan...
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Instagram’s new AI feature stops adults from messaging kids who don’t follow them

Instagram today unveiled two new AI tools designed to protect young users on the platform. The first feature prevents adults from messaging people under 18 who don’t follow them. It then sends the adult user a notification saying they can’t DM the account. Instagram has provided little detail on how the system works, but parent company Facebook said in a blogpost that it uses AI to infer the users’ ages: This feature relies on our work to predict peoples’ ages using machine learning technology, ...
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Chrissy Teigen melts hearts with adorable ballet photo of her daughter

Chrissy Teigen has melted her fans' hearts on Instagram after she posted an...
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The Art of Being Indispensable at Work

WHO doesn’t want to be that indispensable go-to person? To do that, though, it seems like you must say yes to everybody and everything. To overcommit. Bruce Tulgan, the author of The Art of Being Indispensable at Work, says overcommitment actually gets in the way of being that go-to person. The process of trying to become indispensable too often means stretching oneself beyond human capacity so that priorities become muddled. Important tasks are left undone or done ineffectively. All of this mi...
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Find the fox.

   Sitting at my window this morning, I've seen a big beautiful fox run through the backyard twice, but it's impossible to get the iPhone ready and working quickly enough to get a picture of these full views. So you see what I got. There is a fox in both pictures, I assure you. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Instagram Announces New Tools to 'Protect Young People' on the Platform

Instagram today announced several new tools and changes coming to the platform with the aim of "protecting young people." Amongst the changes will be the inability for adults to DM teenagers (users under 18 years old) who don't follow them. Instagram says it has partnered with The Child Mind Institute and the non-profit group ConnectSafely to publish a new Parents Guide in the U.S. The new resource advises parents and teenagers on proper and safe usage of the platform. It will additionally ro...
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Henry Golding Confirms Snake Eyes Reshoots are Currently Underway

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Henry Golding confirms Snake Eyes reshoots are currently underway Crazy Rich Asians breakout star Henry Golding took to Instagram to confirm that he’s currently back on the set of Paramount Pictures’ Snake Eyes to start filming the reshoots for the upcoming G.I. Joe spinoff. This comes over seven months since the film completed its principal photography in Japan. In his Instagram story, which you can check out below, Golding gave fans an update by assuring them that all ...
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Instagram adds new teen safety tools as competition with TikTok heats up

Earlier this year, TikTok made an update to its privacy settings and defaults to further lock down the app for its teenage users. This morning, Instagram followed suit with teen-focused privacy updates of its own. But the Facebook-owned social app didn’t choose to add more privacy to teen accounts by default, as TikTok did — it largely made it more difficult for adults to interact with the app’s teen users. The company said it’s rolling out new safety features that would restrict adult users fro...
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Black female executives on leading Goldman Sachs' $10 billion investment in Black women

Asahi Pompey shared a public letter to her 11-year-old son in a Goldman Sachs town hall that spurred the massive investment. Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs is investing $10 billion in Black women in the US. The firm's CEO David Solomon has tasked Black female execs with leading the investment. The investment came after a virtual town hall in the wake of George Floyd's death. See more stories on Insider's business page. Days after the police-killing of George Floyd, Goldman Sachs ...
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Use Your Platform (with Sue Bird) – Episode 11 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to superstar basketball player Sue Bird. We’re talking about thinking BIG and maintaining expectations in the face of adversity, the importance of authenticity as a gay woman in sports, intersectionality, knowing your value, and the power of unity. You may know Sue as one of the most recognized and heralded basketball players of all time, which is reason enough to have a conversation. But my team and I wanted Sue on the podcast because Sue...
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Vogue Williams looks unreal in flirty H&M mini dress

Vogue Williams showed off her latest fashion purchases to Instagram fans on Monday –...
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What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? And How Can a Work of Digital Art Sell for $69 Million

Value in the art world depends on manufactured desire for objects that serve no purpose and have no intrinsic meaning outside of the stories that surround them, which is why it can be easy to fool others with fraudulent copies. Collectors and experts are often eager to believe a well-told tale of special provenance. As Orson Welles says in F is for Fake, “Lots of oysters, only a few pearls. Rarity. The chief cause and encouragement of fakery and phoniness.” “Concepts of fakery and origin...
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8 Essential Social Media Accessibility Tips for Financial Institutions

ADA compliance is required, but beyond that, bank and credit union marketers will do well to be sure all types of posts are inclusive. The post 8 Essential Social Media Accessibility Tips for Financial Institutions appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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