The quiet calm of Tokyo shrine maidens

The hustle and bustle of Tokyo is often mesmerising, but every now and again, quiet moments are as essential as they are soothing.
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14th Annual Hampton Half Marathon & 5K ~ Hampton, NH, on March 28, 2021

We wait for results We read on FB Hampton Beach 5K, but I did see Sue Dubois ran a 31:24 (her GPS showed she ran 3.2 miles). I don’t know how Denis did, but I’m sure we’ll get the data soon
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Viola Davis proves she's aging backward with a jaw-dropping hair transformation

Viola Davis wowed when she popped up on Instagram rocking a new chic pixie cut that made...
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Vinh’s Fruit Stand

This is Vinh. She lives on our street in Mililani. Her house on the corner is surrounded by fruit trees. For months now, we’ve seen her set up a small sidewalk stand to sell fruits, with a handmade sign, a scale, and an extension cord-powered light. She’ll often sit outside from dusk to 10:00 p.m. Once in a blue moon, I’ll see someone stop, but for the most part she’s out in the dark by herself for hours. Struck by this scene, I finally went over to say hello. I learned her name, a...
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Leigh Bardugo talks ‘Rule of Wolves,’ Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ series and heroic women

When Leigh Bardugo finished “Ruin and Rising,” the third book in her Shadow and Bone trilogy published in 2014, she wanted a break from the Grishaverse, the Russian-inflected fantasy world that she had been building in her novels. A billboard changed all that. The L.A.-based author didn’t actually want to see what was being advertised — the film “The Monuments Men” — but it got her thinking about “Oceans 11” and that generated another idea. “I had to pull over to the side of the road because I r...
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Here are an astronaut’s favorite photos of Earth taken from space

An astronaut who served on the ISS and members of NASA's Earth Science and Remote Sensing unit share their favorite photos of Earth taken from space.
Tags: Photography, Space, News, Trends, Nasa, Earth, Iss, Earth Science and Remote Sensing

Facebook acts after Welsh footballers racially abused

London (AFP) – Facebook has removed the Instagram accounts with which Welsh internationals Rabbi Matondo and Ben Cabango were racially abused following the 1-0 win over Mexico on Saturday. Facebook owns Instagram and acted a... Visit for the rest of the story.
Tags: Facebook, London, Instagram, Mexico, Sport, Soccer, Afp, AFP Facebook, Matondo, Ben Cabango

Welsh star Matondo takes aim at Instagram after racist abuse

London (AFP) – Rabbi Matondo slammed social media platform Instagram after he and fellow Welsh international Ben Cabango were racially abused following the 1-0 win over Mexico on Saturday. Matondo said it was ludicrous Instagram... Visit for the rest of the story.
Tags: London, Instagram, Mexico, Sport, Soccer, Afp, Matondo, Ben Cabango

How this couple went from traveling the US in a camper van to selling camper van conversions on Instagram for up to $90,000

Louis the Van's Louis build. Louis the Van Two months after Seth and Scarlett Eskelund began #VanLife full-time, the US shut down. The couple headed back home and started their own camper van conversion company aided by social media. This business affords them the flexibility needed to go back into van life once the pandemic is over. See more stories on Insider's business page. Many of us remember exactly where we were when we first realized COVID-19 was about to jarringly disrupt ...
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「Tenbun Closing」One Year Anniversary, pt. 1: Empty Space

March 28, 2020 was Tenbun's last day of business. One year later the location of Tenbun is empty space. The red circles on the floor guide for エルくずは (Elle Kuzuha) show where Tenbun was (lot 5) and that no new shop has opened there. The Norengai is no more (only two shops seem to have a small noren now). This shot was taken at 5:30 PM last Thursday. The renamed エルくずは is no longer a busy and popular corridor like it once was. The demise was likely caused by the refurbishment/gentrification o...
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