The best iPhone camera accessories for 2021

From lights to lenses to microphones, we recommend the best iPhone camera accessories, which will take your mobile photography and video to the next level.
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A boldly masked Tokyo salaryman under the blossoms

Not your average mask, and clearly not your average Tokyo salaryman.
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In the Sixth

The sixth arrondissement is full of interesting places and things. There is the wonderful architecture. Saint Sulpice Church seen down the street. It looks like the tower is leaning a bit. The back of the church. I love the fountain in the front of the church. Here it is from across the street.
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How To Spot a Fake

Or how I accidentally bought a fake… don’t buy shady perfume because the juice inside could even be harmful to your skin! Visit to read the rest of this article.
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What are impressions on Instagram? A guide to understanding the metric, including how to track and improve it

Instagram impressions are the number of times your content was shown to users, not to be confused with reach. Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images On Instagram, "impressions" are when any of your content is shown to a user. Impressions don't track when someone interacts with your posts, or whether they're a new viewer. You can use an Instagram Business Account or third-party apps like Hootsuite to get more detailed analytics. Visit Insider's Tech Reference li...
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YouTube tests hiding dislike counts on videos

YouTube announced today it will begin testing what could end up being a significant change to its video platform: It’s going to try hiding the dislike count on videos from public view. The company says it will run a “small experiment” where it will try out a few different designs where dislike counts are no longer shown, however none will see the “dislike” button itself removed entirely. The company announced the tests on Twitter, but then explains further in a community forum post that the goal...
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Sylvester Stallone Developing Potential Rocky Prequel Series

Sylvester Stallone developing potential Rocky prequel series While the Michael B. Jordan-led sequels continue to power forward with the Oscar nominee reprising his iconic role, it’s been 15 years since audiences last got a solo Rocky venture from creator Sylvester Stallone and now the filmmaker has revealed he’s working on a prequel series to the film franchise. Stallone took to Instagram to offer a peek at his handwritten story treatment for the project, which can be viewed below! RELATED:...
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Video shows vicious attack of Asian American woman in NYC

By MICHAEL R. SISAK and KAREN MATTHEWS NEW YORK (AP) — A vicious attack on an Asian American woman near New York City’s Times Square is drawing widespread condemnation and raising alarms about the failure of bystanders to intervene amid a rash of anti-Asian violence across the U.S. A lone assailant was seen on surveillance video Monday kicking the 65-year-old woman in the stomach, knocking her to the ground and stomping on her face, all as police say he shouted anti-Asian invectives at her. The ...
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How to choose the best microSD cards for your smartphone or tablet

A MicroSD card is an easy way to add more storage directly to your phone or tablet. We've picked out five great cards that offer excellent bang for your buck.
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Vintage photos of women in wonderfully odd hats

Intrepid vernacular photography collector Robert E. Jackson curated a delightful collection of vintage snapshots of women making fashion statements with their hats. My favorites are, naturally, the nutty ones. See them all: "Wild-Wacky-Stylish: Vintage Photos of Women's Hats Through the Ages" (Flashbak)
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Tips for a Successful Multichannel Strategy for Small Business Owners

Small businesses were hit hard during the pandemic, with many brick and mortar storefronts closing permanently. It was imperative for small business owners to shift their strategies to operate their stores online. This was a trend that we’ll continue to see grow further in 2021 and beyond. However, this shift online is not the only trend that we’re seeing. The number of channels that small business owners are using today expands beyond web and mobile, and customers are no longer only on one chan...
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Give the Praise (with Jason Mayden) – Episode 13 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to the innovative, shoe-designing Chicagoan of legendary status, Jason Mayden. We begin the conversation by talking about her start as an all-around people’s person and how she transformed into the c-suite media mogul we know today. As a shoe fanatic myself, I enjoyed speaking with one of the pioneers of the Air Jordan brand. He did it all at 21 years old! Unlike many of the Professional Troublemakers I’ve interviewed on the podcast, Jason...
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LinkedIn Adds Stories-Like Cover Letter Videos to Profiles to Help You Impress Potential Employers

Many of LinkedIn’s newest features makes it feel less like a job-seeking platform and even more like Instagram. But that seems to be what it’s going for.Read more...
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LinkedIn adds Creator mode, video profiles, and in partnership with Microsoft, new career training tools

LinkedIn, the social network now with 740 million users around the world, has carved out an identity for itself as the place online where professionals go to list their places of work, get headhunted for other work, and look for work. But for years it’s been looking for ways to better leverage that position to move into a plethora of adjacent areas, such as training and education, professional development, networking with others, and news. Today, the company unveiled a series of new features tha...
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5 Reasons We’re Cautious About Facebook’s Plans to Launch Instagram for Kids

News broke earlier this month that Facebook has plans to build a new version of Instagram for kids under the age of 13. They’ve chosen 13 because anyone below that age is currently prohibited from using any of Facebook’s products (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger) aside from Messenger Kids, which was released in late 2017. Age 13 is also the cutoff for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which has tougher restrictions on platforms for younger kids. Given the volume o...
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10 Things in Politics: More shots are on the way

President Joe Biden. AP Good morning! Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox each day. Send your tips and suggestions to [email protected] or tweet me @BrentGriffiths. Here's what you need to know:Biden warns that the pandemic isn't over, but soon most adults will have access to vaccinesGun safety groups are frustrated with Biden prioritizing infrastructureEmotional arguments from the first day of Derek Chauvin's trial1. SHO...
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The Unbelievable Restoration Of Vintage Seiko And Grand Seiko By The Lapinist

Part of me was scared to over-hype this interview/podcast in case you’d feel let down by the end of it. Then I re-read the interview, listened to the Podcast (enduring an hour of my own voice), and revisited the Lapinist’s Instagram account and realized that, if you class yourself as a fan of vintage Seiko […] Visit The Unbelievable Restoration Of Vintage Seiko And Grand Seiko By The Lapinist to read the full article.
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Amazing Ideas to Take Great Selfies With Your Pets

Image source: Pixabay Pictures have always been a storytelling medium. We take photographs everywhere we go to create memories. Since social media became popular, so did selfies. It began with people taking pics while standing in front of mirrors. Today, there are tools to help users hold their smartphones, facing them from a distance. If there’s one thing pet owners love, it’s snapshots of their furry friend. While you may want a picture of both of you, at times, there’s no one to take it for ...
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Rachel Bilson was 'super bummed' that Rami Malek made her take down a photo of them both from Instagram

Rachel Bilson had what she thought was a cool throwback photo of her and Rami Malek, but according to her, Malek didn't think so.
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