At the Sunrise Café...

 ... you can talk about whatever you want.  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Police uncover teenage girl ‘suicide’ Instagram group

Twelve UK girls, aged between 12 and 16, were part of a chat group that led to "serious self-harm".
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Exclusive: Save on the Summersalt swimsuits that are all over Instagram with this code

Summersalt swimsuits are marked down with our exclusive code—find out how to save on top-rated styles.       [Author: Reviewed]
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UK police uncover teenage ‘suicide’ Instagram group

Twelve UK girls, aged between 12 and 16, were part of a chat group that led to "serious self-harm".
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Mantilla of the Semana Santa – in pictures

In Spain, women traditionally wear mantilla dresses as mourning clothes while they accompany the Virgin during the Holy Week processions. For the second consecutive year, Spain will mark Semana Santa or Holy Week without processions due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, however, churches will remain open and religious rites can be visited Continue reading...
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Facebook Is Reviewing Creative Partners, Adds Johannes Leonardo to Roster for Instagram

Following news of Facebook's global media review earlier this week, the social media giant is in the early stages of reviewing its creative agency roster and has already added a new agency to its roster for Instagram, according to sources with knowledge of the account. Facebook confirmed it has added Johannes Leonardo to its creative...
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Via drops 'The Agency' and Women's History Month never needs to end: Agency Brief

Agency, rebrand thyself Portland, Maine landmark The Via Agency has rebranded, dropping the redundant “agency” moniker in favor of the sleeker “Via.” (Sorry, are we not supposed to say “spaghetti pasta” or order a “martini cocktail” anymore?) Chief Creative Officer Bobby Hershfield led the redesign, which includes a new website, typeface and colors. There’s also a dynamic logo that’s giving off retro TWA vibes. “When The Via Agency was founded in 1993, we needed to distinguish what busine...
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ER for animals: inside Australia's Currumbin Wildlife hospital – a photo essay

Vets, nurses and volunteers have been treating sick, injured and orphaned native animals on the Gold Coast for 32 yearsThe Currumbin Wildlife hospital on Queensland’s Gold Coast is one of the country’s busiest wildlife hospitals. For 32 years, vets, nurses and volunteers have worked to treat and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned native animals. More than 140,000 animals have been admitted to the hospital in the past 20 years, most of those brought in by members of the public. The number of...
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Here’s Why Lighting Is So Important When It Comes To Wedding Day Photography

Even the world’s best photographers are going to have a hard time creating a light and airy feel in the dark. Whether it’s a windowless ballroom or an outdoor reception at night, they can only do so much with what they’re given. Because of this, it’s important to study how potential photographers handle lack of light. Consider what the light will look like at your venue throughout the day, and ask your photographer how they would handle that kind of lighting. Look at an entire album, and see how...
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29 thoughtful cookbook gifts for any occasion

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon; Gilbert Espinoza/Insider To me, there's no better gift to give or receive than a great cookbook. A cookbook with beautiful photos, thoughtful narratives, and foolproof recipes can feed the imagination, transport your giftee to another city or country, and inspire them to get creative in the kitchen. There are cookbooks out there to suit every type of cook, whether novice or expert, and feed a...
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Jared Kushner is a 21-year-old college student. Jared Kushner also works in Canadian real estate. And they're ready to reclaim their name from Donald Trump's son-in-law.

Jared Kushner stands for a televised interview in 2020. Drew Angerer/Getty Jared Kushner, former senior advisor to former President Trump, is finally out of the spotlight. For two men also named Jared Kushner, this has mostly come as a relief. "As a person, [Kushner] seems kind of like a scumbag," one Kushner living in Florida told Insider. See more stories on Insider's business page. Jared Kushner remembers the first time he saw his name in a magazine. It was 2009, and Kushner, an ele...
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How Leslie Jordan made it big: ‘If you want to get sober, try 27 days in county jail’

After starring in Will & Grace and American Horror Story, his life took a twist in lockdown and he became an Instagram superstar at 65. He discusses fame, fun and sharing a cell with Robert Downey JrFor a man of such diminutive stature – 4ft 11in in shoes – Leslie Jordan loves a tall tale. A cursory question at the start of our interview about where he is calling from, for example, results in this glorious flight of fancy: “I got on a bus in 1982, from the hills of Tennessee. I had $1,200 sewn i...
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Lead from the Future

THERE is present-forward vision, and there is future-back vision. There is a difference. Present-forward thinking will get you incremental change and often leaves you stuck in the present. Future-back thinking expands your horizon to see opportunities that are beyond your core business. Future-back helps you quiet the noise today to see the faint signals that could disrupt your business or activities tomorrow. In Lead from the Future, Mark Johnson and Josh Suskewicz describe future-back thinkin...
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Amanda Holden wows in white swimsuit as she transforms into the Easter Bunny

Amanda Holden sent her Instagram followers wild when she posed in a daring Playboy Bunny...
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Rise of 'granfluencers': viral stars model grandson's punk styles

Marie-Louise and René Glémarec, 86 and 87, caused storm at Paris fashion week in gender-neutral clothesLast month Jane Fonda set the internet ablaze with her Harper’s Bazaar cover in a sequined body-con Ralph Lauren dress, Dolly Parton inspired a cold-shoulder fashion trend with her vaccination video, and Joan Collins’s Instagram has been instructional on how to do lockdown in fabulous style.The latest “granfluencers” are Marie-Louise and René Glémarec, 86 and 87 respectively, who went viral aft...
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