Cheetos vs Doritos Flamin Hot Faceoff Sweepstakes (1,865 Prizes)

Did you think Doritos XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Nacho was the hottest thing they were dropping? Not a chance! Follow @Doritos and @Cheetos on Instagram for your chance to win great weekly prizes. Official... Click to read more...
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Facebook is expanding Spotify partnership with new ‘Boombox’ project

Facebook is deepening its relationship with music company Spotify and will allow users to listen to music hosted on Spotify while browsing through its apps as part of a new initiative called “Project Boombox,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday. Facebook is building an in-line audio player that will allow users to listen to songs or playlists being shared on the platforms without being externally linked to Spotify’s app or website. Zuckerberg highlighted the feature as another product desi...
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In honor of today's LSD anniversary, a sale on The Family Acid: California

On April 19, 1943, Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman ingested 240 micrograms of lysergic acid diethylamide, a curious compound he had synthesized for possible use as a respiratory and circulatory stimulant. An hour later, Hoffman wrote one sentence in his journal: "Beginning dizziness, feeling of anxiety, visual distortions, symptoms of paralysis, desire to laugh." — Read the rest
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14 unique Airbnbs in New York's Hudson Valley, from a yurt on a goat farm to a renovated train caboose

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb As summer approaches, many New Yorkers are seeking a close-to-home getaway to enjoy the outdoors. We found Hudson Valley cabins, cottages, and barns in places like Beacon, Hudson, and Rhinebeck. All are highly-rated listings with top-notch amenities and start under $450 per night. Though vaccine rollouts are well underway, many city dwellers are continuing to seek getaways to connect with nature ...
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Gopi Shah’s guide to shaping clay: a Web Story

Gopi Shah began working with clay at age 14, and has now spent nearly 20 years making ceramic cups, dinnerware, sculptures and decorations. From her one-woman studio in Long Beach, California, she crafts designs inspired by Mesoamerican and Andean art, textiles and prints, and her natural surroundings. Recently, the Google Web Creators team teamed up with Gopi to create a Web Story, A Guide to Shaping Clay, about her work.  The story takes you behind the scenes in Gopi’s studio. Instead of just ...
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What You Do Is Who You Are

IT HAS BEEN SAID that culture is the most important thing because it determines how your company makes decisions when you’re not there. This led Ben Horowitz to ask, how do you create and sustain the culture you want? He turned to three historical figures and one contemporary that were “outstandingly effective in getting the culture they wanted.” He wasn’t so interested specifically in the culture they produced but what they had to do to change themselves and their culture. In What You Do Is Wh...
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Facebook Oversight Board Delays Ruling on Donald Trump

People anticipating the ruling from Facebook's independent content oversight board on its most high-profile case by far--whether or not to allow former President Donald Trump to return to Facebook and Instagram--will have to keep anticipating for a bit longer. The oversight board said in a tweet last week that its decision will be revealed in...
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Popl tops $2.7M in sales for its technology that replaces business cards

If you’re spent any time on TikTok lately, then you’ve probably seen a number of Popl’s ads. The startup has been successfully leveraging social media to get its modern-day business card alternative in front a wider audience. Packaged as either a phone sticker, keychain or wristband, Popl uses NFC technology to make sharing contact information as easy as using Apple Pay. To date, Popl has sold somewhere over 700,000 units and has generated $2.7 million in sales for its digital business card tech...
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After gut-punch of a year, Angelenos eager for dose of hope during Garcetti’s State of City talk

Tricia Helton, who worked as a manager for the homes of affluent Angelenos and celebrities, was hired more than a year ago to oversee the house of a Brentwood family. After COVID-19 pandemic “Safer at Home” rules kicked in, that job went away. Without an income, the 48-year-old Studio City resident scrambled to pay her rent, and keep up payments on her car and credit cards. She was no stranger to tough times; she spent some of her 20s homeless. “So I know how to make a dollar stretch,” she said....
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Tracking Teen Spending

Teen spending has been impacted by COVID-19, according to the 41st semi-annual Taking Stock With Teens® survey from Piper Sandler Companies in partnership with DECA. The average age of the teens surveyed was 16.1. Teen “self-reported” spending increased slightly to $2,165 per year, while overall, Generation Z contributes about $830 billion in retail sales to the U.S economy. One-third of the teens work part-time. The Spring 2021 survey, conducted this February and March, shows 58% of teens atten...
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In The Age Of Instagram, You Probably Do Judge A Book By Its Cover

One of the big literary events of last week? The cover reveal for Sally Rooney’s new novel. “In recent years, book cover design has taken on a higher profile, and we may be seeing a new heyday for book design. It was Rooney’s 2018 novel Normal People that Arter believes signalled the shift towards the book cover as a ‘cultural phenomenon on Instagram in terms of being almost like an accessory.’ Scroll Instagram or Twitter feeds related to books, and eye-catching designs, with bright colours and...
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GLOSS podcast: Brooke Geery on the past, present and future of snowboard media

This interview is an abridged version of Crude Conversations EP 087 Brooke Geery on the past, present and future of snowboard media. Listen to the podcast here. This is the first episode of GLOSS — an ongoing series between Crude and Blower Media, where Cody Liska will be talking with influential women in snowboarding.  Photo by Keith Rutherford In 1997, Brooke Geery started an online snowboard publication called YoBeat. It began on an AOL chatroom with 2 megabytes of free space and grew i...
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Matt Baker and his wife share exciting family news

Matt Baker took to Instagram on Sunday to share some big news with his followers. The...
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