Opinion: Facebook should make Trump's ban permanent

Facebook's Oversight Board has upheld the site's decision to restrict former President Donald Trump's access to posting content on his Facebook page and Instagram account, given that "the risks of allowing President Trump to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great." However, Facebook and the Board should go farther and institute a permanent ban of Trump's account. The risks inherent in allowing Trump to have a Facebook account remain: if he uses it to stoke Covid-19 m...
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Conservatives Demand Supreme Court Overrule Fake Facebook Court, Others Weigh In

On Wednesday, Facebook’s Oversight Board, the pseudo-legalistic, questionably independent body that the company claims has the power to review and potentially overrule official moderation decisions, issued its not-so-final proclamations regarding the status of Donald Trump’s account.Read more...
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59 thoughtful gifts for your wife, from sweet personalized items to romantic grand gestures

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. AUrate Thoughtful gifts for your wife are key, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because. We rounded up unique gift ideas for her, whether you want a grand gesture or a personalized memento. Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Reviews' gift guides here. Putting extra care into picking out thoughtful gifts for your wife shows her just how how special she is and ...
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Signal banned for booking obviously targeted ads? That story's too good to be true, Facebook says

Antisocial giant surprisingly vocal in dismissing chat app rival's 'stunt' Encrypted messaging service Signal on Tuesday made a show of trolling Instagram and its parent company Facebook by creating ads that incorporated audience targeting categories into its ad copy.…
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How to Automatically Caption Your Instagram Stories

You can now add a “captions sticker” to Instagram Stories that automatically transcribes your audio into subtitles without the need for third-party apps. This is a helpful tool for creators and audiences alike, as live-captioned videos are more accessible to people with auditory disabilities and those who prefer…Read more...
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Signal Tried To Use Instagram Ads To Display the Data Facebook Collects and Sells. Facebook Banned Signal's Account.

Privacy-oriented messaging app Signal tried to run a very candid ad campaign on Facebook-owned Instagram, but it wasn't meant to be. From a report: Signal explained how it went down in a blog post Tuesday. The idea was to post ads on Instagram which use the data an online advertiser may have collected about users, and basically show the user what that data might be for them. "You got this ad because you're a teacher, but more importantly you're a Leo (and single). This ad used your location to s...
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Signal banned for booking obviously targeted ads? That story's too good to be true, Facebook claims

Antisocial giant dismisses chat app rival's 'stunt' in escalating war of words Encrypted messaging service Signal on Tuesday made a show of trolling Instagram and its parent company Facebook by creating ads that incorporated audience targeting categories into its ad copy.…
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Low-Carb, High Flavor Summer Recipes For The Whole Family From ‘Keto BBQ’

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Actress Rebel Wilson Talks About Struggles With Infertility

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Prince William and Duchess Kate launch YouTube channel: See their first video

Years after starting Twitter and Instagram accounts, Prince William and Duchess Kate launched a YouTube channel. "Better late than never," they joked.        [Author: USA TODAY]
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28-year-old Tyra Myricks makes 7 figures and has 5 side hustles. Here's how she typically spends a day.

Tyra Myricks Courtesy of Tyra Myricks Tyra Myricks, 28, makes seven figures a year working a day job and five side hustles. She works for Drake, has a fashion line, a branding company, a website for entrepreneurial resources, a pizza shop, and co-owns a gym. To Insider, she breaks down what a typical day looks like. See more stories on Insider's business page. If the Land of Side Hustles had a queen, it would surely be 28-year-old Tyra Myricks, daughter of hip hop legend Jam Master J...
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How to Take Graduation Photos You'll Actually Like

Graduations are a big deal, because in most contexts, you can only be photographed graduating once. Once your graduate has strode across the stage to collect their high diploma, you won’t have the option of do-over because you missed the vital moment. Read more...
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Model Tess Holliday reveals she’s recovering from anorexia

Holliday says she hopes her announcement helps to stop the idea that ‘only very underweight people can have anorexia’ Eating disorder campaigners have hailed a decision by the American plus-size model Tess Holliday to announce she is receiving treatment for anorexia, saying that it is helping to stop the idea that “only very underweight people can have anorexia”.Holliday, who has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and has been featured on the pages of Vogue, recently wrote on Twitter: “I’m anore...
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Comments on the Oversight Board’s Decision Regarding Trump’s Facebook Account

Today, the Oversight Board issued its decision regarding Facebook’s decision to suspend Trump’s account for two posts Trump made during the January 6 insurrection. The decision covers a lot of ground (it’s nearly 12k words), and I’ll only cover part of it. The decision has three main points: Trump violated Facebook’s rules. Facebook was justified to suspend Trump’s account, but it was not justified to suspend it for an indefinite period. Facebook should publicly clarify several policies. The ...
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Will Smith shares a more glamorous shirtless photo, promises to get in the 'best shape' of his life

Will Smith returned to Instagram with yet another shirtless photo, only this time he had a message of determination and hope to accompany it.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton make major change to Instagram name

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a significant change to their social media presence...
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Facebook Oversight Board upholds ban on Donald Trump’s accounts, for now

Facebook’s Oversight Board has upheld the platform’s decision to ban Donald Trump‘s accounts, but says the company broke its own rules by imposing an indefinite suspension. Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended indefinitely in the wake of the US Capitol riots over fears that he would use the platforms to encourage further violence. The social network had already blocked Trump from posting for 24 hours, but then extended the ban until at least Joe Biden replaced him as president ...
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"Ms. Toogood... introduced a bed for Birkenstock... with sides and a headboard so voluminous it could be mistaken for a crash mat. 'It’s part of my softgoods obsession,' Ms. Toogood said. We need that comfort and softness at the moment.'"

From (NYT). I love the name Ms. Toogood — Faye Toogood — and I'm amused by the blobular furniture. I'm having severe 70s flashbacks, but it's not that nightmarish. It's pretty amusing. I think it's funny that Birkenstock makes beds now — blobby beds. I see they're on a cork base, like the famous shoes.I'm not convinced furniture like that is actually comfortable. You might look at it and get a message of comfort, but try getting up after sitting in it for a couple hours. As for the likeness to...
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Trump slams Facebook ban as 'total disgrace,' says Big Tech companies 'must pay a political price'

Former President Trump on Wednesday slammed the Facebook Oversight Board’s decision to uphold his ban from Facebook and Instagram as a...
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Trump, Facebook Oversight Board

Facebook Oversight Board upholds decision to ban Trump, asks FB to look at own 'potential contribution' to 'narrative of electoral fraud'

Looks like you can safely ignore that friend request... forever The Facebook Oversight Board has upheld former President Donald Trump’s ban from Facebook and Instagram - but not before advising the platform to look at its own role in the Capitol-storming mess.…
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Software, Donald Trump, Trump, Capitol, Facebook Oversight Board

Facebook Oversight Board upholds Donald Trump’s suspension from the platform

By Brian Fung | CNN Business Facebook can keep blocking former President Donald Trump from using its platform, the social network’s court-like Oversight Board said Wednesday. The landmark move affirms the company’s decision to suspend Trump in January after the US Capitol riots. However, the board said Facebook must review the decision within six months. The decision also applies to Facebook-owned Instagram where Trump has an account. Trump has almost 60 million followers across Facebook and In...
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Trump’s Facebook ban should not be lifted, network’s oversight board rules

Trump’s account suspended in wake of Capitol attackFormer president also banned from Instagram and TwitterDonald Trump’s Facebook account should not be reinstated, the social media giant’s oversight board said on Wednesday.Facebook suspended Trump’s account after the Capitol attack of 6 January, when a mob of Trump supporters stormed Congress in an attempt to overturn the former president’s defeat by Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Trump was initially suspended from Facebook and Ins...
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Signal posts the ads that Facebook banned it for trying to run on Instagram

Encrypted messaging service Signal wanted to run clever ads on Facebook's Instagram that revealed how specifically the ad itself was targeted. . It was evidently not OK with Signal exposing the barely-anonymized personal data that Facebook has for sale to promote its own more private alternative. —
Tags: Facebook, Post, News, Instagram, Privacy, Internet, Signal

Signal’s smartass ad exposes Facebook’s creepy data collection

Facebook is notorious for generating creepily personal ads from reams of user data, but most people don’t understand how the system works. Now, an attack ad campaign by Signal has shone some light on the opaque surveillance dragnet. The privacy-focused messaging app tried to buy “multi-variant targeted” ads on Instagram to show what parent company Facebook knows about its users. The campaign aimed to expose how Facebook’s array of services harvest user information to personalize ads. Advertisers...
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Rabbi Matondo: Racist abuse social media accounts removed

Facebook removes Instagram accounts that sent racist abuse to Stoke City's Wales winger Rabbi Matondo.
Tags: Facebook, News, Instagram, Wales, Stoke City

Signal Shares the Instagram Ads Facebook Doesn't Want You to See

Encrypted messaging app Signal has had a series of Instagram ads preemptively blocked from the social media platform, after it attempted to show users how much data the Facebook-owned company collects about them and how it's used to push targeted ads. In a , Signal described how it generated the ads to show users why they were seeing them, simply by declaring upfront the information that the advertising platform relies on to perform its targeting. "We created a multi-variant targeted ad de...
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Edward Snowden, Signal, Opensignal, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Signal Shares the Instagram Ads Facebook Doesn, Instagram OpenSignal Signal This

Napoleon Bonaparte’s belongings to be auctioned – in pictures

More than 300 objects relating to emperor are being sold by French auction house Osenat, marking the 200th anniversary of his death Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Photography, France, World news, Napoleon Bonaparte

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