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More photos from a beautiful day inthe Tuleries Garden. A sculpture celebrating the author of Puss in Boots, Charles Perrault. I think this is the only cedar tree in the garden. The iris was just starting to bloom. The morning sun tipped the iris in silver. Great color but the tulips were finished.
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Leading Thoughts for June 10, 2021

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. D. Michael Lindsay observed that the best leaders have shown excellent management of the transitional events in their lives: “The challenge with life is that we have to live it moving forward, but we only really understand it looking back. Every day offers the promise of preparing us to best respond to the next hinge moment of our lives. Change moves...
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A Tokyo elevator girl from the past

This photograph was taken in early 2012 which was a time of experimentation of sorts, as after switching to a Leica, I was thoroughly enjoying the relatively unobtrusive nature of a compact camera system. It was also a time when elevator girls were a regular sight in Tokyo, and elevator girl was the actual job title. It still is in fact, as while considerably less common these days, the role persists — a sign in some respects of Japan’s slow progress when it comes to gender equality. Of course t...
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‘Gossip Girl’ Trailer: Kristen Bell’s Voice is Back to Bully Some Rich Gen-Z Kids in HBO Max Sequel Series

You know you love her. And you know you love her even more when Gossip Girl has turned her sights on the rich Gen-Z influencers of Manhattan, emerging after a nine-year silence to bully some more wealthy teens. HBO Max’s Gossip Girl sequel series introduces a new generation of sexy 20-somethings playing elite Manhattan high schoolers, who take a new girl under their wing, only to find themselves all targeted by an Instagram account calling itself Gossip Girl. Watch the Gossip Girl trailer below...
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Cuup bras are all over Instagram, so we tested them ourselves

Cuup is known for it's ultra-comfortable and ultra-sexy bras and underwear, but how do they work on six different body types? We found out.
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Let's take a closer look at that snapping turtle.

Following up on yesterday's video, here are the stills:  I like the curved line left by little monster's tail.Closer: I don't know for sure, but I am thinking this newly dug hole is turtle-related: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Open your eyes/Look up at the skies/And see..."

That's the first line I heard when I got back to my car — radio set to the "Classic Vinyl" channel — after my sunrise run this morning. It was far from the most beautiful sunrise I've seen in my morning ritual...  ... but there was a partial solar eclipse...   There were about 8 other humans gathered to witness the phenomenon they'd heard about, and this is the point where one young guy exclaimed, ironically, "The solar eclipse is legit!"  ADDED: If you think you need those special glasses t...
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G7 security preparations in Cornwall – in pictures

Ahead of the G7 summit starting on Friday, 5,000 mutual aid officers have arrived in the area from police forces across the UK. They will join 1,500 officers and staff from Devon and Cornwall police being deployed at the event.More than 100 police dogs will be working at the summit, though no police horses are due to be there Continue reading...
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‘Father of African cinema’ Ousmane Sembène at work – in pictures

A look back at the career of Senegal-born film director Ousmane Sembène as his 1968 film Mandabi is released in the UK for the first time•Mandabi is released on 11 June in cinemas, and on 28 June on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital platforms.•Peter Bradshaw on Mandabi: classic about colonialism resonates today Continue reading...
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